Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Manifesto

Written August 2015...

A Manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer whether it be an individual that’s me, a group, political party or government and promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes which the author, that’s me again, believes should be made. It often political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual's life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.

I preface my Manifesto with the statement that I doubt if there is a political ideology anywhere in the world that enshrines and faithfully provides pure democracy for its people, certainly not in Great Britain or Europe. Its native peoples have been cheated and subjugated; they know it and they meekly accept it, they have been frightened. Freedom of speech is the basis of democracy; it is starkly noticeable by its absence in the governance of the United Kingdom.

The populace are far removed from the silk suited men who WE have chosen to rule over us who are supposed to govern in our best interests; it is just as well we do not know how far we are removed. As ethnic Britons of these Northern Islands the only expression I can use that sums up the situation is this country is it being trashed.

What is democracy? One could say in their childish naivety it is rule by the people for the benefit of the people. Cynics might say the charade of Democracy at election time is characterized by pointing out that ‘my Ace beats your King or 101 beats 99’. Majority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy. Hence, democracy allows for political minorities to be oppressed by the "tyranny of the majority" if there is an absence of legal protections of individual or group rights. Something the BNP well understands.

These groups like the National Front, Jobbik, BNP, Golden Dawn and France’s Front National are cruelly persecuted and oppressed by the Media and the institutions which border on the downright hysterical; they are seen as the enemy not the opposition.

The ‘majority’ I refer to are not the average person per se but the voters who foolishly believe the lies of the Media, the Church, the Government and its institutions aided by the brute ‘force’ of the Police and using Far Left educators to corrupt the minds of the young. Sceptics understand pure Democracy does not recognise a Ballot Box but the fleeting suggestion of democracy can be bought as they did with the Irish referendum by huge funding by the EU and lavish donations from Ryanair to produce a YES vote. 

At election time these donations come at a cost to the Ballot Box winner. Sadly skulduggery in politics is a fact of life; it hides behind a thin veneer of something laughingly called democracy.

So should the ‘minority’ that have NOT been duped, that is you and I also use similar deceit for a nobler cause? Most assuredly, my Manifesto calls for a political change despite all the opposition that is ranged before us. Whatever works for my enemies might work for me.

How it works. It is important to appreciate the basic difference between the two political Agenda’s at Election time; the first Agenda is what the voter wants to hear. The second agenda is a secret which even junior political representatives within the party are not privy only the leader and senior advisors.

Agenda One is the winner at election time. It offers the voter everything they have been clamouring for, more of everything, Nurses, Police, crack-down on crime, better roads and British jobs for British workers, lower taxes, more money for the National Health Service and on and on it goes ad infinitum, but sure vote winners are a referendum on Europe and a cap on immigration. Recognize it?

Agenda Two which I repeat is secret is known only to a few very senior members of the party. On taking office the incoming party initially keeps a low profile but adhering to its promise of increasing the number of nurses and Police by a marginal amount and reducing taxes. As an aside as it stands there will be yes/no referendum on Europe and even if there were the Government does not have to abide by the result of a referendum, anyway decisions of that importance under the single party political system rule in the UK come from Brussels not Westminster.

Enter the NEW political party. The new party should exhibit NO extremist views, NO suggestion of Anti-Semitism and certainly NO veiled hints of Racism; even its name Blue Horizon does not hint of Narnsies and its emblem a Dove and its symbol a Rose, bears no resemblance to Swastikas. Perception is everything. It is new born with a totally clean sheet but what you see is NOT what you get.

Agenda one; to repeat like UKIP its main issue offers what the public want that is ‘Out of Europe’ so by default that will be one issue the new party does not have to push as withdrawal from the EU would mean an immediate halt on the immigration from Europe. The withdrawal from Europe must be the priority. Initially there is no objection to Multi-Culturism …..……well certainly not in Agenda one it smacks too much of Racism.

It is imperative, no it is paramount that the office bearers of this new political party are squeaky clean and have never been what the Media like to refer to as members of a Narnsey or extreme Right Wing party. Its leader should possess a statesman-like bearing and it is important that its media spokesmen/women are well dressed and have educated regional-less accents. A thick London cockney accent like that of Billy Bragg will not cultivate any serious political optimism although it might give the impression it is a Far Left worker’s or communist party. 

A leader should have charisma and a natural confidence. He/she should employ two very experienced people as right hand advisors, one well versed in the criminal minds and traitorous behaviour of the Media and the other in the machinations of Politics.

If sensitive information from a new political party were to be leaked to the Media there would be a stampede of journalists and reporters salivating in a collective orgasm, followed by the BBC secreting undercover reporters within its ranks, fondly referred to in the Media as “Doing a Shopland” I should add the Second Agenda takes effect on taking office.

After this new political party takes government and the clamour of frenzied jubilation of freedom has finally subsided and the UK has regained full independence and self-rule Agenda Two which was a secret can be gently instituted.

Firstly the United Nations Pty Ltd (International) © should be informed that Overseas Aid will be drastically reduced, preferably discontinued as Her Majesty emphasised she cannot afford to continue to fritter away her peoples hard earned money into a bottomless Third World pit while she personally is in debt to World Banks to the tune of over a Trillion pounds, she said irritably shaking her head “it is total bloody madness”, the author is inclined to agree with her.

I am sure the United Nations Pty Ltd (International) © will also understand and appreciate Great Britain’s unenviable position as Europe’s number one most heavily populated and most violent country in the Federation but in a strange contrast the most prized destination for the Third World travellers that it cannot accept any more economic tourists, reffos, asylum seekers and immigrants fleeing the Third World as it is full up, pointing out that France is a much bigger country anyway to house these people.

Be aware, any new threat to the status quo will have the past history of its office bearers scrutinized thoroughly by the Media which includes of course BBC Question Time, the secret intelligence services and the political establishment.

On winning government the new Party should call for an urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry into the practises of the BBC similar to the investigation of the News of the World ragloid, questioning whether it is flagrantly breaking its charter regarding the absence of balanced, non-biased and fair reporting including an investigation into the extent of its E.U. funding.

Once the porcine squeals from the Media have subsided the Moslem problem should then be addressed and investigated by our Intelligence Services as a result of their ongoing clear and present danger to Great Britain’s internal security. Investigations should be conducted to ascertain whether Mosques, Madrassas, Muslim only schools and Muslim Cultural centres should be immediately closed down.

The party’s policies must reflect the will of the people not that of Corporations or the Multi-Culti Industry, Race Relations industry, Human Rights industry; Refugee Industry and assorted Asylum Seeker Advocate Appreciation societies, all which should be closed down. It has to be a softly, softly approach but under the surface as ruthlessly pragmatic as any Political party. People like to be led; one has to be cruel to be kind. The new party should be Chameleon-like in appearance in other words which I will repeat, what you see is NOT what you get, unlike the UKIP.

It is critical to understand it is NOT the Far Left that holds the political power in the UK they are just useful, pliable socialist idiots. It is the long established, influential and traditional wealthy Elite and nobility that call the shots as they always have throughout our long history.

In conclusion Multi-culti MUST should be totally dismantled as a wretched nation destroying Marxist political ideology. This can be achieved by rigorous controls and changes to the entry conditions to the UK. By the lack of monetary benefits the UK must be made to appear very unattractive to Economic Tourists and Illegals; Moldova and/or Romania spring easily to mind.

Any asylum seeker that does slip through the net because of outside pressure from the United Nations Pty Ltd (International)© should be given a Temporary Protection Visa and returned to their country of origin as soon as the danger passes, whether or not they have formed a close association with their cat or if they are at risk of returning home as a Rainbow person.

If these changes are NOT put in place with ‘extreme urgency’ the UK’s future will head in the same direction as that of Sweden and other European countries whose demographics and Ethnic characteristics are being changed beyond recognition with Sweden at present swinging perilously close to spiraling into the Event Horizon of irreversibility, their own government entirely responsible for their nightmarish future with their media like ours and Europe’s complicit in their destruction which can only be re-taken by force of arms at the same time its Leaders and Media are placed on trial for Sedition, High Treason and Crimes against the Swedish people.

Finally voluntary repatriation should be made an important ongoing priority offering very generous inducements funded by the savings in the discontinuance of Foreign Aid plus the enormous sums saved through withdrawing from the European Union and all the baggage that goes with it. With the closing of over 1200 Mosques, outlawing of Shari Law and closing of money shops those stragglers that are difficult to dislodge will hopefully leave of their own accord. 

In passing a spin-off would mean there would not be a backlog of over a quarter of a million UK passports of which many could be cancelled while being processed that are at present clogging up the system through overload.