Thursday, 21 March 2013

Trotsky Dreaming.

Trotsky Dreaming.

I have written articles on this subject before. I do again as it is important for readers who surf the net and land on this site to understand exactly what the rule of this land is once the web of Sedition, Treason and criminal deceit is stripped away and what it is that drives Nationalist loyalties

Individualism or Nationalism is the opposite of Collectivism. On International Business Cultures site their first six words back up my statement where their opening line states; Individualism is the opposite of Collectivism; I maintain a Statist government, a form of government we are ruled under repudiates Individualism, that is why its hatred of Nationalism borders on obsession. This statement below by John Riddle a columnist for the Spectator who worked for the Labour Party, and who returned to journalism after graduating from the London School of Economics where he read Social Psychology (a useful diploma) and was taken on as a trainee producer by the BBC. He became editor of Today in 1998, resigning in 2002 and he has also written for The Guardian. So with those credentials behind him his critique of the BNP and its supporters should not leave me too concerned about his in-depth, non-biased, balanced view of Nationalism, his Alma Mater being The L.S.E, the BBC and the Guardian, say no more!

I will start by lifting a small part of his article, he writes...

Whereas the BNP still retains a ‘sweet affection’ for Strasserism, collectivism, guilds and the like on most of the touchstone issues — Muslims, political correctness, immigration, Europe, capital punishment — there is not much between them. (Strasserism?) refers to the strand of Nazism that called for, and the neo-Nazism that currently calls for, a more radical, mass-action and worker-based form of National Socialism, particularly hostile to finance capitalism from an Anti-Semitic basis. Do I hear the faint but unmistakeable strains of the Horst Wessel? Like many people Mr Riddle does not understand the difference between National Socialism and Nationalism. What did they teach him at the LSE?

People in individualistic cultures (Nationalistic) emphasize their success/achievements in job or private wealth and aiming up to reach more and/or a better job position. In Collectivistic cultures a direct confrontation will be always avoided. Expressions or phrases are used which describe a disagreement or negative statement instead of saying NO would mean to destroy the harmony in the group. This permeates throughout British society today. Marxist/Communist/ Trotskyist/Leninist are all collective cultures. The only comparison between Individualism and Collectivism is that they are direct opposites. How can the BNP retain a “Sweet Affection” for amongst other things collectivism, which is the antithesis of Nationalism, is beyond me?

Individualism versus collectivism.

I repeat, Individualism is “the direct opposite of collectivism; together they form on the dimensions of national political cultures. Individualism stands for a society in which the ties between individuals are loose: everyone is expected to look after himself or herself and his or her immediate family only. At present, the USA is a prime example, the UK used to be. Collectivism on the other hand is the political ideology of far left governments; think China, North Korea and the old USSR, though appearing on the surface to be fiercely Nationalistic, the people are mere peasants, and there was no freedom of thought or expression. That is not my description of true Nationalism. Perhaps I am looking for a utopia that does not exist.

Collectivism “stands for a society in which people from birth onwards are integrated into a strong cohesive ethnic group, which throughout people’s lifetime continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty.” here we think of Russian collectives or Mir’s

Reading the previous paragraph explains why Collectivism, the direction we are heading can NEVER work with a Multicultural, Piebald, and Magpie coloured dis-united society. What is happening in the UK and throughout Europe is an insane social experiment that in the long term is doomed to failure, and it is the European people particularly its children and females that are already suffering the collateral damage. Remember voters it is you that put the Mad Men in charge of the Asylum?

Collectivism does on the other hand provide a strong harmony, teamwork and minimizes confrontations usually by the use of threats. There is no good, there is no bad, there is no black there is no white, there are no winners, there are no losers. Also on the negative side, collectivism lacks creativity and openness to opinions. It comes to a saying, “if the whole boat is sailing on the wrong direction, everybody will too. If the boat is rocked by an individual with an opposing view to the collective group; the over-riding demand by the collective group is loyalty to the ruling group. Freedom of expression is the first basic human right to suffer, as we are now experiencing in the UK.

“If the whole boat is sailing in the wrong direction, everybody will too” and that is what worries me. The direction for Great Britain as I see it is if the boat does not reverse direction very soon we will all slide into the dark abyss of a disunited Great Britain which is happening right now. I predict a time quite soon when internet servers will be instructed which sites can or cannot be accessed because of their so called extremist content or anti-government opposition, this site might also be targeted, but like the painfully slow destruction of the UK this type of censorship will also occur very slowly.

As an ethnic Enrichee I strongly advise against uttering out loud any comment that has been catalogued as a thought crime certainly not outside of the safety of ones own home or to anyone but ones family or you will quickly be cruelly parted from your family. The government are now collating these crimes into Sub groups; Gender Crimes, Race crimes, Hate crimes, Homophobic crimes, crimes likely to cause fear and alarm, crimes that might cause personal offence, I.E little 7 year old white boy to little black boy ‘what country do you come from?’ Yes a criminal offence no less.

So you would like to see real change? I am the bearer of bad news I’m afraid. There will be no change while we are governed by three political groups masquerading as three separate political parties supposedly covering the wide spectrum of politics from extreme far left Socialism or Labour Politics, the Lib/Dems safe in the middle ground and supposedly right leaning Conservative party when in fact they all have identical manifesto’s and you wonder why your freedom of speech reaches deaf ears.

I worry that the people after years of indoctrination and misinformation from primary school and throughout their working life might actually prefer slavery to freedom when the line between them has begun to blur, it is something they feel safe with like a mothers love. WAKE UP PEOPLE…. I have a vested interest you see; it is my future we are discussing and yours!