Monday, 14 October 2013

Death and Virgins

Death and Virgins

To die for a cause that is just is one I can well understand but to die for a cause and expect some heavenly erotic reward is beyond my comprehension. It’s a personal and noble thing to die for a cause but one should not expect a reward, that’s downright selfish.

On an earthier note, one is forced to ask from where does one source these virgins. I mean, are they Islamic type virgins or are they run-of-the-mill Infidel type virgins? It is very important information to a suicide bomber. They are not told this. Does a potential suicide bomber ask him/ herself pertinent questions such as this when leaving on a mission to blow many of Gods creatures to smithereens? 

If I were about to sacrifice my life for a cause with such an erotic promise, not to place too high an importance on it, I would like some firm guarantee of my heavenly rewards and not to put too much reliance on wild first testament superstitious desert religious hearsay which has not been solidly verified.

I would also ask the question, have any of the Islamic Mullahs that are sending me on this suicide mission had word back from Allah that these rewards are still being currently offered or has the deal folded. 

Another surprise question I have for them have any of the Mad Mullahs also offered themselves up for Martyrdom in the past and if not, why? 

Its not that I am a suspicious person you must understand, on the contrary I tend to take people at their word, but when it is MY life that is being discussed I like to partake in the debate on the matter before a premature face to face meeting with my God takes place. 

A question that on the surface may appear selfish, but realistically it’s the second most important reason for me to blow myself up, is how long after meeting my God does etiquette permit me to start broaching the difficult subject of meeting a few of these virgins I have been promised, I mean I am human after all. ...or was! 

Does the bomber have any doubts about whether there will be any virgins left for his reward for martyrdom, Allah could say, “Sorry mate couldn’t catch you earlier but all the virgins are gone, we are expecting another fresh batch later in the year” because if that had been the case and had I been alerted sooner I would have left my martyrdom for another few months longer. Do you understand what I mean? 

I don’t know if sexual equality is such a big thing with Islam as it is with Christians, but what about the ladies here, are their rewards for martyrdom relative, and if so where on earth would they find so many male virgins who are not under age? That’s another question a lady suicide bomber might like to ask before re-arranging herself into collection of body parts.

For a religion that stones adulterers and places so much expected high moral responsibility on its followers, why is the heaven awaiting them comparable to any whorehouse in the West…. or East for that matter? There goes another unanswered question.

It’s all very well making wild erotic sexual promises such as this as a reward to agree to prematurely violently end one’s life, but one has to rely completely on trust, firstly from the Mad Mullahs and then from their God, who in the first place promised these heavenly rewards for the soldiers of Islam who died fighting in his name. 

On the surface I might appear to be a little skeptical, I’m not, its just that many of Allah’s other announcements he has made in the past have been decidedly iffy so preferably I would like any guarantee he might be offering in writing thank you.

So what does this tell us about our religions? Followers of Islam would be prepared to die for Allah, but Christians will not die for their God, less superstitious or lack of erotic rewards perhaps?

I have to say it. Muticulturism and Islam is an anathema. Islam is never subservient to another culture, its customs or laws. By its very nature it is a dominant culture, and when they have the numbers in Europe, watch out!