Monday, 14 October 2013

Distortion of the Truth.

Distortion of the Truth.
It is said that the truth should not stand in the way of a good story. The truth as judged by the judiciary in fact is of no consequence, a Judge in the Leeds Magistrates court told us so; he reminded the court that the truth is no defence.

Where the danger lies is in the deliberate twisting of the truth when it is accompanied by pictures, and in this day and age even pictures can lie. So wrongly the adage that informs us that ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’ is now highly questionable.

This is never more apparent than with our National Broadcaster. They have made blatant bias an art form, the envy of the western world, even to the extent of being remonstrated by the UN for doing so.

It is easy to unravel the bias sitting back in a detached way and listening to yet another predictable BBC coloured news reporter this time in Georgia, not Leeds or Oldham, reporting on the atrocities of the Russians, when in fact the invasion of the two breakaway provinces were instigated by the Georgians, and the slaughter, or call it ethnic cleaning if you like, was not able to be completed because the Russians stepped in.

This is fact, not BBC truth!........ BBC truth is a contradiction in terms...They do not blatantly lie they distort the truth by omission of facts and blatant bias. Don’t let bias get in the way of the truth.

So it is not surprising the stance the BBC took on the troubles in Georgia when the BBC is allied to and soft funded by the EU. It is a nest of treasonous Vipers.

This lie was feverously reinforced by the EU who saw the possibility of yet another dirt poor province similar to Kosovo being swallowed up in its unholy union eventually drip feeding off the rich western nations but more importantly nurturing and enlarging what will one day become the foetus of a European Empire.

The reason for the combined vilification of Russia by America and Europe, for Europe read EUSSR, over the Georgian conflict was two fold. It had little to do with Russian expansion of its borders. Georgia had applied for membership of the EU. And the EU was desperately keen for another dirt poor European country to be swallowed up in its burgeoning Empire. For the Americans it was a provocation to bully their way to installing missile bases in Europe close to Russia’s borders. Russia had to be seen as the aggressor.

It had nothing to do with a threat of missiles from Iran. America could quite easily take out Iran in a couple of hours of a Saturday afternoon, No, the future threat to America is not from Iran but from China, which is precisely why America is pouring billions of dollars into beefing up its surveillance, military and anti missile facilities in Guam.

We have since found out after NATO ammo and American combat rations were found after the Georgian army were unceremoniously turfed out, and that there was solid proof that there was collusion between the American government and NATO in the stirring up of trouble on the Russian borders. The BBC is not going to inform the peasants of that!

There is not a lot of daily activity that goes on in Georgia other than the peasants driving their cattle up the hills in the morning and retrieving them in the afternoon, but the enlargement of the EU is of vital importance.

Whether it’s your local newspapers or the national tabloids, the way the stories are presented it is blindingly apparent which are the pro government newspapers,and which are not. But ALL newspapers are anti BNP or Anti any patriotic party. The reason is quite simple.

The media is controlled by the N.U.J. and the N.U.J is a COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION.

All people working in the print media are expected to join the National Union of Journalists or the N.U.J. Now this does not follow that all Journalists, Reporters and News readers embrace the communist ideology, far from it.

It is not mandatory that a person who applies for a position with a newspaper has to join the NUJ, it is not a closed shop, closed shops were made illegal by Mrs Thatcher, but the certainty of being placed on the short list for a position within the newspaper would be far stronger if the applicant were to agree to join the N.U.J. It is the union hierocracy that are the Reds.

Nationalism and Communism are the antithesis in political ideology. We saw this in the Soviet USSR and in the communist world of Mao Tse Tung. You may remember it was Chiang Kai Chek and his Nationalist followers that were routed and exiled to Taiwan. So why would anyone in their right mind embrace communism? Stalin, their leader, conservatively had about 20 million of his own people slaughtered.

I can understand uneducated people, who lack self esteem who join small splinter communist groups like ANL, UAF and Searchlight etc. These people have been banished to the outer fringes of our society like paedophiles, perverts and prostitutes; it is cruel to vilify them, human compassion demands that we should pity them.

They are very weak gullible people who by fate could just as well defaulted to the Moonies, the Red Brigade, Hare Krishna, or carrying it to the extreme the Church of Scientology.

Stranger things have happened, not only have the Russian leaders cast off the yoke of Communism they are now moving towards Nationalism.

Maybe someone should inform the N.U.J that Stalin, who ruled over the largest communist empire in the world and slaughtered many of her people, is dead. Communism didn’t work! It was the people that paid the price as we are doing today.

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