Sunday, 30 September 2012

Speaking as a patriot,


No Return

Speaking as a patriot, or as one whose loyalty is to his country and not to 20 other European countries I ask myself how long would it take for such a party as the one I support whose loyalty to its people and country is of paramount concern, ever hope to achieve government? The answer might give me cause for concern.

Revolutions have erupted across the Middle East. The people of these countries are not dependent on the state, but are cruelly subdued by them. In the Great Britain the people are dependent on the state from the womb to the tomb. This is a major drawcard for third world travellers. Everything is given freely only as long as you are prepared not rebel in any way against the apparent generous altruism.

Once you understand that the altruism you are being fooled by is only a decoy then you will understand that blind subservience is to a system that is a Statist system, or state socialism, which is the practice of concentrating economic and political power in the state, resulting in a weakened position for the individual or community with respect to the government.

So is the price we must pay for apparent freedom, a price only reserved for fools?

It has been said there are two places where Socialism will work: "in Heaven where it is not needed and in Hell where they already have it."

Our government is as corrupt as any other, politically and morally. It arms the third world to the teeth and feigns mock horror when these arms are used against the people. Government pressure was applied to release the Lockerbie bomber that murdered 270 citizens in an oil deal that favoured British Petroleum, a deal done with a madman named Gadaffi. A man, a senior Libyan politician said recently nothing happens in Libya without the say so of Gadaffi. So he was complicit in the murders of innocent air travellers, but oil deals are far more important.

The worry for many people is the slow transformation of a mainly white, Anglo Saxon Christian country into something not yet understood. Huge world changes have taken place in the past. Countries were established; countries conquered and swallowed up by others. Christian countries conquered by Islam and now ruled by Sharia law. Empires were formed, Empires collapsed. Whenever we were born, however fondly our grandparents remember how it was, there is no return.

Popular revolutions only work in third world countries. You will find however despotic their rulers might be they are fiercely patriotic. By a slow process of indoctrination by the Western print and TV media all with their own agenda, the people of this country do not possess a great leader or the will to retake their personal freedoms. 

When can we say we are at the point of no return? Is it when foreign police patrol our streets? Or perhaps when any English person can be snatched off the streets and tried in a court in Europe. Will it be when stating publicly ‘this is my country’ constitutes an offence? Can we say if a true conservative government or patriotic party is not in power within 10 years we will be past the point of salvation?

With the madness that is gripping this country it is anyone’s guess the future or if the return to how it was will still be an option.

So to my numb, non-thinking people join me in the cry, Save the Earth it’s the only planet with chocolate.