Friday, 26 July 2013

Lord Phillips and Sharia Law.

Lord Phillips

“the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips The country’s most senior judge provoked outrage by saying that Islamic Sharia law could play a role in Britain’s legal system”

“Today on ‘Talking Law’ we are fortunate to be joined by the country’s senior judge, Lord Phillips.

“Welcome to the programme. Your recent comments, which have also been voiced by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, have sparked outrage when you suggest that Islamic law could play a role in Britain’s legal system, can you enlarge on that premise for our listeners.”

“Well as I have previously stated there was no reason why Sharia Law could not be used for contractual agreements and mediation in areas such as family disputes and marriage. I previously stated that it was possible for people to have agreements “governed by a law other than English Law”

“If I might interrupt you there Lord Phillips, may I suggest that Sharia Law in any form or disguise has absolutely no place in a Christian society. Some people might go as far as accusing it of being no more than a barbaric uncivilized first testament desert cult”

“I shall ignore that claim, but I did say it was possible for people to have agreements “governed by a law other than English law”. But I stressed there was no place for Sharia courts or the implementation of punishments by them”

“But could this not be the thin end of the wedge. When our Moslem population soars to say over 10 million would not its followers then demand change from the diluted form of Sharia law that you are advocating at the present time to a full blown version of Sharia Law with polygamy, marriage to children, amputations, the occasional flogging, death to homosexuals and the stoning of females who accidentally get themselves raped.

“Well of course that’s very true, I am not disputing that, but as I said to my wife at the dinner table last night why should we bother we will all be dead by then”

“I find that comment rather startling; so would you agree with me that some time in the future when many of the sitting members in Parliament are of the Moslem faith, Sharia law might be instituted in its fullest form in many of our black townships. I don’t want to appear antagonistic but how do your answer your critics who say you should be sacked and stripped of your knighthood and that you are nothing less than an elitist insipid imposter, a pasty faced traitor to your own people with some critics even saying a job at Mcdonalds should also be denied to you”

“Who has been saying that?

“Well people up my street”

“Well they wouldn’t have that belligerent social attitude if they lived in Bradford or Birmingham or a host of our other English cities would they? I find their attitude rather selfish and racist”

“Thank you Lord Phillips for coming on our programme might I suggest you check your mail regularly for your P45, and parcel up your wig, ermine and red Santa suit and join us all on this planet of ours, including your mate Rowan…….. Can someone show this utter fool out?