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European Union for Dummies

European Union for Dummies

To head this article I am going to post actual comments spoken by the architects of this New European Order. These are their words not mine. I have aired these comments before to try and explain the connection between Democracy and the European Union. That is a trick comment, There is no connection.

This article is not really intended for consumption of British Resistance readers but for others who have heard of the European Union and in their naivety actually believe the BBC reports how well we are doing living under a democratic system of government when we are in reality governed by a consortium of 28 European members representatives many in financial strife who decide our future but equally important this is a primer for people who at least have a vague idea where Europe is.

It is also an introduction for people who cannot understand why a swarthy serial immigrant rapist cannot be deported to his country of origin as it might infringe on his Human rights or the Rabid Imam who preaches death to the infidel and demands Sharia law for Europe while he and his brood receive housing and monetary benefits from the British taxpayer, or the Pakistani immigrant charged with serial Paedophile behaviour who cannot be deported as he has formed a close bond with his cat or the illegal Iranian homosexual who is living in a de facto arrangement with a polish plasterer and cannot be deported back to his home country for fear of being topped.

Let me explain this unusual of form of Democracy.

It was a Peter Thornycroft later chancellor of the exchequer of the Conservative party, who said,

“No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any adequate plan must evolve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences” These were the words of a British politician.

And Ruiz Jarabo Colomer, Advocate of the EU Court of Justice.

“Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech”

Blasphemy? Note please, he was not referring to Deities but something almost as holy, the establishment of a Marxist Dictatorship.

General Wesley Clark US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia:

"There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states." In English read Multiculturism.
President Gianni Pittella told a Brookings Institution forum May 3 that 

he wants to create a single military for all of "united Europe" that would replace all the national armies. Gianni Pittella is a Italian politician and was First Vice President of the European Parliament.

And finally Amato who was Vice President of the Convention on the Future of Europe that drafted the European Constitution, who said,

“Europe does not need a Sovereign’ however daring a political project might be it must be hidden, camouflaged. One must act ‘as if’ in Europe, ‘as if’ nations wanted a very few things in order to obtain a great deal. ‘As if’ nations were to remain sovereign in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example must act ‘as if’ it were a technical organ in order to operate like a government, that sovereignty lost on a national level does not pass to any new individual. It is entrusted to a faceless entity….eventually the EU. The EU is the vanguard of this changing world the new entity is faceless and those in command can neither be identified nor elected. All we need are a few corrections here and there along with a great deal of cunning”

The Bilderbergers have also got their dirty little hands in this rancid pie.

Dennis Healey is sure of the influence of this group. At 95, his memory for dates and speeches has dimmed, but he recalls discussing at length the Vietnam War with Henry Kissinger.

Most vividly, he recalls its role in bringing the architects of the European integration – Schmidt, Pompidou, Giscard d’Estaing, Leone together for open-ended discussions with bankers and economists about how the European monetary system might work.

“Would the European Union and single currency have taken the shape they have now without those early Bilderberg meetings”, I ask him.
“I think it was a very important element in it. Whether it would have happened without it is difficult to say,” he says.

Now the word Sovereign is all important. Sovereignty among other things is all about borders, Constitutions, self-rule and currencies; lose one or all of these aspects of Sovereignty and your Sovereignty have been violated. As a member of the European Union apart from the Currency Great Britain has lost all these facets of Sovereignty and there was not a single bleat from the public. Prior to WW2 Sovereignty and Nationalism went together like fish and chips and Gilbert and Sullivan.

So it goes without comment you cannot sacrifice your sovereignty it is your identity, its who you are. Sovereignty andf nationalism are bedfellows. It is like trying to seperate oil and water.

British Nationalism has many enemies A British fifth Column innocuously named Common Purpose is not a charity; it hides behind a cloak of deception. It is a training house for graduates who will take over the helm of Britain’s incorporation into the eventual European federations Civil Service, after training its graduates are placed in critical senior positions within the BBC News,Talks  and Current Affairs,Civil service, Judiciary, Senior Police, Town and City councils and its purpose is to insure there is a smooth transition into the Marxist quagmire of an oppressive oligarchy once a full-blown Federalist Europe has been established.

A One Europe will not be achieved until all the last vestiges of Nationalism throughout Europe and Great Britain are destroyed as Golden Dawn at present are finding to their horror with consternation over threats of reprisals of being shut down, similar to treatment meted out to Jobbik and Front Nationale before them, baseless accusations of Nazism and Fascism whipped up by the controlled medias’ treatment of all or any pressure group opposed to any birthing difficulties of a singular Dictator-like Europe, baseless accusations that flow easily from the printing presses of the Jewish monopoly on the written and spoken word.

Let us not forget the Austrian jails especially reserved for political prisoners, Holocaust deniers or established authors who wish to write or to debate this hallowed subject publicly.

The political purpose of a unified single Europe was theorised before WW2 although its momentum was accelerated by the result of the wars that decimated Europe and its people. Many European civilians which also included millions of Russian and Germans paid with their lives. It was the Jews who took great exception to this slaughter and the figure of the deaths of 6 million Jews has not only been hotly contested ever since but factually disputed.

The saying goes The Jewish Holocaust cannot be refuted, proved or denied simply because it cannot be publicy debated. Just to debate the “Holocaust” is anti-Semitic. It has been said even the word “Holocaust” is copyright and refers to no other mass deaths in history not even the 20 Million Russians that perished under Stalin or Pol Pot’s momentary loss of sanity.

What figure one might ask constitutes a Holocaust then, is it more to do with race than deaths? I can debate this only because of my anonymity and of the luxury of free speech that one can enjoy on the internet but for how long?

The Internet is the only place where the written word is not totally controlled by powerful political lobby groups. If the most powerful country in the world with the largest nuclear capability is politically influenced by the political clout and nuclear capability of one of the smallest of nations on earth perhaps I should enjoy my short lived anonymity before it is censored or shut down, these people are powerful and influential enough to do whatever they wish.

My desire is that my blog on these disturbing times are archived and one day written up in the annals of history, I hope it will it will be a lesson and a timely warning for future generations.

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