Saturday, 29 September 2012

News from the Brussels Desk. May 2019

News from the Brussels Desk. May 2019

The Western Regions European Minister for Enlightenment informed the European Empire Parliamentary Committee this morning it had been brought to his attention that despite threats of incarceration there were still pockets of dissent and dissatisfaction amongst the grubby peasants. The Ministry of Truth formerly the British Broadcasting Corporation, who are presently feverously deleting, rewriting, rewording and re-editing English History and Language to avoid offending the fragile ethnic sensitivities of people’s of a myriad of cultures, colors and creeds, informed the First Minister that they was greatly concerned that this dissent was much more widespread than at first reported.

He also informed the house that it has been brought to his attention that some nervousness is being displayed by the Europol’s Police and Border security and warned that this dissent just might explode into widespread civil disobedience. It has only been 10 years since the new reformation of Europe which incorporated Great Britain, despite agitation from small splinter Nationalist groups throughout the regions misinforming the peasants, despite safeguards which were written into the protocols of the final 2009 Treaty of Berlin, that democratic elections as we know them will cease to exist. You will remember it was only as recently as 2016 that that the EU granted itself Empire status.

The KKVD, the shadowy and secretive Europia intelligence arm also warned the Parliament that intelligence had been received that the Czech pressure group Nezavisli Demokrate group may be preparing to challenge the Czech Government on flagrant breaches of its country’s constitution on passing governance to Brussels.

You may remember it was this pressure group that was one of the opposition parties contesting the last democratic election before Czechoslovakia’s application for membership of the EU; they were accused of being a one issue party, their main platform being the immediate withdrawal from the European Union, as it was known at the time. He said if this was to have occurred today then trade and economic sanctions would have immediately been applied.

Herr Herman Glocke, the European Empire Trade and resources minister commented that renegade anti government political parties operating under the guise of democracy will not be tolerated. He continued by warning the committee vigilance is paramount and any lapse by the authorities might one day find the peasants calling for democratic elections.

He reminded the committee it was only last year a previously unknown political group calling themselves the UK Freedom Christian Alliance were to have held its inaugural meeting in a room above the White Hart in Basingstoke. The meeting was broken up after a raid by the swift intervention of the European Quick Response Group (EQRG), Western Division; all those arrested were held in custody for the customary 3 weeks without parole for political activism and subversion. Herr Glocke went on to say without timely intervention such as this, social chaos and unrest would result within the fledgling Empire.