Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The World’s Great Fire Sale

The World’s Great Fire Sale

The Globalist Mantra.

“For Globalisation to succeed, Nations and National identities must first be destroyed”

The elderly pensioner broke the cardinal rule; she did not mention Race per se but did say the gentleman was ‘of colour’. By her imprudent, reckless choice of words she pointed out quite innocently that there was dissimilarity in his race compared to hers. The words she used were “he was a lovely coloured gentleman” For making this obvious distinction this 73 year old pensioner was banned indefinitely from Sainsburys home delivery programme.

One could inquire was the person who banned this lady whose children no doubt died on foreign battlefields to make this a country fit for heroes, a swarthy enricher who was invited into our country by our leaders, certainly not by our people, or was he just a recent Graduate of Common Purpose.

Even as a lady of 3 score years ten and a bit she was fully aware she was living in dark foreboding Orwellian times so she chose to tread carefully and prudently when choosing her words, and here I must give credit to her surprising mental alacrity for a 73 year old in her exasperated state of mind due to Sainsburys incompetence not to have referred to this “lovely coloured gentleman” as the effing Coon from the front office which would have not only placed Sainsburys in a high state of Terror and Alarm  but would have breached the Race laws, the Hate laws, Publicy voiced Thought Laws, laws which might cause alarm and offend and little known Laws we don’t even know about and which will assure this English pensioner a long term place as an inmate in  an Austrian Political jail

Mr Orwell, I will get to you in a moment, will you PLEASE wait in the other room!

A European union Minister suggested banning national flags at football matches. Perhaps the United Nations is the proxy One World Government-in-waiting. Is our future Communism in its most unadulterated purist form or something else the world has yet to experience? A globalised society cannot exist whilst there is Race and Nation. It explains why Race Laws have been enacted. It explains the vilification and attempted banning of Greece’s Golden Dawn political party. It explains the enactment of Hate laws, and why it calls for the outlawing of all forms of discrimination.

It justifies the blurring of the roles and differences that even exist in gender between males and Females, you see roles mean differences. There can be no Race hate when Races cease to exist, it has nothing to do with empathy or resentment to ones fellow man but while there is a tacit recognizable difference between races and cultures a true globalised world cannot exist.

Nations are being surgically deconstructed throughout the whole of Europe. The poor and displaced of Africa and beyond are drowning in their hundreds trying to escape to Shangri La or Western Europe and the Kommisars in Brussels and the United Nations will attempt to distribute these desperate people of the War torn Middle East and Africa among the civilised European nations which in due course will over time dilute the homogeneity of the people of Europe. It is hoped by that time their numbers will truly threaten the homogeneity of the European people. Nations States and National Identities will have then ceased to exist.

In a true One World Order your sister’s husband might originate from Senegal, Morocco, Jamaica or The Sudan and your mother might originate from Lagos and your half- brother could be a Ginger haired Mongoloid from Ulan Bator and you will not give it a second thought. I repeat Race and Nation will cease to exist.  The Future Europe will bear little resemblance to the way our forefathers remember…….. to be politically correct that includes our foremothers.

Following WW1 and WW2 America’s population consisted of hundreds of millions of poor Jewish and European immigrants burgeoned with added population of descendants of Negro Slaves, but by and large their population was mainly of European descent. The acute lack of Anglo names is graphically displayed in the list of credits on any America TV programme. For example observe the closing credits on the American TV Soapie the “Bold and the Beautiful” and you could be mistaken thinking it is a roll call of the Israeli Knesset.

Great Britain by contrast retained a Homogenous society up until about 1948. Today names of British residents might be deceiving. As an example a Mr Malcolm Davis from Leicester could well be a Pygmy from the Ituri Forest or an exiled disgraced Maasai warrior. One can understand why Race and Hate laws are so important to a One World Architect.

You think I jest. The Japanese/Austrian Jew Coudenhove-Kalergi a leading internationalist wrote in (Totaler Mensch- totaler Staat) roughly translated One State-One Person;

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

He also wrote
"We are experiencing the most dangerous revolution in the world history: the revolution of the State.

It is the political State we presently live under and it is a destructive Statist form of Government