Sunday, 16 September 2012

Solving America's Debt Problems.


Solving America's Debt Problems.

I wrote this as a very basic primer for people who have trouble grasping the complexities of the world financial institutions and how they work. The idea for this article was triggered when Mr Cameron declined to agree to give Frau Inga Merkel and Aaron Spielberg Sarkozy control over the people of Great Britain’s personal savings accounts and building Society investments.

 The policy makers at the Rathaus in Berlin decided to write up yet another treaty that would allow them to decide how much the poor people within the countries of the European Occupied Territories can spend on essential essentials like food, clothing and heating,…….. well basically just being able to stay alive I suppose.

They also decided they would come down heavily on any Occupied Satellite country that breached the austerity conditions placed on signatories to this new treaty and who did not adhere to the conditions of severe fiscal restraint dreamt up by Vagabonds and Footpads like Jose Manual Durao Barroso and his nest of thieves in the Rathaus.

 Mr Cameron, flourishing his gold plated Parker fountain pen was poised to sign the latest treaty when a breathless aide handed him a mobile phone with a text message from the City of London bankers ordering him not to sign on pain of being tossed out at the next election and with a strong possibility of finding himself cleaning out public toilets in the more vibrant and enriched areas of the British Protectorate of Dewsbury and its environs.

To give you some idea of the enormity of the size of America’s debt, imagine if you will American $10 bills completely covering the landing deck of the aircraft carrier Nimitz to a depth of 22 Olympic size swimming pools. Alternatively, or vicky verky $10 dollar bills which lay end to end would reach one of Jupiter’s outer moons ……..and back again. 

Yes mind blowing isn’t it. Now let us get some perspective on this, if that is not enough. If the African Paramount Chief Obama Hussain, President of America continues to place orders to the private consortium of Jewish Bankers masquerading as the Reserve Bank of America to print money with careless abandon or is that Déjà vu, then there will come a time when the amount of Dollar bills floating around this planet could total or even exceed, and here I will pluck a quickly calculated figure out of my head, but not accurate, a total of 2000 Million, Trillion Trillion Dollars

The reserve bank have been doing this for a long time now and have managed very successfully to fund multiple wars around the world at the same time feeding most of the worlds undernourished populations, supporting 25 Million illegal Hispanic immigrants as well as running a space programme……. with money that has no value, or in other words money that is not worth a cracker and nobody not even the money people who buy and sell currency have yet woken up to the fact that this is a much, much larger rort than any amateur Nigerian financier could ever dream up from his small dilapidated office in High Street Lagos boasting just a computer, a printer and a fan to get the humid air circulating. It is unbelievable isn’t it?

Who can afford to pay off that debt you ask? I know that some of you are asking how America can overcome this dilemma. I struggled with this for quite a while and this is my conclusion. 

As an anomaly, hang on that’s not right, as an illustration, that’s better, if the chap living next door to you had a 50 pound debt and he had trouble repaying would you buy that debt off him? You might as a Good Samaritan just to do him a favour. But supposing the whole street had a debt totalling say 1 Million pounds.

 Now If we were to increase that total debt to 200 Million pounds owed by mortgagers who could not afford their debts, who would buy these debts or ‘Bundles’ and why? Well if the people who bought the ‘bundles’ knew if the deal ‘went tits up’ so to speak, nice paraphrase that! Then the government would bail them out, what is the risk, none. Bankers love no risk deals!

OK, China owns most of America’s debt which stands as I write at $15,115,227,509,766, the last 6 numbers changing like a crazy Stop Watch; I see only one answer that is for America to sell itself to China.

Firstly the Chinese who are not overly concerned what the rest of the world think about their record on human rights, who have never heard of Political Correctness, and the only race problem that would concern them would be to chase all the Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Columbians, Porto Ricans, Cubans, Haitians. Argentinians and Ecuadorians back to where they came from, and then heavily mine the borders, yes even the Canadian Border, stop getting involved in other people’s wars, and better still stop starting them. Desist from continually sending foreign aid squandered by second, third and fourth world countries and concentrate on paying off America’s debts off first. 

Finally stop wasting money landing Spy Drones in Iran

I hope this little essay has given you some insight into how the world financial mess can be solved…….without tears or bloodshed.