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Future Shock Revisited,

Future Shock Revisited, credits to Alvin Toffler

Back in the dream time the time of superstition and ignorance our ancestors sacrificed offerings of other human beings to appease the wrath of whatever Deity was in season at the time. They worshiped the Sun, the Moon and Idols of all shapes and forms. Unbelievably some primitive Desert tribes even considered Cows sacred and still do thousands of years on. Small groups of people with similar racial characteristics formed themselves into tribes for security. They continued to grow, thrive and prosper and established boundaries of their sphere of influence and devised rules for a lawful society and eventually declared their areas as countries distinguishable by race, religion and culture.

The new Marxist architects will say what we see today was nothing more than a societal construct and can and should be ‘deconstructed’. It has outlived its usefulness as we are now entering a New World, a New Age.

A lot has been written about this New World or New Order. The New Order excludes borders and does not recognise races. Its creators see humanity as one but in reality as a first time unproved experiment will cause chaos.

To the civilised people of the Western nations to be proud of one’s race and achievements has connotations of Narnsy Germany or extreme Right Wing Nationalism, the frighteners have been put on. Regional loyalties are seen as non-inclusive and are being bred out of our psyche; they are seen as an unhealthy moral attitude that will not be tolerated in this New Order. Racial differences are quite acceptable South and East of Europe though initially they are only tolerated at present.

We have reached equilibrium. Since WW2 invasions of other countries, except for the invasion of Tibet by China have ceased. The Wests ‘Coalition of the willing’ still practises incursions into sovereign countries though not in the traditional warring sense you must understand or to directly steal their lands but to establish Democracy, our own particular style of democracy.

The Wests special type of Democracy is quite unusual in that its leaders spy on and imprison their own people for alerting the public of their criminal activities or who make a remark that offends another person. Yes it is an unusual interpretation of Democracy; it is vastly different from the Democracy the great philosopher Plato envisaged.

What a more democratic way to establish our democracy than to invade another by massive force. Let us call it Shock and Awe; we can possibly terminate the lives of over a million of their people, woman and children at the same time
When a ruler rules it matters not who they rule over. Their role on this earth is primarily to rule over other human beings. It matters not if those beings are Black, White, Brindled or Mottled. Our past Kings and Queens once ruled over a White Christian Anglo Saxon people. Our Present Queen, the Queen of primary colours is seen as the Queen Bee; she is idolised, adored and revered by millions of workers bees who will have absolutely nothing in common with her, her family, her ancestors or her descendants.

She has witnessed and presided over the most unbelievable and disturbing changes in what was referred to as the fundamental, quintessential British character of her country in its long chequered history, I refer to this description in its past tense but as a ruler even she realises it matters not who the people are who she rules over which might explain why not once has she ever expressed the slightest flicker of concern as to the social ravages, concern over areas of her country her people are ill advised to enter, fragmentation and third world Ghettoization taking place in her country.

As a Ruler from a long line of Rulers she will slip into this New Order with scarcely a ripple. It is and always has been a class struggle. Ask why the children of noblemen were never pushed up chimneys or forced to work in mines and the woollen mills or thrust into the workhouse if they fell on hard times

The thrust of the article on the site ‘Representing America’’ surmised, I believe that we subconsciously identify people by their race because we have been trained to do so. I suspect it is the site of an American High school whose students are primarily Negros, I could be wrong. I will counter that by asking have we now got to be re-trained not to identify people by their race. The ignorance of supposed educated people leaves me breathless.

The people who are the driving force behind this New Order are the planners who dress in silk suits and sit in lofty offices in New York, London, Geneva, Brussels and The Hague. They travel the world First Class and rest after a hard day’s work in 5 star hotels. They are in the process of deconstructing this ‘construct’ piece by piece, a society the world has been built up over thousands of years. The two most important elements to achieving a One World are to remove borders and to dilute races by miscegenation and invasion by stealth, in our case by the flood of millions of Non-European immigrants and to destroy loyalties and Patriotism their ancestors have cherished for decades. It is pointless writing a long discord as to who the people are that are responsible.

How on earth would the peasants even begin to understand the political complexities when in their child-like innocence they grieve for people who are on a completely different social scale or who celebrate the birth of a child by a woman they have never met. It has to be explained simplistically otherwise it would be totally beyond their comprehension. I am explaining the basic purpose of these foundation stones of this New Order not who is laying them.

It is like a cancer which if not stopped will be terminal.

The people know there is something very wrong but they are too frightened to raise a voice. The middle of the 21st century Britain will be composed of a pot purée of hundreds of races, cultures, religions and languages all living on one tiny island, and when the Shiites, Shia, Sunni’s and Hindu do what they do best hell-bent on violent sectarian conflict as in Pakistan, Iraq and India any one of these groups in the future who find themselves a minority in our country the murder and mayhem that will follow will be as real and bloody as it was where it spawned.

Wikipedia tell us the New Order or the New Order of Europe was the political order which Narnsy Germany wanted to impose on Europe, and eventually the rest of the world. Well the scheme have been high-jacked by the two of the world’s largest Globalist organisations the European Union and the United Nations, incidentally they do have input from other powerful Marxist and Zionist organizations.

These Federalists might be scoundrels but at least they are honest. This is straight from the Federalist mouths….
Peter Thornycroft later chancellor of the exchequer of the Conservative party Quote:

“No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any adequate plan must evolve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences”

And Ruiz Jarabo Colomer, Advocate of the EU Court of Justice Quote;

“Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech” he was not referring to Deities but something almost as holy, the establishment of a Marxist Dictatorship.

And finally Amato who was Vice President of the Convention on the Future of Europe that drafted the European Constitution, he said

“Europe does not need a Sovereign’ however daring a political project might be it must be hidden, camouflaged. One must act ‘as if’ in Europe, ‘as if’ nations wanted a very few things in order to obtain a great deal. ‘As if’ nations were to remain sovereign in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example must act ‘as if’ it were a technical organ in order to operate like a government, that sovereignty lost on a national level does not pass to any new individual. It is entrusted to a faceless entity….eventually the EU. The EU is the vanguard of this changing world the new entity is faceless and those in command can neither be identified nor elected. All we need are a few corrections here and there along with a great deal of cunning”

These are the people along with many others who are looking after your best interests; you are part of their experiment but your race and history is unnecessary baggage.

I will remind the New Order architects, with no empathy with Race, History, Religion, Culture, Tradition and Nationhood you are nobody.

Would you like to take part in this ‘New Collective’ experience, No? Sorry you are now an unwilling participant.

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