Monday, 14 October 2013

The Legendary English Spirit, is it dead?

The Legendary English Spirit, is it dead?
The spirit of the Englishman has already been broken; can we safely assume the spirit of the English woman has also been broken?

It seems only yesterday when hundreds of English females of the species surrounded RAF Greenham Common air base for months on end protesting loudly at the Americans using the RAF air field as a base for nuclear bombers; the evening sing-a-longs rang with sad songs such as “Kumbaya” and “where have all the flowers gone”? They are ghostly memories of a bygone era when the English female fought long and ferociously where she saw injustice, and they were not by and large ALL feminists either. Where are they now? What is happening to this country?

Today her sisters are being raped daily, at the same time her young under age sisters in the Pakistani dominated English cities are being groomed for prostitution. There is not a whisper of horror, not even a tortured cry of revulsion. Bodecia would weep openly.

Imagine if you will your daughter being stalked in a shopping mall by these unwelcome and unwanted black third world sexual predators. The police are too terrified to arrest these pedophiles for fear of a starting a riot by these third world immigrants from Pakistan. A black pedophile should be as reviled as a white pedophile and should be treated similarly. I do accept that the seduction of these very young girls appears to be mainly a Pakistani pre-occupation; perhaps its part of their wonderful culture, who knows, it was Mohammed’s.

These girls are all victims of a subtle transformation, an ongoing process that is the New World Order; Mr. Brown referred to this New World Order using the more acceptable and less threatening word, ‘Globalization’ In fact he said the word 69 times in a speech he gave at Harvard’s Kennedy Centre.

Mr. Brown used all the New World terminology "Global institutions” “Global networks” “New Global Deal”. He went on to proclaim "We are all internationalists now” He says he wants to build architecture of a “global society” It’s the New World Order we have heard so much about. He claims that "a global society" is "advancing democracy widely across the world."

The acme of hypocrisy, in fact, he doesn't even practice democracy in his own country. Brown refused to allow the British people to vote on whether or not they want to accept the constitution of the European Union.

Democracy! He mouths meaningless words, he wouldn’t recognize Democracy it if he fell over it.

The swamping of Europe by sometimes violent third world refugees is an integral part of the plan to expedite this Brave New World and nothing, not even the ‘Ugly Spectre of Nationalism’ will disrupt a plan that has been meticulously planned over many years and is moving forward at an alarming and accelerating pace.

Any opposition to this New World order will be dealt with robustly. The state militia has instituted a zero tolerance policy, as a group of people found out to their surprise when reading out the names of the dead British soldiers killed in the Iraqi conflict.

For the pliable and frightened state militia the indigenous person is the soft target, and easily manipulated and threatened by the racial relations act of 1976, this act was specifically enacted to close down free speech and threaten the populace if they objected to this New Architecture that is the New World order. It does NOT protect its people it subjugates them.

I see a frightening similarity between what we refer to as third world countries and our own, with the national broadcaster now infiltrated by rabid socialists, censoring news on governments orders and blatantly accepting funds from an illegal overseas government to broadcast ‘feel good’ EU messages.

I see the state police being used as a government militia, and taking advantage of the draconian laws to crack down heavily and brutally on any political dissention, particularly against its own people. This is not the England I remember.

So where are the females, the mothers, the ones that are NOT being exploited and groomed for the sexual delights of the hip hop, cool young black Pakistani males who pimp underage English schoolgirls for aging Pakistani’s? Where are the mothers of these vulnerable young girls when the Pakistani males in their smart suits, bling and BMW’s, are offering gifts and utilizing the art of seduction on their young vulnerable daughters?

I see no march of protest on the television, I hear no raised voices. I am not aware of any petition to the police or government to curb this epidemic.

Like the lioness the mother is the cub’s protector and likewise in a civilized society a mother’s first priority is to fiercely protect her young.

Oh God, unlike the men, I do hope the spirit of our women has not also been broken.

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