Friday, 11 July 2014

Europe,the end game

Europe,the end game

If one were to say that 6 million German civilians were vaporised in the Dresden firestorm when in fact the figure was more like 25,000-35,000 the disparity in the figures are of little consequence as it does not detract from the human tragedy of so many innocent people being killed. History tells us Hitler led the National Socialists party, one has to inquire were they Nationalists first and Socialists second because to me National Socialism is a contradiction in terms.

The “Holocaust” figures are very interesting. They certainly cannot be proven; they cannot be refuted because they cannot be debated. One must ask “why cannot they be debated?”.

The figure for the dead of Dresden CAN is proven including those civilians, women and babies that disappeared in an nanosecond without trace through vaporization.

Initially Hitler had the very best interests of the Germans at heart and was only retaking the territory of the Sudetenland that was forcibly taken from Germany for reparations under the surrender conditions at the end of the First World War but he erred, flushed with success he continued into Czechoslovakia and Poland.

I should add the people of Dresden that died on those fateful nights of the 13/15th of February 1945 by 1250 American and heavy British bombers dropping 3000 tons of high explosive followed by incendiary devices creating a firestorm over 1600 acres were not Narnsies, it is quite possible they were not all that enamoured with Hitler at all, but when the sirens sounded that assumed wrongly that the “Target for Tonight” was Dresden not realising THEY the civilians WERE were the target, the excuse being to break the German spirit.

The judges at the Nuremburg trials and the Americans had a future for Europe and it did not include Nationalism any form of Nationalism the “Holocaust” was the trigger. Palestine was given to the Jews by the allies as a home for the Jewish Nation and they overwhelmingly received the thumbs up for rabid Nationalism. It was a bulwark in the Middle East for the United States. The victors also failed to investigate a deliberately planned war crime committed by the allies of the deliberate bombing of the civilians of Dresden. Is it the figures of the dead that determine if or when it becomes a war crime or a crime against humanity?

Down through history it has always been the victor that determines the punishment for the conquered, sets the new rules and writes the history. If the victors had been the vanquished then a number of Allied leaders would have also found themselves in a Nuremberg court situation defending charges of cruelty to prisoners of war that were starved, and particularly those Russians who meted out inhuman treatment to German civilians during the storming of Berlin causing civilians to flee to the security of Western forces.

Obviously people will cry “yes but what about the people who died in the Coventry air raids”. To repeat the figures are of little consequence unless one's relative was victim, and if figures were of any consequence the Dresden deaths cannot be compared to the deaths caused by the air raids on Coventry which killed a total of 1250 people, coincidentally the same number of bombers that launched the firestorm on the civilians of Dresden.

The Nazi government ordered its press to publish a falsified casualty figure of 200,000 for the Dresden raids, and death toll estimates as high as 500,000, but as they were not the victors the figures remain around 25,000-30,000 killed in the Dresden firestorm and for the victors the number of victims of the “Holocaust” to this day remains a perfectly rounded up figure of 6 million.

To contemporary Europe; there will no dispute over borders because there are no borders, Germany will not go to war against Belgium or Poland to threaten Hungary as we are all Europeans. There was always a plan for Europe and the events of WW2 accelerated the transformation. For the Jewish Marxist planners it must have appeared to be an impossible dream to deconstruct Europe from fiercely nationalistic nations prior to WW2 and transform into a pliant, conforming Socialist entity, a collective classless society and all in just 70 years, Marx and Engels would have been proud.

In just 70 years from a family of European nations we are heading directly to a world envisioned by the theoretician and Jewish thinker Richard Coudenhove Kalergin pioneer of European integration who in 1922 founded the ‘Pan-European” movement in Vienna which aimed to create a New World Order based on a federation of nations. His vision for Europe in part has been achieved; it is called the European Union. His visualization was for a “United States of Europe” consisting of a mixed race of people. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government.

It was a Mr Sarkozy President of France from May 2007 to May 2012 who wanted to encourage French people to miscegenate with Africans to form this hybrid dark race of Europeans. Richard’s dream of a Marxist paradise for the UK and Europe is most inexorably slowly coming true.