Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Good Fortune of San Marino

The Good Fortune of San Marino

I am forced to lay the blame squarely at the feet of a one Mrs Regina Windsor of ‘Buckingham Palace Villas’, 1 Buckingham Palace Road. London, SW1. Every morning she is visited by a weak, effete traitorous PM carrying important papers making her aware of not all, but many of the important goings on in her country, she also has to sign things as well. A while ago her ministers colluded to agree to open up Britain’s borders to whoever would like to call Great Britain home and to replace Great Britain’s constitution with a European one.

However France and Holland were not gullible enough to rise to the bait and saw through the shenanigans of the Far Left Socialist machine or Red Regime in Brussels and rejected it out of hand and Brussels was forced to rename this Treaty the Lisbon Treaty which Mrs Windsor was then happy to sign on your and my behalf.

This Mrs R. Windsor I write of has signed numerous Treaties in the past but is also required to counter-sign directives, amendments  and stuff or whatever they call these things these days, agreeing to cede our Sovereign Nation to a foreign power, a pseudo, unelected Government which in my book reads plain treason, but I am a mere mortal, I am one of HER subjects but it is what she is subjecting ME to that irks me. Hang on that sounds grammatically wrong, but who cares?

I take it those of you that are not glued to the television to catch the winner of the X factor, or to watch another riveting episode of Coronation Street with its international cast of actors may have missed the news that the San Marino people have voted in a referendum against joining the European Union of Socialist States and Regions (EUSSR). It was not so much the people who voted against joining who influenced the vote but the people who did NOT vote because they were not interested in voting, similar to the UK elections.

I must tell you about little San Marino. I went there once, actually It was our first Apennine adventure to the mountain Principality. I remember quite clearly saying to my wife as we walked out of a shop with my distressed 3 year old daughter tearfully clutching an expensive Cuckoo Clock which she was determined she should have, “I could live ‘ere you know”

Well you will be relieved to hear little San Marino as the result of a referendum missed out by the skin of its teeth on the greatest cross-cultural experience in world history, an experience Europe is now enjoying to the fullest.

I suspect it was due to their total lack of interest, some may say it was more a question of good luck than good judgment, an opportunity to feast on the all-consuming Cultural Enrichment and Diversity beyond the understanding of us mere mortals., the allness of Truth,

By and large Europe has slipped into a parallel system of government with Shari Law with scarcely a murmur. It all bodes well for Multiculturism.

As a result of the referendum San Marino lost out on being the new home to potentially something like 10 million Soldiers and Wives of Allah, 500,000 Bulgarians, 6 Million Romanians and millions of assorted African and a mixed bundle of Middle Eastern desert economic tourists desperately filling in visa forms hoping to make San Marino their new home; delights that their neighbour Italy have been enjoying for years to the fullest, some might say because of their apathy.

The news item went..

On the 20 of October, San Marino held a referendum on accession to the European Union as a member and although 50.3 % of voters said "Yes" to EU membership and 49% of voters said "No" only 20% of Sanmarinese voters bothered to vote, a turnout below the judiciary average, which is 32%. Because of that, the results of the referendum are invalid and San Marino, for the foreseeable future, will remain outside the EU.

I heard a rumour a girls primary school was also very relieved with the result. With a little more foresight they could have taken the overspill from Lampedusa which France, Italy and the UK with their good fortune are now are going to share.

Now San Marino has a lot going for it. It steers away from foreign wars, is not a member of the Coalition of the Killing, nor is it answerable to the America-Kenyan president and his Jewish Advisors and Lobbyists. It has no nuclear weapons, no money shops and no “Zones Urbain Sensibles“.

As I mentioned earlier, they do NOT have these areas of Zonen das Sensibles Stadtisch (that’s German) in Great Britain because many people in the UK do not speak French or German fluently enough so they are referred to in the UK as “NO GO” areas.

I do not think San Marino even has a Navy; certainly it could not sent a contingent of SAS Marines to guard the Afghan poppy fields or even send a small token platoon to guard the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline, and its only helicopter, I am reliably informed, is fitted with Snow Skis.

Presently I am not sure of its arrangement with the Jewish banker fraternity, although it might have a tenuous incestuous relationship as I suspect San Marino might not only fly a flag of convenience on its fleet of ships like Panama but I ask the question, would it rate as a Tax Haven, a bit like the Caymans, for the idle rich to hide their ill-gotten gains?

Nevertheless I do like their cuckoo clocks and I enjoyed their immense variety of kitchen towels with San Marino motifs and coffee mugs adorned with pictures of San Marino folk dancers although I admit I am not all that a fan of yodelling. In the Audio Industry it is referred to as ‘Howl Round’.

By voting to retain self-government the people of San Marino have missed out on possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to sate themselves sick on a Bacchanalian orgy to the point of vomiting on a diet of Multi-culture and rich Diversity.

Late News…. I have just been reliably informed San Marino is NOT a EU Member but does have special relations with the European Union; those special relations I suspect after this recent referendum is to wisely stay out of the Federation. I would add avoid it like the Bubonic Plague.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The World’s Great Fire Sale

The World’s Great Fire Sale

The Globalist Mantra.

“For Globalisation to succeed, Nations and National identities must first be destroyed”

The elderly pensioner broke the cardinal rule; she did not mention Race per se but did say the gentleman was ‘of colour’. By her imprudent, reckless choice of words she pointed out quite innocently that there was dissimilarity in his race compared to hers. The words she used were “he was a lovely coloured gentleman” For making this obvious distinction this 73 year old pensioner was banned indefinitely from Sainsburys home delivery programme.

One could inquire was the person who banned this lady whose children no doubt died on foreign battlefields to make this a country fit for heroes, a swarthy enricher who was invited into our country by our leaders, certainly not by our people, or was he just a recent Graduate of Common Purpose.

Even as a lady of 3 score years ten and a bit she was fully aware she was living in dark foreboding Orwellian times so she chose to tread carefully and prudently when choosing her words, and here I must give credit to her surprising mental alacrity for a 73 year old in her exasperated state of mind due to Sainsburys incompetence not to have referred to this “lovely coloured gentleman” as the effing Coon from the front office which would have not only placed Sainsburys in a high state of Terror and Alarm  but would have breached the Race laws, the Hate laws, Publicy voiced Thought Laws, laws which might cause alarm and offend and little known Laws we don’t even know about and which will assure this English pensioner a long term place as an inmate in  an Austrian Political jail

Mr Orwell, I will get to you in a moment, will you PLEASE wait in the other room!

A European union Minister suggested banning national flags at football matches. Perhaps the United Nations is the proxy One World Government-in-waiting. Is our future Communism in its most unadulterated purist form or something else the world has yet to experience? A globalised society cannot exist whilst there is Race and Nation. It explains why Race Laws have been enacted. It explains the vilification and attempted banning of Greece’s Golden Dawn political party. It explains the enactment of Hate laws, and why it calls for the outlawing of all forms of discrimination.

It justifies the blurring of the roles and differences that even exist in gender between males and Females, you see roles mean differences. There can be no Race hate when Races cease to exist, it has nothing to do with empathy or resentment to ones fellow man but while there is a tacit recognizable difference between races and cultures a true globalised world cannot exist.

Nations are being surgically deconstructed throughout the whole of Europe. The poor and displaced of Africa and beyond are drowning in their hundreds trying to escape to Shangri La or Western Europe and the Kommisars in Brussels and the United Nations will attempt to distribute these desperate people of the War torn Middle East and Africa among the civilised European nations which in due course will over time dilute the homogeneity of the people of Europe. It is hoped by that time their numbers will truly threaten the homogeneity of the European people. Nations States and National Identities will have then ceased to exist.

In a true One World Order your sister’s husband might originate from Senegal, Morocco, Jamaica or The Sudan and your mother might originate from Lagos and your half- brother could be a Ginger haired Mongoloid from Ulan Bator and you will not give it a second thought. I repeat Race and Nation will cease to exist.  The Future Europe will bear little resemblance to the way our forefathers remember…….. to be politically correct that includes our foremothers.

Following WW1 and WW2 America’s population consisted of hundreds of millions of poor Jewish and European immigrants burgeoned with added population of descendants of Negro Slaves, but by and large their population was mainly of European descent. The acute lack of Anglo names is graphically displayed in the list of credits on any America TV programme. For example observe the closing credits on the American TV Soapie the “Bold and the Beautiful” and you could be mistaken thinking it is a roll call of the Israeli Knesset.

Great Britain by contrast retained a Homogenous society up until about 1948. Today names of British residents might be deceiving. As an example a Mr Malcolm Davis from Leicester could well be a Pygmy from the Ituri Forest or an exiled disgraced Maasai warrior. One can understand why Race and Hate laws are so important to a One World Architect.

You think I jest. The Japanese/Austrian Jew Coudenhove-Kalergi a leading internationalist wrote in (Totaler Mensch- totaler Staat) roughly translated One State-One Person;

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

He also wrote
"We are experiencing the most dangerous revolution in the world history: the revolution of the State.

It is the political State we presently live under and it is a destructive Statist form of Government

Monday, 14 October 2013

Great News for Parents;Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month

  Great News for Parents

The Pre-Launch of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month 2009 will be taking place on the evening of Wednesday, the 19th of November, 2008, at The Hackney Free and Parochial Church of England School in London.

The event is sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and is a part of The National Anti Bullying Week.

Our theme in 2009 is Education and Youth and the Pre-Launch is taking place in a school for the first time (in previous years the pre-launch took place at Tate Modern (2004), the Metropolitan Police's Empress State Building (2005), The TUC's Congress House (2006) and The Royal Courts of Justice (2007).

The Education Minister Kevin Brennan will be the key speaker for the evening. He told LGBT History Month:

‘I want homophobia to become taboo…from the flippant use of homophobic language to the deliberate bullying of people because they’re gay or ‘different’. Both are wrong, both need to stop.

‘And when we say that ‘every child matters’, we mean that every young person – straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, black, white, disabled – boy or girl matters.’

All schools now have a duty now to promote all the equalities, in all their diversities, with the arrival of the Single Equality Act. LGBT History Month is a tool to support work within that duty.

As such, the 19th of November will be a celebration of work done by teachers, youth workers and young people. It will be a chance to view exhibitions that have been made specifically for LGBT History Month from around the country and meet with other educators, youth workers, and people interested in the work.

Co-chair of History Month, Sue Sanders, gushed,

‘It is wonderful to see the DCSF logo alongside the Metropolitan Police, the NHS, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Justice.

‘We are thrilled the education system is now coming on board. We are honoured that Kevin Brennan will be attending the prelaunch at the Hackney Free Parochial Church of England School in November, as part of Anti Bullying Week.

‘The month is a crucial tool in raising visibility of LGBT identities, and thus challenging prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.’

February 2009 will be the fifth edition of LGBT History Month in the UK. It will also mark the tenth anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence Report; (what that has got to do with it defeats me, perhaps she may have given a small mention just in passing of the torture and death of Kris Donald; but no, he was a white boy) she went on to say; we are proud to be a player in the work to challenge all forms of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

The Pre-Launch puts LGBT History Month on the education calendar and makes the point that all schools - faith and secular - can celebrate the achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people, past and present, local and worldwide, famous and grassroots.

Also planned for the evening:

* a DVD of Students’ work
* pupils’ performances
* Two teachers demonstrating how to do LGBT History Month in schools
* No Outsiders work in primary schools.

You will be inspired, and will take inspiration and support from others. You will be ready to design and develop your own events in February 2009!

Stoke Newington School is a non-selective, state school, specialising in Arts, Maths, and Science in the London Borough of Hackney. For the past three years, thanks to one of their openly lesbian teachers' remarkable energy and vision, the school has been celebrating LGBT History Month by integrating it to the curriculum.

Personally I would have thought it be more advantageous for our children to equip themselves for a bright future to learn the three R’s. Recreational gay sex should not be discussed in schools. I am sure this is not the sort of news that our parents want to hear particularly following close on the heels of the news of supplying Girls Guides and Boy Scouts with Condoms when they attend camp. I suppose the thinking here is that fire-lighting and tying knots is all very well but the Scout Movement has moved on since the days of Lord Baden Powell.

Our education advisors from within this disgusting socialist government has instructed teachers that knowledge such as exotic and varied sexual perversions should be taught in schools to keep pace with social changes. The thinking here is get them while they are young.

The horrendous negative social changes that have plagued this country have all taken place within the last 60 years, so does it follow that within the next 60 years these aforementioned subjects will still be being taught in schools but at a much more advantaged level to senior boy and girl pupils who are about to enter the work force where they will be shown instructional movies and given practical demonstrations by visiting practitioners. Anything is possible in this looming Brave New World. Who would have thought during the war that within 60 years flying ones country’s flag would smack of racism?

Is there any end to it? Yes I suppose there is but only when our children’s parents object.


Distortion of the Truth.

Distortion of the Truth.
It is said that the truth should not stand in the way of a good story. The truth as judged by the judiciary in fact is of no consequence, a Judge in the Leeds Magistrates court told us so; he reminded the court that the truth is no defence.

Where the danger lies is in the deliberate twisting of the truth when it is accompanied by pictures, and in this day and age even pictures can lie. So wrongly the adage that informs us that ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’ is now highly questionable.

This is never more apparent than with our National Broadcaster. They have made blatant bias an art form, the envy of the western world, even to the extent of being remonstrated by the UN for doing so.

It is easy to unravel the bias sitting back in a detached way and listening to yet another predictable BBC coloured news reporter this time in Georgia, not Leeds or Oldham, reporting on the atrocities of the Russians, when in fact the invasion of the two breakaway provinces were instigated by the Georgians, and the slaughter, or call it ethnic cleaning if you like, was not able to be completed because the Russians stepped in.

This is fact, not BBC truth!........ BBC truth is a contradiction in terms...They do not blatantly lie they distort the truth by omission of facts and blatant bias. Don’t let bias get in the way of the truth.

So it is not surprising the stance the BBC took on the troubles in Georgia when the BBC is allied to and soft funded by the EU. It is a nest of treasonous Vipers.

This lie was feverously reinforced by the EU who saw the possibility of yet another dirt poor province similar to Kosovo being swallowed up in its unholy union eventually drip feeding off the rich western nations but more importantly nurturing and enlarging what will one day become the foetus of a European Empire.

The reason for the combined vilification of Russia by America and Europe, for Europe read EUSSR, over the Georgian conflict was two fold. It had little to do with Russian expansion of its borders. Georgia had applied for membership of the EU. And the EU was desperately keen for another dirt poor European country to be swallowed up in its burgeoning Empire. For the Americans it was a provocation to bully their way to installing missile bases in Europe close to Russia’s borders. Russia had to be seen as the aggressor.

It had nothing to do with a threat of missiles from Iran. America could quite easily take out Iran in a couple of hours of a Saturday afternoon, No, the future threat to America is not from Iran but from China, which is precisely why America is pouring billions of dollars into beefing up its surveillance, military and anti missile facilities in Guam.

We have since found out after NATO ammo and American combat rations were found after the Georgian army were unceremoniously turfed out, and that there was solid proof that there was collusion between the American government and NATO in the stirring up of trouble on the Russian borders. The BBC is not going to inform the peasants of that!

There is not a lot of daily activity that goes on in Georgia other than the peasants driving their cattle up the hills in the morning and retrieving them in the afternoon, but the enlargement of the EU is of vital importance.

Whether it’s your local newspapers or the national tabloids, the way the stories are presented it is blindingly apparent which are the pro government newspapers,and which are not. But ALL newspapers are anti BNP or Anti any patriotic party. The reason is quite simple.

The media is controlled by the N.U.J. and the N.U.J is a COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION.

All people working in the print media are expected to join the National Union of Journalists or the N.U.J. Now this does not follow that all Journalists, Reporters and News readers embrace the communist ideology, far from it.

It is not mandatory that a person who applies for a position with a newspaper has to join the NUJ, it is not a closed shop, closed shops were made illegal by Mrs Thatcher, but the certainty of being placed on the short list for a position within the newspaper would be far stronger if the applicant were to agree to join the N.U.J. It is the union hierocracy that are the Reds.

Nationalism and Communism are the antithesis in political ideology. We saw this in the Soviet USSR and in the communist world of Mao Tse Tung. You may remember it was Chiang Kai Chek and his Nationalist followers that were routed and exiled to Taiwan. So why would anyone in their right mind embrace communism? Stalin, their leader, conservatively had about 20 million of his own people slaughtered.

I can understand uneducated people, who lack self esteem who join small splinter communist groups like ANL, UAF and Searchlight etc. These people have been banished to the outer fringes of our society like paedophiles, perverts and prostitutes; it is cruel to vilify them, human compassion demands that we should pity them.

They are very weak gullible people who by fate could just as well defaulted to the Moonies, the Red Brigade, Hare Krishna, or carrying it to the extreme the Church of Scientology.

Stranger things have happened, not only have the Russian leaders cast off the yoke of Communism they are now moving towards Nationalism.

Maybe someone should inform the N.U.J that Stalin, who ruled over the largest communist empire in the world and slaughtered many of her people, is dead. Communism didn’t work! It was the people that paid the price as we are doing today.

Mad Donna and Child

Mad Donna and Child

I was saddened to read of Mad Donna’s marriage breakup; the material girl, whatever the hell that is. It appears on her 50th birthday her husband surprised her by informing her she looked like a granny; I would have thought a Gucci handbag would have been more of a welcome surprise or even another Rolls Royce.

Now Mad Donna is not exactly your shy retiring person, and this little bundle of high octane fuelled energy was not going to take this lying down, if you get my meaning. 

It was not as if she was difficult to live with despite the rules of the house, no TV and no newspapers. She also banned sugar, ice cream and cakes, which of course left the adopted Malawi child devastated. I don’t think she intentionally deprived the children of the good things in life it was their physical well being she was concerned about; a caring mother

If that was not enough her husband whose name escapes me for the moment, or was it Mr Donna? told her that she was past it. That went down like a lead balloon, no wonder she was cross.

My newspaper did not enlarge to any degree as what it was she was past, and I was too embarrassed to inquire of my wife what it was she thought she may have been past. The story goes that her husband also jibed she should give up live touring because she looked like a granny compared to the nubile youngsters with her on stage. 

That also wasn’t a very nice thing to say to his wife on her 50th birthday when a bunch of flowers and a kiss would have been much more appreciated. 

If that wasn’t tactless enough, as a cruel parting comment, that assured him that any future nocturnal adventures of a sexual nature in the marital bed from here on in were going to be futile, accused her of having no sense of humour either, would you believe? This man must have a death wish.

It was reported in the newspaper that Mad donna would coat herself in a $1000-a-jar skin cream and on top of that wore a plastic body suit to hold back the signs of aging. Her husband would have had more fun in bed trying to catch eels. 

She owns a huge country mansion, Ashcombe House. It sits on a large estate in Wiltshire. Now I am not a person who envies other people successes or even admit to harbouring one of the original seven deadly sins, but after three score years and still counting I sometimes wonder where it was it all went horribly wrong for me. 

Perhaps I should have learnt to sing and dance properly and look raunchy, whatever the hell that is.

By all accounts politics is not one of her strong points. When asked what she thought of Obama she said Obama was one of the few places in Africa she has never visited, even though she had the good fortune to successfully shop for a disadvantaged black child in Mali or was lt Malawi, frankly who cares, but now with this marriage breakup looming she may be forced to give it back, if she could only find the exact location of the town of Mali in Africa where she purchased the child from in the first place.

These are the unspoken tragedies of high profile marriage breakups that few of us understand or ever wish to experience; you don’t want to go there, it’s the trade off. It’s the ugly side of fame, success and public adoration.

Nightmare on George Street.

Nightmare on George Street.

I have read with some dismay that some Eastern Moslem fruitcakes have suggested that the UK should adopt some form of Sharia Law. I would like to know the names of those idiots who let these Eastern lunatics into my country in the first place.

Who do these arrogant, superstitious, desert people who are still living in the times of The Old Testament think they are for Christ sake? When crawling over each other to pass through immigration desperately trying to gain entry into Treasure Island aren’t they informed that this is a Christian country? They should leave their prayer mats, strange rites, curved daggers and curly toed slippers at home.

So the question goes begging, how are the English people taking all this? Would one enquire if their attitude is atrophic, peasant-like, subservient or just complacent? I think the words I was really looking for were more like cowardly, brainwashed and frightened.

The spirit of Dunkirk did you say? The only time the savage beast would be unleashed in the English breast of today is when it is announced in the Bradford and Birmingham Muslim Clarion that stoning and limb removal will take place on alternate Saturday’s in the city square just outside Sainsbury’s, opposite the War Memorial excepting of course at times of Ramadan.

An elderly lady, an amputee in a wheelchair clutching a Sainsbury’s shopping bag outside Boots the chemist, was discussing the proposition of the introduction of this bizarre Eastern religious rite gaining a foothold into this country with a group of elderly ladies and debating the advantages and disadvantages of Sharia law in Great Britain.

She inquired if these celebrations would also take place during the school holidays, Easter holidays and at Christmas time. She was overheard saying, “I ‘spose a good idea to attract and encourage more indigenous people to enjoy and partake of these Islamic traditions and to wallow in this rich diversity and to be blessed by this much needed cultural enrichment is to advertise a free pork sausage and bacon sizzle and install a huge TV screen showing saturday football, between stoning's” …......or words to that effect.

She was overheard by a lone secret undercover agent of the CRE of an indeterminate black colour and later arrested and charged with racial vilification and incitement to riot and has been referred to the racially affirmative action department for counselling, followed by a 6 week intensive racial and diversity awareness course.

She said in her defence, it was not a mark of disrespect she was making, but rather a genuine observation and inquiry. At her inquisition her plea fell on deaf ears.

Far, far worse was yet to come; smear and innuendo raised its ugly head when she was falsely accused by the Sun Tabloid newspaper of actually having a family member who knew someone that had a friend who was rumoured to be a paid up member of the BNP. A disgusting, libelous, slanderous personal attack which one has come to expect from the gutter press but this time inflicted on a poor defenceless senior citizen, and of course an allegation she strenuously denied.

The Legendary English Spirit, is it dead?

The Legendary English Spirit, is it dead?
The spirit of the Englishman has already been broken; can we safely assume the spirit of the English woman has also been broken?

It seems only yesterday when hundreds of English females of the species surrounded RAF Greenham Common air base for months on end protesting loudly at the Americans using the RAF air field as a base for nuclear bombers; the evening sing-a-longs rang with sad songs such as “Kumbaya” and “where have all the flowers gone”? They are ghostly memories of a bygone era when the English female fought long and ferociously where she saw injustice, and they were not by and large ALL feminists either. Where are they now? What is happening to this country?

Today her sisters are being raped daily, at the same time her young under age sisters in the Pakistani dominated English cities are being groomed for prostitution. There is not a whisper of horror, not even a tortured cry of revulsion. Bodecia would weep openly.

Imagine if you will your daughter being stalked in a shopping mall by these unwelcome and unwanted black third world sexual predators. The police are too terrified to arrest these pedophiles for fear of a starting a riot by these third world immigrants from Pakistan. A black pedophile should be as reviled as a white pedophile and should be treated similarly. I do accept that the seduction of these very young girls appears to be mainly a Pakistani pre-occupation; perhaps its part of their wonderful culture, who knows, it was Mohammed’s.

These girls are all victims of a subtle transformation, an ongoing process that is the New World Order; Mr. Brown referred to this New World Order using the more acceptable and less threatening word, ‘Globalization’ In fact he said the word 69 times in a speech he gave at Harvard’s Kennedy Centre.

Mr. Brown used all the New World terminology "Global institutions” “Global networks” “New Global Deal”. He went on to proclaim "We are all internationalists now” He says he wants to build architecture of a “global society” It’s the New World Order we have heard so much about. He claims that "a global society" is "advancing democracy widely across the world."

The acme of hypocrisy, in fact, he doesn't even practice democracy in his own country. Brown refused to allow the British people to vote on whether or not they want to accept the constitution of the European Union.

Democracy! He mouths meaningless words, he wouldn’t recognize Democracy it if he fell over it.

The swamping of Europe by sometimes violent third world refugees is an integral part of the plan to expedite this Brave New World and nothing, not even the ‘Ugly Spectre of Nationalism’ will disrupt a plan that has been meticulously planned over many years and is moving forward at an alarming and accelerating pace.

Any opposition to this New World order will be dealt with robustly. The state militia has instituted a zero tolerance policy, as a group of people found out to their surprise when reading out the names of the dead British soldiers killed in the Iraqi conflict.

For the pliable and frightened state militia the indigenous person is the soft target, and easily manipulated and threatened by the racial relations act of 1976, this act was specifically enacted to close down free speech and threaten the populace if they objected to this New Architecture that is the New World order. It does NOT protect its people it subjugates them.

I see a frightening similarity between what we refer to as third world countries and our own, with the national broadcaster now infiltrated by rabid socialists, censoring news on governments orders and blatantly accepting funds from an illegal overseas government to broadcast ‘feel good’ EU messages.

I see the state police being used as a government militia, and taking advantage of the draconian laws to crack down heavily and brutally on any political dissention, particularly against its own people. This is not the England I remember.

So where are the females, the mothers, the ones that are NOT being exploited and groomed for the sexual delights of the hip hop, cool young black Pakistani males who pimp underage English schoolgirls for aging Pakistani’s? Where are the mothers of these vulnerable young girls when the Pakistani males in their smart suits, bling and BMW’s, are offering gifts and utilizing the art of seduction on their young vulnerable daughters?

I see no march of protest on the television, I hear no raised voices. I am not aware of any petition to the police or government to curb this epidemic.

Like the lioness the mother is the cub’s protector and likewise in a civilized society a mother’s first priority is to fiercely protect her young.

Oh God, unlike the men, I do hope the spirit of our women has not also been broken.

Death and Virgins

Death and Virgins

To die for a cause that is just is one I can well understand but to die for a cause and expect some heavenly erotic reward is beyond my comprehension. It’s a personal and noble thing to die for a cause but one should not expect a reward, that’s downright selfish.

On an earthier note, one is forced to ask from where does one source these virgins. I mean, are they Islamic type virgins or are they run-of-the-mill Infidel type virgins? It is very important information to a suicide bomber. They are not told this. Does a potential suicide bomber ask him/ herself pertinent questions such as this when leaving on a mission to blow many of Gods creatures to smithereens? 

If I were about to sacrifice my life for a cause with such an erotic promise, not to place too high an importance on it, I would like some firm guarantee of my heavenly rewards and not to put too much reliance on wild first testament superstitious desert religious hearsay which has not been solidly verified.

I would also ask the question, have any of the Islamic Mullahs that are sending me on this suicide mission had word back from Allah that these rewards are still being currently offered or has the deal folded. 

Another surprise question I have for them have any of the Mad Mullahs also offered themselves up for Martyrdom in the past and if not, why? 

Its not that I am a suspicious person you must understand, on the contrary I tend to take people at their word, but when it is MY life that is being discussed I like to partake in the debate on the matter before a premature face to face meeting with my God takes place. 

A question that on the surface may appear selfish, but realistically it’s the second most important reason for me to blow myself up, is how long after meeting my God does etiquette permit me to start broaching the difficult subject of meeting a few of these virgins I have been promised, I mean I am human after all. ...or was! 

Does the bomber have any doubts about whether there will be any virgins left for his reward for martyrdom, Allah could say, “Sorry mate couldn’t catch you earlier but all the virgins are gone, we are expecting another fresh batch later in the year” because if that had been the case and had I been alerted sooner I would have left my martyrdom for another few months longer. Do you understand what I mean? 

I don’t know if sexual equality is such a big thing with Islam as it is with Christians, but what about the ladies here, are their rewards for martyrdom relative, and if so where on earth would they find so many male virgins who are not under age? That’s another question a lady suicide bomber might like to ask before re-arranging herself into collection of body parts.

For a religion that stones adulterers and places so much expected high moral responsibility on its followers, why is the heaven awaiting them comparable to any whorehouse in the West…. or East for that matter? There goes another unanswered question.

It’s all very well making wild erotic sexual promises such as this as a reward to agree to prematurely violently end one’s life, but one has to rely completely on trust, firstly from the Mad Mullahs and then from their God, who in the first place promised these heavenly rewards for the soldiers of Islam who died fighting in his name. 

On the surface I might appear to be a little skeptical, I’m not, its just that many of Allah’s other announcements he has made in the past have been decidedly iffy so preferably I would like any guarantee he might be offering in writing thank you.

So what does this tell us about our religions? Followers of Islam would be prepared to die for Allah, but Christians will not die for their God, less superstitious or lack of erotic rewards perhaps?

I have to say it. Muticulturism and Islam is an anathema. Islam is never subservient to another culture, its customs or laws. By its very nature it is a dominant culture, and when they have the numbers in Europe, watch out! 


Friday, 11 October 2013

European Union for Dummies

European Union for Dummies

To head this article I am going to post actual comments spoken by the architects of this New European Order. These are their words not mine. I have aired these comments before to try and explain the connection between Democracy and the European Union. That is a trick comment, There is no connection.

This article is not really intended for consumption of British Resistance readers but for others who have heard of the European Union and in their naivety actually believe the BBC reports how well we are doing living under a democratic system of government when we are in reality governed by a consortium of 28 European members representatives many in financial strife who decide our future but equally important this is a primer for people who at least have a vague idea where Europe is.

It is also an introduction for people who cannot understand why a swarthy serial immigrant rapist cannot be deported to his country of origin as it might infringe on his Human rights or the Rabid Imam who preaches death to the infidel and demands Sharia law for Europe while he and his brood receive housing and monetary benefits from the British taxpayer, or the Pakistani immigrant charged with serial Paedophile behaviour who cannot be deported as he has formed a close bond with his cat or the illegal Iranian homosexual who is living in a de facto arrangement with a polish plasterer and cannot be deported back to his home country for fear of being topped.

Let me explain this unusual of form of Democracy.

It was a Peter Thornycroft later chancellor of the exchequer of the Conservative party, who said,

“No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any adequate plan must evolve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences” These were the words of a British politician.

And Ruiz Jarabo Colomer, Advocate of the EU Court of Justice.

“Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech”

Blasphemy? Note please, he was not referring to Deities but something almost as holy, the establishment of a Marxist Dictatorship.

General Wesley Clark US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia:

"There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states." In English read Multiculturism.
President Gianni Pittella told a Brookings Institution forum May 3 that 

he wants to create a single military for all of "united Europe" that would replace all the national armies. Gianni Pittella is a Italian politician and was First Vice President of the European Parliament.

And finally Amato who was Vice President of the Convention on the Future of Europe that drafted the European Constitution, who said,

“Europe does not need a Sovereign’ however daring a political project might be it must be hidden, camouflaged. One must act ‘as if’ in Europe, ‘as if’ nations wanted a very few things in order to obtain a great deal. ‘As if’ nations were to remain sovereign in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example must act ‘as if’ it were a technical organ in order to operate like a government, that sovereignty lost on a national level does not pass to any new individual. It is entrusted to a faceless entity….eventually the EU. The EU is the vanguard of this changing world the new entity is faceless and those in command can neither be identified nor elected. All we need are a few corrections here and there along with a great deal of cunning”

The Bilderbergers have also got their dirty little hands in this rancid pie.

Dennis Healey is sure of the influence of this group. At 95, his memory for dates and speeches has dimmed, but he recalls discussing at length the Vietnam War with Henry Kissinger.

Most vividly, he recalls its role in bringing the architects of the European integration – Schmidt, Pompidou, Giscard d’Estaing, Leone together for open-ended discussions with bankers and economists about how the European monetary system might work.

“Would the European Union and single currency have taken the shape they have now without those early Bilderberg meetings”, I ask him.
“I think it was a very important element in it. Whether it would have happened without it is difficult to say,” he says.

Now the word Sovereign is all important. Sovereignty among other things is all about borders, Constitutions, self-rule and currencies; lose one or all of these aspects of Sovereignty and your Sovereignty have been violated. As a member of the European Union apart from the Currency Great Britain has lost all these facets of Sovereignty and there was not a single bleat from the public. Prior to WW2 Sovereignty and Nationalism went together like fish and chips and Gilbert and Sullivan.

So it goes without comment you cannot sacrifice your sovereignty it is your identity, its who you are. Sovereignty andf nationalism are bedfellows. It is like trying to seperate oil and water.

British Nationalism has many enemies A British fifth Column innocuously named Common Purpose is not a charity; it hides behind a cloak of deception. It is a training house for graduates who will take over the helm of Britain’s incorporation into the eventual European federations Civil Service, after training its graduates are placed in critical senior positions within the BBC News,Talks  and Current Affairs,Civil service, Judiciary, Senior Police, Town and City councils and its purpose is to insure there is a smooth transition into the Marxist quagmire of an oppressive oligarchy once a full-blown Federalist Europe has been established.

A One Europe will not be achieved until all the last vestiges of Nationalism throughout Europe and Great Britain are destroyed as Golden Dawn at present are finding to their horror with consternation over threats of reprisals of being shut down, similar to treatment meted out to Jobbik and Front Nationale before them, baseless accusations of Nazism and Fascism whipped up by the controlled medias’ treatment of all or any pressure group opposed to any birthing difficulties of a singular Dictator-like Europe, baseless accusations that flow easily from the printing presses of the Jewish monopoly on the written and spoken word.

Let us not forget the Austrian jails especially reserved for political prisoners, Holocaust deniers or established authors who wish to write or to debate this hallowed subject publicly.

The political purpose of a unified single Europe was theorised before WW2 although its momentum was accelerated by the result of the wars that decimated Europe and its people. Many European civilians which also included millions of Russian and Germans paid with their lives. It was the Jews who took great exception to this slaughter and the figure of the deaths of 6 million Jews has not only been hotly contested ever since but factually disputed.

The saying goes The Jewish Holocaust cannot be refuted, proved or denied simply because it cannot be publicy debated. Just to debate the “Holocaust” is anti-Semitic. It has been said even the word “Holocaust” is copyright and refers to no other mass deaths in history not even the 20 Million Russians that perished under Stalin or Pol Pot’s momentary loss of sanity.

What figure one might ask constitutes a Holocaust then, is it more to do with race than deaths? I can debate this only because of my anonymity and of the luxury of free speech that one can enjoy on the internet but for how long?

The Internet is the only place where the written word is not totally controlled by powerful political lobby groups. If the most powerful country in the world with the largest nuclear capability is politically influenced by the political clout and nuclear capability of one of the smallest of nations on earth perhaps I should enjoy my short lived anonymity before it is censored or shut down, these people are powerful and influential enough to do whatever they wish.

My desire is that my blog on these disturbing times are archived and one day written up in the annals of history, I hope it will it will be a lesson and a timely warning for future generations.