Monday, 14 October 2013

Great News for Parents;Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month

  Great News for Parents

The Pre-Launch of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month 2009 will be taking place on the evening of Wednesday, the 19th of November, 2008, at The Hackney Free and Parochial Church of England School in London.

The event is sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and is a part of The National Anti Bullying Week.

Our theme in 2009 is Education and Youth and the Pre-Launch is taking place in a school for the first time (in previous years the pre-launch took place at Tate Modern (2004), the Metropolitan Police's Empress State Building (2005), The TUC's Congress House (2006) and The Royal Courts of Justice (2007).

The Education Minister Kevin Brennan will be the key speaker for the evening. He told LGBT History Month:

‘I want homophobia to become taboo…from the flippant use of homophobic language to the deliberate bullying of people because they’re gay or ‘different’. Both are wrong, both need to stop.

‘And when we say that ‘every child matters’, we mean that every young person – straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, black, white, disabled – boy or girl matters.’

All schools now have a duty now to promote all the equalities, in all their diversities, with the arrival of the Single Equality Act. LGBT History Month is a tool to support work within that duty.

As such, the 19th of November will be a celebration of work done by teachers, youth workers and young people. It will be a chance to view exhibitions that have been made specifically for LGBT History Month from around the country and meet with other educators, youth workers, and people interested in the work.

Co-chair of History Month, Sue Sanders, gushed,

‘It is wonderful to see the DCSF logo alongside the Metropolitan Police, the NHS, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Justice.

‘We are thrilled the education system is now coming on board. We are honoured that Kevin Brennan will be attending the prelaunch at the Hackney Free Parochial Church of England School in November, as part of Anti Bullying Week.

‘The month is a crucial tool in raising visibility of LGBT identities, and thus challenging prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.’

February 2009 will be the fifth edition of LGBT History Month in the UK. It will also mark the tenth anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence Report; (what that has got to do with it defeats me, perhaps she may have given a small mention just in passing of the torture and death of Kris Donald; but no, he was a white boy) she went on to say; we are proud to be a player in the work to challenge all forms of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

The Pre-Launch puts LGBT History Month on the education calendar and makes the point that all schools - faith and secular - can celebrate the achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people, past and present, local and worldwide, famous and grassroots.

Also planned for the evening:

* a DVD of Students’ work
* pupils’ performances
* Two teachers demonstrating how to do LGBT History Month in schools
* No Outsiders work in primary schools.

You will be inspired, and will take inspiration and support from others. You will be ready to design and develop your own events in February 2009!

Stoke Newington School is a non-selective, state school, specialising in Arts, Maths, and Science in the London Borough of Hackney. For the past three years, thanks to one of their openly lesbian teachers' remarkable energy and vision, the school has been celebrating LGBT History Month by integrating it to the curriculum.

Personally I would have thought it be more advantageous for our children to equip themselves for a bright future to learn the three R’s. Recreational gay sex should not be discussed in schools. I am sure this is not the sort of news that our parents want to hear particularly following close on the heels of the news of supplying Girls Guides and Boy Scouts with Condoms when they attend camp. I suppose the thinking here is that fire-lighting and tying knots is all very well but the Scout Movement has moved on since the days of Lord Baden Powell.

Our education advisors from within this disgusting socialist government has instructed teachers that knowledge such as exotic and varied sexual perversions should be taught in schools to keep pace with social changes. The thinking here is get them while they are young.

The horrendous negative social changes that have plagued this country have all taken place within the last 60 years, so does it follow that within the next 60 years these aforementioned subjects will still be being taught in schools but at a much more advantaged level to senior boy and girl pupils who are about to enter the work force where they will be shown instructional movies and given practical demonstrations by visiting practitioners. Anything is possible in this looming Brave New World. Who would have thought during the war that within 60 years flying ones country’s flag would smack of racism?

Is there any end to it? Yes I suppose there is but only when our children’s parents object.