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Belgium, Our Galaxy or Beyond?

Belgium, Our Galaxy or Beyond?
Sorry couldn't find a map of Belgium.
As the wire services ran red hot with the news that a Mr Rumpey of Belgium had been appointed the first unelected President of Europe the question on everyone's lips was where's Belgium? and quite rightly so.

Without wanting to appear flippant, I was reminded of a TV quiz show where a young blond lady was asked “what is the capital of Hungary” she replied “that’s a trick question I have never heard of Hungry, I have heard of Turkey”

I cannot verify this story other than to say that there was a rumour circulating that this unelected, iffy appointment was just as much a surprise to Mr. Bliar as it was to The Prince of Darkness but the truth is that it was the result of gentlemanly debt that had to be honoured due to a winning hand in a game of poker. This event took place during a blurry, booze ridden card game in the late evening of a G8 meeting a while ago. I really do not know if this win was achieved by a throw of the dice or the turn of the cards. But debts are debts and must be repaid.

In due course Mr Rumpey will be sending a letter of appreciation to the other participants who took part in that card game and assure them of his appreciation when the next round of unelected senior ministerial appointments are made.

Now Brussels is officially the seat of the European Union and for those of you who are a little weak on history I am sure you will find this short précis of Belgium history quite interesting.

Africa was carved up by the French, British and the Germans and it appeared no-one wanted the Congo so history recounts Prince Leotard III of Belgium saying, Quote “can we ‘ave it”?

Lets face it, Belgium never got over the slight of not being offered first choice of Indonesia when it first came on the market, instead she was blackballed and it was given to the Dutch. As a sweetener it was offered Easter Island but graciously declined. In fact Belgium never came into existence until 1830 even now it is partitioned with Dutch or Flemish speaking natives in one half and the French speaking baboons, sorry Walloons, Balloons? Doesn’t matter, in the other half.

Little was done with the Congo except giving Hollywood permission to film Sanders of the River on a crocodile infested, rancid Congo estuary and then doing a deal with RKO pictures for a sum rumored to be as much as $US452.50 to film some Tarzan movies on location there.

After not finding oil, or in fact not finding anything of value, it was given back to the Congolese who have been killing each other ever since including any Gorillas, women, children or anyone who have stupidly got in the way of a burst of an AK47.

Even today meat termed ‘Bush Meat’ which are mainly delicacies like Gorillas heads and assorted internal organs grace many of the smarter dinner tables of Congolese émigré’s residing in Tower Hamlets and parts of Peckham and its environs and across many parts of our fabulously enriched northern cities.

The other morning Brussels awoke up to find to their chagrin, whatever that means, that little Belgium now answers to Berlin. Using an analogy one could liken this dodgy arrangement as Germany being likened to a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Belgium a Pekinese. Anyone who knows me well would be aware I am not one to belittle, besmirch or generally take the p**s out of any country but not a lot has come out of Belgium except lovely milky chocolates and Sprouts; their beer is quite drinkable too. Abba’s not from Belgium are they?

I now have to decide whether to write up this short history of Belgium on Wikipedia. During the Obama election or was it farce, which many of you may well have forgotten within a day or two, an American was asked what countries border America. He agonised over this for about 10 seconds then with raised eyebrows queried “Australia?”

I was pleased he was not asked where Belgium was or he may have been suggested it was in another part of our galaxy……….or beyond.

Speaking as a patriot,


No Return

Speaking as a patriot, or as one whose loyalty is to his country and not to 20 other European countries I ask myself how long would it take for such a party as the one I support whose loyalty to its people and country is of paramount concern, ever hope to achieve government? The answer might give me cause for concern.

Revolutions have erupted across the Middle East. The people of these countries are not dependent on the state, but are cruelly subdued by them. In the Great Britain the people are dependent on the state from the womb to the tomb. This is a major drawcard for third world travellers. Everything is given freely only as long as you are prepared not rebel in any way against the apparent generous altruism.

Once you understand that the altruism you are being fooled by is only a decoy then you will understand that blind subservience is to a system that is a Statist system, or state socialism, which is the practice of concentrating economic and political power in the state, resulting in a weakened position for the individual or community with respect to the government.

So is the price we must pay for apparent freedom, a price only reserved for fools?

It has been said there are two places where Socialism will work: "in Heaven where it is not needed and in Hell where they already have it."

Our government is as corrupt as any other, politically and morally. It arms the third world to the teeth and feigns mock horror when these arms are used against the people. Government pressure was applied to release the Lockerbie bomber that murdered 270 citizens in an oil deal that favoured British Petroleum, a deal done with a madman named Gadaffi. A man, a senior Libyan politician said recently nothing happens in Libya without the say so of Gadaffi. So he was complicit in the murders of innocent air travellers, but oil deals are far more important.

The worry for many people is the slow transformation of a mainly white, Anglo Saxon Christian country into something not yet understood. Huge world changes have taken place in the past. Countries were established; countries conquered and swallowed up by others. Christian countries conquered by Islam and now ruled by Sharia law. Empires were formed, Empires collapsed. Whenever we were born, however fondly our grandparents remember how it was, there is no return.

Popular revolutions only work in third world countries. You will find however despotic their rulers might be they are fiercely patriotic. By a slow process of indoctrination by the Western print and TV media all with their own agenda, the people of this country do not possess a great leader or the will to retake their personal freedoms. 

When can we say we are at the point of no return? Is it when foreign police patrol our streets? Or perhaps when any English person can be snatched off the streets and tried in a court in Europe. Will it be when stating publicly ‘this is my country’ constitutes an offence? Can we say if a true conservative government or patriotic party is not in power within 10 years we will be past the point of salvation?

With the madness that is gripping this country it is anyone’s guess the future or if the return to how it was will still be an option.

So to my numb, non-thinking people join me in the cry, Save the Earth it’s the only planet with chocolate.

The meaningful Olympics.


The meaningful Olympics

A writer noted that the top Gold medal winners at the XXXth Olympiad were all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. He pointed out although the spirit of the Olympics had not been broken it was not a level playing field. It was also pointed out that a second Olympic Games, the Meaningful Olympics should be restricted to countries such as Niger, Chad, Mauritania, and Yemen, Papua New Guinea and the Aleutian Islands and the like.

It is interesting to note that two thirds of the Gold medals have been won by only seven countries, and that the arrogant assumption of many in the Olympic movement throughout the Western World who argue that winning gold is vital to their national sense of identity thus they are forced to pour more and more money into elite sport.

Imagine the national pride experienced by an Inuit if say in the XXX1st Olympiad one of his countryman beats the China in the 100 metres freestyle swimming winning by a Polar Bears whisker, but it is not going to happen. It is NOT a level playing field. It could be construed that the Olympics is less a testimony to athleticism than a testimony to affluence.

Let us take this tomfoolery one step further. What is the true purpose of these ‘Games’? It is hard to say. Some might say it is to celebrate human athletic endeavour; others might say it is nothing more than an opportunity for a ginormous marketing exercise by ginormous multinational companies. It is certainly is a timely window of opportunity for Great Britain and other Western nations to puff out their chest with National pride as it presents its coloured athletes sourced from all around the world.

The Olympic Games is a misnomer maybe it should be called Games of the Homo sapiens. But that is not the end is it? Up next in the queue are the Paralympics, we certainly celebrate inclusivity.

We have the Paralympic Winter and summer games, Commonwealth Games, Jewish Games, Asian Games, European Games, Pan America Games, Winter Games, and some you have never heard of like the Millrose Games. With all these games it really does not leave a lot of time for work.

If were are to get serious about inclusivity it is a matter of time before pressure groups will be calling for the introduction of the Gay Paralympic Games. What are the spin offs there? Well for a start it may lay to rest all those disparaging remarks about one legged Lesbians if one of their sisters win gold. What about The Dwarf Games, games for those who feel they are discriminated against, Muslim Games where Muslim women swimmers are required to wear the full Burka and the audience only consist of females just in case their menfolk get sexually excited by bare female flesh, the downside being it does nothing to remove the pressure of Muslim sexual predators hunting our young children I suppose.

While questions are being asked, why does the winner on the dais after Motor car race, whilst flanked by a couple of scantily-dressed lovelies, shake up the winner’s bottle of champagne and squirt it all over the onlookers. What if someone was wearing their best suit with the intention of afterwards going for a job interview?

By the same token one does not see a lady weightlifter after accepting Gold for winning the Women’s Snatch and Jerk, squirting a bottle of Robert Mondavi Winery Block Fume Blanc Pier vintage all over her adoring crowds ….do you. Why not drink it instead?

A female friend of mine likened the shaking of the winner’s bottle of Champagne over the crowd to a sexual orgasm but an orgasm shared with lots and lots of other people. I shivered! But nevertheless she does have a point. If you are going to share an orgasm with complete strangers you might expect to be left a little breathless after the effort and to not to be surprised to find one’s suit somewhat creased and stained afterwards.

When the Marxist West is doing everything in is power to destroy national Identity and kinship with brothers and sisters of similar ethnic origins, worldwide tribalism is alive and well and incredibly fierce. In the UK it even extends from one country cricket team to another from one football club to another, sometimes with fights breaking out between supporters. Games winners run around a track with their National flag draped over their head, the elite feeling of exclusivity being in the list of top five Gold medal recipients.

As the nation’s representatives march into the arena at the opening of the games we cannot even begin to understand the wretched hopelessness of the third world marchers who know that the only sure chance of winning a Gold medal is in on the running track, and even here they are competing against brother Negros from affluent countries from around the world.

I ask, so what plus’s, what for’s and againsts’s would have come out of the XXX Olympiad. It is hard to quantify until one see the end of year profits put before the shareholders by TV companies and companies that make Hamburgers, Cola drinks and Pharmaceuticals. Ask me in two years’ time what country won gold for the Women’s’ Cocksless (bugger) Coxless fours and I would not be able to tell you.

England of Yesteryear Tours


England of Yesteryear Tours

As you pass through many of our black and Asian townships today, you will be pleasantly surprised by the rich patchwork quilt of scattered diversity and gasp at the colourful tapestry and rich pageantry of peoples of many hues and colours. Do not be alarmed if you do not hear English being spoken.

The upside for the overseas tourist and expat alike is the ever changing rich kaleidoscope and blend of exotic cultures, which you will observe as our magic carpet whisks you from one Black Township to another.

Experience the ever changing scenery as row upon row of Asian shops spread out before you in a never ending breathtaking vista that you would only marvel at in the pages of a National Geographic magazine. From the sidewalk café’s exotic, heady, gentle zephyrs waft in to titillate and assail your sensory organs. Native venders peddling tantalizing gourmet delights that beckon you to savour and immerse your very being in the pungent, aromatic, spicy aroma’s which will magically transport you to the mysterious east, that like a siren will captivate your weakened senses and tempt you within.

The good news for the overseas tourist and connoisseur of exotic, eastern culinary delights, is that a small number of these café’s have actually been given a clean bill of health, but in many scattered pockets they are still a serious cause for concern of outbreaks of disease.

The strident cries of the natives selling cheap handmade tat, all squabbling for the visitor’s dollar all add to the endearing charm of the east.

There is a regular daily transport service and coaches will be leaving on the hour every hour for sightseeing tours around many of our Asian cities. These coaches will all have English speaking tour guides who will point out the ‘Noveau’ English architecture of the many domed Mosques and Minarets.

You will actually have the opportunity to disembark from our coach at safe transit points and see at first hand the bearded, nightshirt wearing natives and to take advantage of the chance to observe the females wearing a strange garb called Burkhas and to be hypnotized by the captivating call to prayer from the lofty Minarets to the faithful, a not to be missed chance for you to take photographs as keepsakes for your treasure chest to treat your grandchildren to a visual feast on your return home, a visual feast that is the England of today.

At all times it is prudent to err on the side of caution and thus we strongly suggest you stay close to your tour guide at all times, particularly if confronted by young Asian Hoodies looking for any opportunity to relieve you of your mobile phone and any loose change.

For those of you that are enjoying a first time visit to this wonderful country of ours and indeed even those of you that have been domiciled abroad for more than 60 years, might I add a word of caution, if I may?

Be aware of a new phenomenon, one of the sadder aspects of the hideous experimentation of forced Multiculturism that signaled the evolution of a new human species, the result of our government’s inexcusable experimentation with social engineering that went horribly wrong. One of the many negative side effects that were spawned by forced multiculturism saw the birth of a new human cross species called ‘Wiggers’.

They are easily recognizable by their gait, dress and their strong West Indian patois and seem to enjoy a penchant for a strange, primitive almost unintelligible Negro “music” called Rip Rapping or Hip Hopping, whilst skipping from one foot to another, but it’s their white skin colour that distinguishes them from the true Negro.

For those of you that like to experience a past England there are our ever popular “England of Yesteryear” tours; brochures and prices are available upon request. These coach tours will take in parts of England and Wales to the West and onto the highways and byways of the South West where the indigenous people have been widely scattered in small diasporas that only took 6 decades to almost decimate the indigenous peoples culture and history.

Marvel at the lovely little villages, thatched houses, and fisher-folk and people speaking English. As these areas have been virtually untouched, one has the opportunity to learn a great deal about England’s past history from the locals. It has been strongly rumored these quaint localized communities might be heritage listed.

As we have had an overwhelming response for the Yesteryear Tours in particular, might I respectfully suggest you book your tour early. Again I would like to emphasize, all our tours carry registered indigenous English speaking guides.

Director……. …………..Albion

Yesteryear Tours……Discounts for Pensioners and Nursing Mothers.

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Homage to Visitors from Ursa Minor

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Homage to Visitors from Ursa Minor

Nothing much has ch
anged; the Biblical-like characters are still bent over in their counting houses counting their treasures of Gold, Silver and Diamonds and the savage usury still keeps the peasants in a state of perpetual servitude and debt.

It is the same peasants who wave flags and scream at complete strangers who wear colourful uniforms, bold coloured sashes and diamond tiaras that could to all intents and purposes have just arrived from the Constellation of Ursa Minor. Ask them why they do this and their replies would beggar belief. Maybe they really believe they are related to these strange people. Personally I sometimes wonder if these strangers in colourful uniforms are real people at all or just giant holograms that are projected on the balconies of their royal palaces to excite the people when times are bad.

Maybe I am naturally afflicted with pessimism and being an unbeliever is just a cross I have to bear.

Little surprises me anymore.

So let us cushion our people against reality, give them bread and circuses, Kebabs and the X Factor. While they are under sedation tell them we are taking their birth-right and homeland from them and giving their country lock, stock and barrel to whoever wants it. If they do complain tell them our culture was always sadly lacking in exciting vibrancy, they will believe anything. As an experiment what if we sexualise their young children in school, better still why don’t we order their police, for the sake of community cohesion to keep a cap on their children being raped by Middle Eastern Paedophiles? At the same time lets put in the minds of our children that same sex relationships are as normal as heterosexual relationships that will confuse them. Meanwhile the police like government sheep dogs, kettle any sheep that come on the streets to complain.

Do I feel sorry for my people? Well if one puts their hand in the fire to see if it is hot, or touches the park bench that bears a notice that reads ‘wet paint’ then there is not a lot I can do to help these people. They might not lack an inquiring mind it is just their basic, common intelligence and priorities are not the same as mine. I always thought that survival instincts were the most strong.

If the government figures inform me that the space of time I have lived on this earth is close to 30 years more than the time left before my people become a minority in their own country I would have serious cause to worry, and waving at visitors from Ursa Minor would be the least of my concerns.

It is strange that the Battenburg space travellers from Ursa Minor excite the emotions of my people but the loss of their country does not, why is this do you think. There can be only one answer THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IT. They need to turn the TV off and get out of the house and visit many parts of their country that are already off limits to them with a real threats of receiving bodily harm if they ignore this warning. In their naivety they could I suppose attempt to walk through those heavily enriched areas just as they would touch the park bench that reads Wet Paint.

What would our young men who marched off to war in their school-boyish innocence singing Run Rabbit Run think if they could return from the dead and realise the wars they fought for had been for the Elite and the men bent over in their counting houses counting their treasures of Gold, Silver and Diamonds.

Were all their deaths in vain? Our people are offering up the country that our young men and woman died for, this time without a shot being fired. The unbelievable apathy of the people is sealing our nations fate as surely as it would have been had we surrendered to the enemy.

News from the Brussels Desk. May 2019

News from the Brussels Desk. May 2019

The Western Regions European Minister for Enlightenment informed the European Empire Parliamentary Committee this morning it had been brought to his attention that despite threats of incarceration there were still pockets of dissent and dissatisfaction amongst the grubby peasants. The Ministry of Truth formerly the British Broadcasting Corporation, who are presently feverously deleting, rewriting, rewording and re-editing English History and Language to avoid offending the fragile ethnic sensitivities of people’s of a myriad of cultures, colors and creeds, informed the First Minister that they was greatly concerned that this dissent was much more widespread than at first reported.

He also informed the house that it has been brought to his attention that some nervousness is being displayed by the Europol’s Police and Border security and warned that this dissent just might explode into widespread civil disobedience. It has only been 10 years since the new reformation of Europe which incorporated Great Britain, despite agitation from small splinter Nationalist groups throughout the regions misinforming the peasants, despite safeguards which were written into the protocols of the final 2009 Treaty of Berlin, that democratic elections as we know them will cease to exist. You will remember it was only as recently as 2016 that that the EU granted itself Empire status.

The KKVD, the shadowy and secretive Europia intelligence arm also warned the Parliament that intelligence had been received that the Czech pressure group Nezavisli Demokrate group may be preparing to challenge the Czech Government on flagrant breaches of its country’s constitution on passing governance to Brussels.

You may remember it was this pressure group that was one of the opposition parties contesting the last democratic election before Czechoslovakia’s application for membership of the EU; they were accused of being a one issue party, their main platform being the immediate withdrawal from the European Union, as it was known at the time. He said if this was to have occurred today then trade and economic sanctions would have immediately been applied.

Herr Herman Glocke, the European Empire Trade and resources minister commented that renegade anti government political parties operating under the guise of democracy will not be tolerated. He continued by warning the committee vigilance is paramount and any lapse by the authorities might one day find the peasants calling for democratic elections.

He reminded the committee it was only last year a previously unknown political group calling themselves the UK Freedom Christian Alliance were to have held its inaugural meeting in a room above the White Hart in Basingstoke. The meeting was broken up after a raid by the swift intervention of the European Quick Response Group (EQRG), Western Division; all those arrested were held in custody for the customary 3 weeks without parole for political activism and subversion. Herr Glocke went on to say without timely intervention such as this, social chaos and unrest would result within the fledgling Empire.

The Girl from Nowhere

The Girl from Nowhere
(A short comment on an actual news story)

Way back in the swirling mists of dream time the golden haired girl’s forebears would have died repulsing the Vikings, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Romans, French, Dutch, Spanish and Germans, She was a child whose ancestors were from tribes of brave and fearless warriors. Over thousands of years they united their fragmented tribes to form one people, brought innovation, civilization, great inventions and discovered medical cures that have saved the lives of millions of people.

For thousands of years her ancestors as an ethnic group fought and died, toiled and thrived. Sadly, in less than 60 years, her people’s unique identity has been deliberately and slowly diluted and changed almost beyond recognition. Her people are cowed and threatened by its traitorous statist government. The flying of the Union flag that once stood proud, a patriotic rallying point on many a bloody battlefield is now considered to have racist overtones.

Her small country is being deliberately overwhelmed by poor and sometimes violent people from all corners of the world prior to being handed to a European dictatorship. That is the way our future is being planned in Brussels and the UK.

Her teacher, a non-questioning, compliant, liberal brainwashed drone of this brave new world asked her charges of mainly foreign origin to talk about their ethnic backgrounds.

The question was then put to the young golden haired girl whose ancestor’s sacrificed their lives to forge this great nation. She hesitated then replied apologetically

This disturbing transformation of the ancestral home of the golden haired girl took just 60 years! No words can possibly convey the total, utter sadness I feel for the golden haired girl’s generation. We should all shed a tear for the England that once was.

We are witnessing a painfully slow form of ethnic cleansing without resorting to outright murder of the host island nation with thousands of years of proud history, a nation whose achievements could over time could be deleted from the history books for fear of offending the fragile sensitivities of the most recent invaders.

“Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad”

“Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad”

Like Buzzards hovering silently above a hot, shimmering African plain, circling a sun dried carcase; the human carrion, the Race, Human rights and Refugee lawyers, who emulate their feathered African cousins feed on the dying carcase of a once proud nation. There is no human morality here; it’s the monetary gain while the harvest is in abundance. They wallow in Narcissism and pray to the God of Mammon. The carrion only recognizes the words ‘pay the bearer’ and the shiny coin of the realm.

A week is a long time in politics, and hundred years a dreadfully short time to witness the death knell of a once great nation. Our children do not read of our ancestors from these misty isles. The days of Kings, Queens and the Empire is a sordid and embarrassing episode in our nation’s history for our treasonous Socialist architects.

In our children’s text books the liberal brainwashed drones tamper and delete parts of our history for fear of offending the most recent invaders. Have we forgotten our fallen patriots, our battles won and lost? Did we fight bloody wars to one day have strange Eastern Sharia courts and a multitude of Mosques and Minarets grotesquly littering our Christian country, governing in parallel with our unelected government in Brussels.

Surely when Enoch Powell carefully chose the words by the Greek Dramatist Euripdes “Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad” Did he truly realise how prophetic his words would be? The madness has already taken hold.

It makes me cry for the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that laid down their lives to protect this once great nation, a nation that has disappeared and replaced by a nondescript collections of regions. Is the next logical progression for our counties to disappear?

Are we going to surrender to our former enemies without a shot being fired? Will our history be lost in the mish-mash of a Socialist European Federation, which will one day morph into a European Empire? One day in the distant future we might reminisce and wistfully say, an Empire? we too had an Empire.

I shudder every time I see that blue flag with the yellow stars. It would sit comfortably wedged between the USSR Hammer and Sickle and the Nazi Swastika. We, like their people, have no voice as to who governs us. We are being subdued and threatened by a treasonous Statist Government.

England, a Eunuch divested of its nationhood, its identity, without a parliament and eventually without a Queen; a monarch cannot reign without a nation to rule over.

If that was not enough to awaken the sleeping lion a new constitution is being written for us by a group of unelected European elitists, who decisions are made by consensus, in a bloody piddling, boring city in Belgium. A constitution disguised as a treaty purely to deny the people a choice of a referendum as to who should govern us.

I was going to say Brussels, whose only claim to fame is………….but I could not think of a single thing.

Order out of Chaos, or The fifth Horseman.

Order out of Chaos, or The fifth Horseman.
Even if there was the smallest grain of truth that Crop circles, UFO’s or Alien abductions were not of earthly origin our leaders would make light of these concerns and endeavour to make them appear inconsequential.

We are led to believe for example two blurry eyed inebriates, Smudger Smiff and Chalky White after getting poured out of the Rampant Stag at closing time decide to make a one and half mile crop circle of extreme complexity and to quote Smudger to “ava bit of fun and at the same time piss off the farmer”

Where was I? Consider this scenario if you will as a possible answer to the Western Worlds madness first questioned in a speech by one Enoch Powell. He asked “why would a nation be busily engaged heaping up its own funeral pyre?” that question has yet to be answered. Do I have an answer?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John the Evangelist. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals". The Lamb of God/Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ) opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, the four riders are commonly seen as symbolizing Conquest, War, Famine and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

In this biblical revelation there was one horseman missing, the Fifth Horseman. He was not ready to mount but he waited in the shadows, his steed was waiting patiently to be saddled for ‘future world’. The world’s final chapters will show that it was he that was to lead the other Four Horsemen in order of Conquest, War, Famine and Death? In those biblical times the wealth of the world’s resources shared by its population numbers would have appeared to have been overly abundant but over hundreds of years having little regard to the number of children humans were bringing into the world and doctors prolonging the life of the sick and the elderly and entrepreneurs pillaging the worlds resources without a care for sustainability, those riches that appeared to be infinite have slowly became finite.

Take for instance an English family living in Droitwich (where the hell is Droitwich you ask?) they would NOT have on average four to six children having to compensate for the likelihood of losing four of the children to infant mortality through disease and starvation, though this is not uncommon throughout many parts of the third world. There are cultures which demand that four to six children is the norm and is culture based. They over-populate their own desperately poor country and proceed to migrate to another much smaller country and continue to breed with the same careless abandon even though their living conditions equal to ours.

I do not think that these large family numbers are a result of a voracious appetite for the pleasures of the flesh but rather simply collateral damage for sex on demand.

There has been a lot of media exposure concerning Global warming or Climate change, I am sure there has been more than a few degrees give or take of varying temperature changes in the last 4 and a half billion years on our planet, so who is counting? Better still who is to gain monetarily for this supposition?

I prefer the expression Climate Change rather than Global warming, it has a much more acceptable ring than Global Warming. I predict there will be huge unstoppable movement of populations from war and famine ravaged parts of the third world all heading for Europe. At present it is a trickle, the first stop is Lampedusa then its all stations to wealthy Europe. The problem has been moved not solved.

An earthly man whose wealth equals King Midas once said "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply." Author Frederic Morton wrote that the Rothschilds had: "conquered the World more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesars before." Rothschild is reputed as saying in effect if my son wants a war he can have a war.

These unbelievable powerful, wealthy and influential people are persons whose power is far greater than politicians, judges and world decision makers; they sit quietly in the background and call the shots. The world is their Monopoly Board. People are cattle, bred only to consume, but they cannot control a world on the brink of a cataclysmic destruction. They will have no power or influence.

Are the Rothschilds predicting the future?

Step forward the Fifth Horseman.

The Fifth Horseman is Over-Population it will lead the other Horsemen, Conquest, War and Famine, and Death will follow. Rothschild said and quite rightly so, the world’s population can only sustain three billion people. At present it is around 7 Billion. As each year passes and the world’s resources dry up even that figure of 3 billion starts to look questionable. So how do you cull 4 billion people…easy! You start WW3. How do you do that? Well if your family had a hand in starting WW1 and WW2 at the same time funding both sides of the conflicts it should not prove too difficult.

The fast paced social changes taking place in the Western World do NOT make sense. WHY would a centuries old Christian society and culture like Europe invite approximately 10 million followers of Islam who have no intention other than conquering their country then replacing Christianity with Islam complete with Sharia Law? WHY would the United Kingdom another Christian country with an intensely nationalistic past allow a figure, even which its government is unsure, of around another 8 Million Moslems? WHY?

Could the unbelievable be possibly being planned? Is an eventual world conflict in its planning stages?

Let us just suppose someone else is well ahead of us. What if a person or persons who have "conquered the world more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesars before." have preempted this looming nightmare of overpopulation and are preparing something quite dramatic?

World chaos will ensue once the world population has passed a critical number. It is not that overpopulation is about to overtake us, it is already upon us. If our towns are so crowded that we have to walk on the road which is not uncommon on Saturdays, as there is no room on the pavements then I would start to worry. In a crisis the shops will be emptied of food, but supposing one day they were not restocked.

Our leaders tell us we are about to become the most congested country in Europe, is that good or bad news? If it is bad news why are our leaders doing it to its own people? The world’s population can only increase. At the moment we are more concerned about the world financial crisis.

To digress, I wrote recently of a man named Pike who in 1871 predicted WW1, WW2 and WW3. He said three future world wars would prepare the world for a new order. In 1871, like the biblical revelations I do not think he had factored in overpopulation. The resulting madness of this relentless immigration from the Islamic and third world into Europe and the USA will result in an eventual attempted take over of the Christian countries, it has been attempted before and will be attempted again once the numbers add up. The next war will not be a civil war as many forecasters warn but a full blown war, the west against the primitive ideology of the East. This is planned; it is planned to result in a full scale conflict.

The cull that is being planned right now might not cull the world’s population by 4 million but the numbers surviving will be much easier to control.

There is no choice; if the population is not culled it will not be just the UK that will be busy heaping up its own funeral pyre but the world also

Friday, 21 September 2012

Praying for a Saif Return.

Praying for a Saif Return.

It was at the age of thirty five Destinee Gubbins from the Cockcroft estate met the tall, curly haired stranger, a dusky gentleman from Coconut Island, a palm fringed atoll just south of Trinidad and Tobago. 

This fatal chance happening occurred after the inaugural meeting of the Cockcroft Estate Friends of Multi-Culturism Society (CEFOMS) held at the Stephen Lawrence Cockcroft Estate Community Cohesion Centre (SLCECCC) where she reluctantly admitted she foolishly and impetuously first surrendered her untarnished reputation and sullied her unblemished record of celibacy to the said Ebon stranger under the cover of darkness behind the ‘Black Swan’ in exchange for a few brief moments of carnal pleasure only to find a couple of months later to her horror she was carrying something other than a worrying bank card debt.

My mother always used to say ‘Stress Kills’ and so it was with my father who smoked roll-your-owns from his early teens until his untimely death, hastened I might add by my mother feeding him a diet exceedingly rich in animal fats. Incidentally he died prematurely under stress at age 97. ….well actually 97 1/2. Talking of stress Destinee’s mother Valerie-Ann had stressed continually and forcefully to her daughter if you cannot see the whites of their eyes turn on the lights.

Unfortunately for Destinee she did not heed her mother’s parental warning. Alas, there were no lights alit aback of the ‘Black Swan’ THAT evening.

This was the first page of a radio script I submitted to the BBC radio drama department for evaluation. Miss Begum Khalida Zaman replied my script would be discussed at the next radio drama meeting.

…that was over two years ago. I pondered whether or not it was the case that the main character of my script Destinee was neither an illegal Iraqi immigrant a feminist nor a Lesbian. Who knows! Be that as it may I am kept busy at present writing 6 historical novels. My most recent script a drama written for TV tells the story of a BBC executive, Benjamin Coeur de Lion Courtney a past student of the London School of Economics. In my story he was a great friend of Saif al-Islam, a son of Gaddifi.

You may remember it was while at the London School of Economics Saif was maliciously and scurrilously accused of plagiarism after submitting his thesis entitled “The Mathematical calculations of String theory and its algebraic equations with the Principles of Dark Matter and Multiple universes”. This magnificent piece of scientific research was submitted immediately after Saif had completed an accredited course of Period Furniture Restoration in Whitechapel.

The story goes it was at the London School of Economics they first met while Saif was studying for a Masters degree in ‘Democracy for Dummies’ and young Benjamin was studying the basic principles of Marxism. A small stipend received as a result of a fellowship at Oxford College had enabled Benjamin to rent cheap rooms above the Student Union branch of ‘The Friends of Venezuela’ in Duke Street. As a matter of interest it was Benjamin’s 20 page booklet ‘Trotting with Trotsky” that sold over 11 copies on its first day of publication that launched his career with the BBC and as they say, the rest is history.

Benjamin had a meteoric rise throughout the departments of the National Broadcaster quickly attaining his executive position and remained a close chum of Saif’s until his recent sudden disappearance. Previously questions regarding Benjamin’s gender preferences surfaced with libellous personal accusations on Face-book. This rumour was possibly triggered when he was sighted buying a red dress a hat and matching red shoes from a small exclusive boutique in Knightsbridge but was later confirmed he was paying for and collecting said items for his sister and the insinuation that he bought them for himself was quashed.

Nevertheless the troublesome rumours still persisted. Saif meanwhile was successful in his application for political asylum and disappeared from the scene.

Benjamin’s disappearance took the Police and Lady Policeman's important investigative time away from concentrating on critical social problems like hate crimes, suspicion of hate crimes, crimes that may or may not be construed as hate crimes and crimes that could possibly be perceived as crimes of hate but not necessarily so, but more importantly race crimes, suspicion of race crimes, crimes that can be perceived as race crimes and thought crimes that threatened social cohesiveness, frivolous accusations of a thought crime, and….…er, you get the general idea.

There is a mysterious conclusion to this story. A British Sunday Ragloid published an exclusive story that both of them had been sighted at the Simôn Bolivar Areopuerto Internacional in Caracas, Venezuela disembarking from a Condor Airlines Boeing 737-200.

This was a deliberately fabricated story for the consumption of their Sunday readers and a sensationalist story one might expect from the British gutter press.

As an epilogue the only other passengers to arrive that day, who disembarked at the far end of the airport from a Gulfstream G550 executive jet was a man of a Middle Eastern appearance and a lady wearing a bright red dress, hat and matching red shoes.

That is a short précis of my latest novel which I have been instructed to send to the head of BBC’s TV English drama department for the attention of a Ms. Madushami Samarasinghe.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sharia Law and the Bull Mastiff


Sharia Law and the Bull Mastiff

1984 was going to be momentous year or at least the beginnings of momentous times but in fact turned it out to be a complete fizzer. Going by what I have heard these momentous times have now been moved forward to 2050. How George Orwell got it so wrong beggars’ belief.

So what did happen in 1984, well not a lot? Bob Geldorf and Bandaid released their record “Do they know it’s Christmas’ which I thought was rather cruel as what was most uppermost In those starving Ethiopian people minds was not so much when Santa and his reindeer might arrive but rather where was their next meal coming from, but as a millionaire and a Lord-in-waiting I can understand Bob not thinking this one through, and his stupid mate Bono wouldn’t have had a clue anyway.

What other momentous happenings occurred in 1984? Oh Yes, Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial. I would have preferred to have read his hair caught fire during the shooting of Michael Jackson, but life is riddled with disappointments. I think there was only one other major world event during 1984 that was of any importance and that was the discovery of nude photos found of Vanessa Williams the current Miss America , as a result she was forced from her throne. When one has seen 55,602 bare breasts one can say with all confidence they have seen them all. I forget who it was who said that, perhaps it was me.

In hindsight If George had known all this was to happen in 1984 how different would his book have been, quite boring I think?

So what is the significance of 2050? I am glad you ask me that otherwise or I would have had to turn off my Pee Cee and take my wife down to the shops, it’s the mundane things in life by which I get side-tracked. She is after some cheap mince for tea, mince that’s been marked down because it is past its use-by date.

I hate going to the shops with her, I get these uncomfortable feelings when women eye me up, not as a prospective date but rather to see if I am wearing a tracking device whilst I am loitering outside the woman’s changing rooms waiting for my wife who is inside the cubicle trying on cheap ill-fitting dresses made in China.

Now back to 2050 or is it forward? It is the year I have been informed I am to find myself in a minority grouping. No I am not ginger haired, but I am heterosexual. The good news is that heterosexuals will still be in the majority in 2050 regardless what we are told by the Liberal sociologist and despite the intense pride we are told is felt by being a Homo-thingy.

2050 is the year of the ascendance of Islam throughout the UK and Europe which will place me, my wife and all my friends and even my wife’s best friends in a minority grouping. I would like to help and I have tried pulling my weight here, but I have to admit I cannot keep up with those strange dark desert peoples breeding rates and I am getting little or no cooperation from the wife in that department.

They say the breeding rates of these dark desert people is on average 5 children per family, where for the indigenous folk it is more like 1.5. Strange figure that, does that mean one has .5 of a sister or brother? Maybe that’s what they mean when they refer to a half-brother.

If by 2050 the dangers I am being fore-warned about come true, then it follows that I and my wife will be governed under Sharia Law. I do not know a great deal about Sharia Law other than the sexual bits. I will be too old to commit adultery so I am comparatively safe, but this is not true for all beings, let me explain.

Two news stories surfaced this week but by the time this article hits the news- stands it would have been last week. First a man was arrested for having sex with his 13 year old daughter, he told her he would commit suicide if she did not agree, if I had been her I would have called his bluff and challenged “OK dad prove it” but she didn’t. The other story was a about man that was charged with having sex with his neighbours Female Bull Mastiff, I kid you not. Let us move these events forward to 2050.

You all know where I am going with this don’t you? Under Sharia Law will the 13 year old girl get stoned for her unwelcomed sexual violation resulting from the incest by her father? I suspect he will walk away as a free man as the girl has to find 4 males who witnessed the incest and I am sure dad did not invite all his friends round for the evening to watch the event. So I guess there is a good chance she will be stoned.

We will call the Bull Mastiff Brenda for the sake of anonymity, it is her I am most concerned about. As was the incest case it was not a consensual or even welcomed. It might well be the case the female Bull Mastiff was just minding her own business, luxuriating in the late afternoon sun, eyes half closed, unaware of the danger looming and quite possibly even sporting an air of complacency when she receives something other than a ball to chase

So under Sharia law what sentence can the Bull Mastiff expect? Again no doubt the man will walk away without a stain on his character as there was only one witness to the attack the owner of the dog, but the dog will be left with a stain on its character or is that its reputation, never mind. So I guess Brenda the Bull Mastiff will either be stoned or hung………………….. Allahu Akbar or Beam me up Mohammed!

Solving America's Debt Problems.


Solving America's Debt Problems.

I wrote this as a very basic primer for people who have trouble grasping the complexities of the world financial institutions and how they work. The idea for this article was triggered when Mr Cameron declined to agree to give Frau Inga Merkel and Aaron Spielberg Sarkozy control over the people of Great Britain’s personal savings accounts and building Society investments.

 The policy makers at the Rathaus in Berlin decided to write up yet another treaty that would allow them to decide how much the poor people within the countries of the European Occupied Territories can spend on essential essentials like food, clothing and heating,…….. well basically just being able to stay alive I suppose.

They also decided they would come down heavily on any Occupied Satellite country that breached the austerity conditions placed on signatories to this new treaty and who did not adhere to the conditions of severe fiscal restraint dreamt up by Vagabonds and Footpads like Jose Manual Durao Barroso and his nest of thieves in the Rathaus.

 Mr Cameron, flourishing his gold plated Parker fountain pen was poised to sign the latest treaty when a breathless aide handed him a mobile phone with a text message from the City of London bankers ordering him not to sign on pain of being tossed out at the next election and with a strong possibility of finding himself cleaning out public toilets in the more vibrant and enriched areas of the British Protectorate of Dewsbury and its environs.

To give you some idea of the enormity of the size of America’s debt, imagine if you will American $10 bills completely covering the landing deck of the aircraft carrier Nimitz to a depth of 22 Olympic size swimming pools. Alternatively, or vicky verky $10 dollar bills which lay end to end would reach one of Jupiter’s outer moons ……..and back again. 

Yes mind blowing isn’t it. Now let us get some perspective on this, if that is not enough. If the African Paramount Chief Obama Hussain, President of America continues to place orders to the private consortium of Jewish Bankers masquerading as the Reserve Bank of America to print money with careless abandon or is that Déjà vu, then there will come a time when the amount of Dollar bills floating around this planet could total or even exceed, and here I will pluck a quickly calculated figure out of my head, but not accurate, a total of 2000 Million, Trillion Trillion Dollars

The reserve bank have been doing this for a long time now and have managed very successfully to fund multiple wars around the world at the same time feeding most of the worlds undernourished populations, supporting 25 Million illegal Hispanic immigrants as well as running a space programme……. with money that has no value, or in other words money that is not worth a cracker and nobody not even the money people who buy and sell currency have yet woken up to the fact that this is a much, much larger rort than any amateur Nigerian financier could ever dream up from his small dilapidated office in High Street Lagos boasting just a computer, a printer and a fan to get the humid air circulating. It is unbelievable isn’t it?

Who can afford to pay off that debt you ask? I know that some of you are asking how America can overcome this dilemma. I struggled with this for quite a while and this is my conclusion. 

As an anomaly, hang on that’s not right, as an illustration, that’s better, if the chap living next door to you had a 50 pound debt and he had trouble repaying would you buy that debt off him? You might as a Good Samaritan just to do him a favour. But supposing the whole street had a debt totalling say 1 Million pounds.

 Now If we were to increase that total debt to 200 Million pounds owed by mortgagers who could not afford their debts, who would buy these debts or ‘Bundles’ and why? Well if the people who bought the ‘bundles’ knew if the deal ‘went tits up’ so to speak, nice paraphrase that! Then the government would bail them out, what is the risk, none. Bankers love no risk deals!

OK, China owns most of America’s debt which stands as I write at $15,115,227,509,766, the last 6 numbers changing like a crazy Stop Watch; I see only one answer that is for America to sell itself to China.

Firstly the Chinese who are not overly concerned what the rest of the world think about their record on human rights, who have never heard of Political Correctness, and the only race problem that would concern them would be to chase all the Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Columbians, Porto Ricans, Cubans, Haitians. Argentinians and Ecuadorians back to where they came from, and then heavily mine the borders, yes even the Canadian Border, stop getting involved in other people’s wars, and better still stop starting them. Desist from continually sending foreign aid squandered by second, third and fourth world countries and concentrate on paying off America’s debts off first. 

Finally stop wasting money landing Spy Drones in Iran

I hope this little essay has given you some insight into how the world financial mess can be solved…….without tears or bloodshed.

The Sheepy People Mass in Rally

 The Sheepy People Mass in Rally for Free Speech

Well actually they haven’t, that was just a ruse to get your attention. The story leaked out that at a young mothers meeting one of the expectant mothers was informed by the hospital after a routine scan that her yet unborn baby was going to be a girl. Another expectant mother enquired if she had she picked a name for her new baby. She smiled mischievously and said she and her husband had plumped for Aisha. She was asked if under the bizarre circumstances existing in the UK at the present time if that was wise thing to do.

This conversation had been monitored closely by an undercover Government Stasi State Operative posing as a work experience person at the children’s nursery who quickly alerted the local EU Racial and Thought Police (region three) on her mobile, who then notified the Government State Police (GSP) who you will be relieved to know arrived within 5 minutes of the call.

It was later discovered this mother had already been in trouble with the Stasi State Police (SSP) after she informed the Day-Care authorities that her child was not particularly fond of Halal prepared food. The mother is now serving 3 months in re-education camp on the Isle of Skye. Meanwhile her other three children have also been placed in care of a state run re-education institution for minors of repeat racial offenders.

This came on top of a disturbing revelation that this same Day-Care establishment had recently made history after a 5 year old was carted off after she was overheard to say she much preferred white smarties to black ones. She was later released into her mothers care but with a caution. The Judge Lord Parvez Chaudhury M.B.E ordered neither the 5 year olds identity to be made public nor a criminal conviction to be recorded as it was her first offence; she was however placed on a good behaviour bond.

The Chief Constable of EU (Region Three) Sir Yausaf Malik said these incidences are becoming more and more common and emphasised that the State Police will be instituting zero tolerance for crimes of a racist nature. He added these incidences have been getting quite bizarre of late, referring to an Oldham man, a Mr ‘Chalky’ White who was arrested outside MacDonald’s after ordering a Halal Bacon Sandwich. He had attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by a Lady Policeman, Aamir Patel using her Taser.

The offender asked the judge for leniency pleading he did not order the sandwich for himself but for his Pakistani neighbour, he added he had also been sexually abused as a child, was suffering from acute anxiety, Depression and Gout and was deeply remorseful for his actions. The Judge was not amused. He will be reappearing before Lord Justice Singh for contempt of court.

Now you might think this tale somewhat far fetched but the facts below speak for themselves and I would be extremely worried for my children’s future, a future reminiscent of the future a Mr Orwell wrote about at length. This little tale is in fact reality, it is happening right now because the placid ‘Sheepy People’ have allowed it to happen.

I should point out to overseas readers that the UK’s Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 which was drawn up in Das Reich-Capital in Bruxells which compels all English public authorities, including schools and churches, to monitor children and log the details of racist abuse perceived or otherwise onto National databases.

 It was revealed by a Ms. Munira Mirza that at present this database contains the details of “MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A MILLION ENGLISH CHILDREN who have been accused of racism since it became law.” Ms. Munira Mirza (₤82,000 P.A), is an Indian lady living in the UK, temporarily I hope, that was shoe-horned into the position as a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson to help plan, celebrate and comment on Great Britain’s exciting, rich, vibrant, colourful diversity. The one and only criteria for this position as a racist advisor was the applicant should be female and coloured and not be from these isles.

It appears she has never actually had any meaningful job before or since leaving Oxford University in 1999 but did leave with PhD in Sociology, or advanced Marxist principles. Her objective as a Middle Eastern alien resident is to push the nightmarish spectre of Multi-culti in this country.

One commentator said the definition of racism can be taken too far, especially with young children who clearly don’t understand the connotation behind the words. Very observant person I must say!

The shocking statistic, indicative of the madness gripping this country today to which political correctness has sunk under the labour-Tory-Lib-Dem insanity, emerged in Freedom of Information replies obtained by the Manifesto club, a left-leaning Socialist civil liberties group.

It has also been revealed that the Marxist inspired and Common Purpose trained Senior Executives of the National Union of Teachers in the United Kingdom have been turning in primary and nursery school children as young as three to local authorities for alleged “racist” remarks, I would like to add it would come as no surprise to me to hear teachers had encouraged children to inform on their little classmates if they overhear any perceived racist comments.

So can we say the new Bogeyman or is that Bogeyperson, is not the Heretic, the Witch or the Narnsey, but the child racist? Oh how I love inquisitions! Where’s the kindling?

Fritz Gerlich, a journalist who warned the German people of the dangers of Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s, wrote, “The worst thing we can do, the absolute worst, is to do nothing.” 

Our whole rotten, decaying system in this country needs dismantling. The politicians who have deliberately allowed this country to get to this vile state need to be put on trial. The people who have taken us into illegal wars and who are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 300 of our young men, need to be put on trial. Do not let us forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians including babies that have also been mindlessly slaughtered. 

The West has ceased be a democracy. Whatever system we are being ruled by has been totally corrupted, divisive and extremely dangerous. This monstrous, Marxist edifice that masquerades as a democracy that has changed the face and character of Europe and these islands forever by threat, intimidation and legislation, has to be destroyed. At this very moment in time we have a chance to put things right, if we do not then WE the Sheepy People are choosing the bleak future for our children. Time is NOT on our side.