Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Girl from Nowhere

The Girl from Nowhere
(A short comment on an actual news story)

Way back in the swirling mists of dream time the golden haired girl’s forebears would have died repulsing the Vikings, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Romans, French, Dutch, Spanish and Germans, She was a child whose ancestors were from tribes of brave and fearless warriors. Over thousands of years they united their fragmented tribes to form one people, brought innovation, civilization, great inventions and discovered medical cures that have saved the lives of millions of people.

For thousands of years her ancestors as an ethnic group fought and died, toiled and thrived. Sadly, in less than 60 years, her people’s unique identity has been deliberately and slowly diluted and changed almost beyond recognition. Her people are cowed and threatened by its traitorous statist government. The flying of the Union flag that once stood proud, a patriotic rallying point on many a bloody battlefield is now considered to have racist overtones.

Her small country is being deliberately overwhelmed by poor and sometimes violent people from all corners of the world prior to being handed to a European dictatorship. That is the way our future is being planned in Brussels and the UK.

Her teacher, a non-questioning, compliant, liberal brainwashed drone of this brave new world asked her charges of mainly foreign origin to talk about their ethnic backgrounds.

The question was then put to the young golden haired girl whose ancestor’s sacrificed their lives to forge this great nation. She hesitated then replied apologetically

This disturbing transformation of the ancestral home of the golden haired girl took just 60 years! No words can possibly convey the total, utter sadness I feel for the golden haired girl’s generation. We should all shed a tear for the England that once was.

We are witnessing a painfully slow form of ethnic cleansing without resorting to outright murder of the host island nation with thousands of years of proud history, a nation whose achievements could over time could be deleted from the history books for fear of offending the fragile sensitivities of the most recent invaders.