Sunday, 30 September 2012

The meaningful Olympics.


The meaningful Olympics

A writer noted that the top Gold medal winners at the XXXth Olympiad were all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. He pointed out although the spirit of the Olympics had not been broken it was not a level playing field. It was also pointed out that a second Olympic Games, the Meaningful Olympics should be restricted to countries such as Niger, Chad, Mauritania, and Yemen, Papua New Guinea and the Aleutian Islands and the like.

It is interesting to note that two thirds of the Gold medals have been won by only seven countries, and that the arrogant assumption of many in the Olympic movement throughout the Western World who argue that winning gold is vital to their national sense of identity thus they are forced to pour more and more money into elite sport.

Imagine the national pride experienced by an Inuit if say in the XXX1st Olympiad one of his countryman beats the China in the 100 metres freestyle swimming winning by a Polar Bears whisker, but it is not going to happen. It is NOT a level playing field. It could be construed that the Olympics is less a testimony to athleticism than a testimony to affluence.

Let us take this tomfoolery one step further. What is the true purpose of these ‘Games’? It is hard to say. Some might say it is to celebrate human athletic endeavour; others might say it is nothing more than an opportunity for a ginormous marketing exercise by ginormous multinational companies. It is certainly is a timely window of opportunity for Great Britain and other Western nations to puff out their chest with National pride as it presents its coloured athletes sourced from all around the world.

The Olympic Games is a misnomer maybe it should be called Games of the Homo sapiens. But that is not the end is it? Up next in the queue are the Paralympics, we certainly celebrate inclusivity.

We have the Paralympic Winter and summer games, Commonwealth Games, Jewish Games, Asian Games, European Games, Pan America Games, Winter Games, and some you have never heard of like the Millrose Games. With all these games it really does not leave a lot of time for work.

If were are to get serious about inclusivity it is a matter of time before pressure groups will be calling for the introduction of the Gay Paralympic Games. What are the spin offs there? Well for a start it may lay to rest all those disparaging remarks about one legged Lesbians if one of their sisters win gold. What about The Dwarf Games, games for those who feel they are discriminated against, Muslim Games where Muslim women swimmers are required to wear the full Burka and the audience only consist of females just in case their menfolk get sexually excited by bare female flesh, the downside being it does nothing to remove the pressure of Muslim sexual predators hunting our young children I suppose.

While questions are being asked, why does the winner on the dais after Motor car race, whilst flanked by a couple of scantily-dressed lovelies, shake up the winner’s bottle of champagne and squirt it all over the onlookers. What if someone was wearing their best suit with the intention of afterwards going for a job interview?

By the same token one does not see a lady weightlifter after accepting Gold for winning the Women’s Snatch and Jerk, squirting a bottle of Robert Mondavi Winery Block Fume Blanc Pier vintage all over her adoring crowds ….do you. Why not drink it instead?

A female friend of mine likened the shaking of the winner’s bottle of Champagne over the crowd to a sexual orgasm but an orgasm shared with lots and lots of other people. I shivered! But nevertheless she does have a point. If you are going to share an orgasm with complete strangers you might expect to be left a little breathless after the effort and to not to be surprised to find one’s suit somewhat creased and stained afterwards.

When the Marxist West is doing everything in is power to destroy national Identity and kinship with brothers and sisters of similar ethnic origins, worldwide tribalism is alive and well and incredibly fierce. In the UK it even extends from one country cricket team to another from one football club to another, sometimes with fights breaking out between supporters. Games winners run around a track with their National flag draped over their head, the elite feeling of exclusivity being in the list of top five Gold medal recipients.

As the nation’s representatives march into the arena at the opening of the games we cannot even begin to understand the wretched hopelessness of the third world marchers who know that the only sure chance of winning a Gold medal is in on the running track, and even here they are competing against brother Negros from affluent countries from around the world.

I ask, so what plus’s, what for’s and againsts’s would have come out of the XXX Olympiad. It is hard to quantify until one see the end of year profits put before the shareholders by TV companies and companies that make Hamburgers, Cola drinks and Pharmaceuticals. Ask me in two years’ time what country won gold for the Women’s’ Cocksless (bugger) Coxless fours and I would not be able to tell you.