Saturday, 29 September 2012

“Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad”

“Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad”

Like Buzzards hovering silently above a hot, shimmering African plain, circling a sun dried carcase; the human carrion, the Race, Human rights and Refugee lawyers, who emulate their feathered African cousins feed on the dying carcase of a once proud nation. There is no human morality here; it’s the monetary gain while the harvest is in abundance. They wallow in Narcissism and pray to the God of Mammon. The carrion only recognizes the words ‘pay the bearer’ and the shiny coin of the realm.

A week is a long time in politics, and hundred years a dreadfully short time to witness the death knell of a once great nation. Our children do not read of our ancestors from these misty isles. The days of Kings, Queens and the Empire is a sordid and embarrassing episode in our nation’s history for our treasonous Socialist architects.

In our children’s text books the liberal brainwashed drones tamper and delete parts of our history for fear of offending the most recent invaders. Have we forgotten our fallen patriots, our battles won and lost? Did we fight bloody wars to one day have strange Eastern Sharia courts and a multitude of Mosques and Minarets grotesquly littering our Christian country, governing in parallel with our unelected government in Brussels.

Surely when Enoch Powell carefully chose the words by the Greek Dramatist Euripdes “Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad” Did he truly realise how prophetic his words would be? The madness has already taken hold.

It makes me cry for the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that laid down their lives to protect this once great nation, a nation that has disappeared and replaced by a nondescript collections of regions. Is the next logical progression for our counties to disappear?

Are we going to surrender to our former enemies without a shot being fired? Will our history be lost in the mish-mash of a Socialist European Federation, which will one day morph into a European Empire? One day in the distant future we might reminisce and wistfully say, an Empire? we too had an Empire.

I shudder every time I see that blue flag with the yellow stars. It would sit comfortably wedged between the USSR Hammer and Sickle and the Nazi Swastika. We, like their people, have no voice as to who governs us. We are being subdued and threatened by a treasonous Statist Government.

England, a Eunuch divested of its nationhood, its identity, without a parliament and eventually without a Queen; a monarch cannot reign without a nation to rule over.

If that was not enough to awaken the sleeping lion a new constitution is being written for us by a group of unelected European elitists, who decisions are made by consensus, in a bloody piddling, boring city in Belgium. A constitution disguised as a treaty purely to deny the people a choice of a referendum as to who should govern us.

I was going to say Brussels, whose only claim to fame is………….but I could not think of a single thing.