Monday, 14 October 2013

Nightmare on George Street.

Nightmare on George Street.

I have read with some dismay that some Eastern Moslem fruitcakes have suggested that the UK should adopt some form of Sharia Law. I would like to know the names of those idiots who let these Eastern lunatics into my country in the first place.

Who do these arrogant, superstitious, desert people who are still living in the times of The Old Testament think they are for Christ sake? When crawling over each other to pass through immigration desperately trying to gain entry into Treasure Island aren’t they informed that this is a Christian country? They should leave their prayer mats, strange rites, curved daggers and curly toed slippers at home.

So the question goes begging, how are the English people taking all this? Would one enquire if their attitude is atrophic, peasant-like, subservient or just complacent? I think the words I was really looking for were more like cowardly, brainwashed and frightened.

The spirit of Dunkirk did you say? The only time the savage beast would be unleashed in the English breast of today is when it is announced in the Bradford and Birmingham Muslim Clarion that stoning and limb removal will take place on alternate Saturday’s in the city square just outside Sainsbury’s, opposite the War Memorial excepting of course at times of Ramadan.

An elderly lady, an amputee in a wheelchair clutching a Sainsbury’s shopping bag outside Boots the chemist, was discussing the proposition of the introduction of this bizarre Eastern religious rite gaining a foothold into this country with a group of elderly ladies and debating the advantages and disadvantages of Sharia law in Great Britain.

She inquired if these celebrations would also take place during the school holidays, Easter holidays and at Christmas time. She was overheard saying, “I ‘spose a good idea to attract and encourage more indigenous people to enjoy and partake of these Islamic traditions and to wallow in this rich diversity and to be blessed by this much needed cultural enrichment is to advertise a free pork sausage and bacon sizzle and install a huge TV screen showing saturday football, between stoning's” …......or words to that effect.

She was overheard by a lone secret undercover agent of the CRE of an indeterminate black colour and later arrested and charged with racial vilification and incitement to riot and has been referred to the racially affirmative action department for counselling, followed by a 6 week intensive racial and diversity awareness course.

She said in her defence, it was not a mark of disrespect she was making, but rather a genuine observation and inquiry. At her inquisition her plea fell on deaf ears.

Far, far worse was yet to come; smear and innuendo raised its ugly head when she was falsely accused by the Sun Tabloid newspaper of actually having a family member who knew someone that had a friend who was rumoured to be a paid up member of the BNP. A disgusting, libelous, slanderous personal attack which one has come to expect from the gutter press but this time inflicted on a poor defenceless senior citizen, and of course an allegation she strenuously denied.

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