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On the 22 June 1948 a boatload of West Indians arrived on board the M.V Windrush at Tilbury, most settled in Brixton. We were told they had been invited into my country by my government to help address the labour shortage due to the decimation of our own male population caused by the war. The numbers were not seen as a threat but what was not taken into consideration was although their numbers were relatively small and seen as sustainable over the short term their breeding rates had not been taken into account and in a very few short years Brixton ‘went black’,

I should point out the establishment do not appreciate references to MY country and MY people it smacks of racism, but apparently not racist when spoken with unabashed pride by the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Samoans, Icelanders, Peruvians and Argentinians, shall I go on? It is Europe and the UK that is targeted for the destruction of its National identity.

The invitation of Third World people to settle in my country has taken on a frighteningly new turn as we are being swamped by immigrants and is now affecting governance by aliens who have nothing in common with our people culturally or socially and who have not been invited in to address a labour shortage but purely to help establish a political ideology, that Ideology being Multiculturism enforced by our political Police, which is now plaguing this country and Europe and whose numbers are now so great as to cause unemployment, over-population, crime and pressures on our infrastructure and in the very near future will create a very serious social crisis. It has been said it is like watching a train smash in slow motion.

Its effect has already been seen by the exodus of 600,000 Britons from London in the last decade, sometimes referred to as White flight.

When the West Indians first arrived much of London was in ruins, I know I used to frequent the bombed sites around St Pauls. It was a time when the British non-hyphenated people were going to build a“land fit for heroes”, but in truth we are having a land built for us by much less advanced societies whose breeding rates are such that they appear hell bent on replacing us, inasmuch that many of our towns and cities are now going “going black”. We can see a glimpse of our future by the backward, overcrowded filthy state of their cities and towns they created then abandoned to flee to Europe and the UK for a better life.

Years ago my young daughter bought two mice. She was assured; as we her parents were they were both female. A very short time later the assurances by the pet shop owner were blown right out of the water when we found that the two females surprised us with a litter of about a dozen young. If that was not enough we found the males were biting the tails off the females, on second thoughts it might have been the other way round. With our daughter crying her eyes out the mice were put in a laundry tub where we lifted each mouse up by its tail one by one examining their private parts sorting the boys out from the girls, a job the pet shop owner should have done. All the mice were returned to the pet shop no doubt re-sold and making a small profit out for the Pet Shop owner

I believe it was a genuine mistake by the pet shop owner, the overcrowding of the UK is NOT a mistake it is planned and deliberate and you the people have voted for it. Do not complain you are complicit.

Although we are a much higher form of animal on this earth we differ little from basic animalistic identity that nature has determined for us in that we all identify as human beings but nevertheless like species of bird and animal keep well segregated. The various species of bird do not flock together but separate into identifiable groups within those species. Black Shags do not flock with white Seagulls or Pigeons with Sparrows. We as humans when separated from each other are drawn together separating into Cultural, Racial, Religious and Ethnic blocs as is happening in many English towns and cities today by non-indigenous residents. The answer could be partly blamed on human beings primeval superstition of religion; I refer to Moon Gods and the like.

When we revert to the natural order of wanting to be with our own identifiable group it is called Racist and the only escape is termed White Flight

Islamists in the main are Sunni or Shia, and live independently but while one group retain superiority in numbers they call the tune. In India, China, Indonesia, North Korea and Japan racial Identity is not blurred or discouraged but nationalistically celebrated and encouraged by the state in stark contrast to most European cultures where it is equated with racism.

I am not going to comment on why this is happening and who is responsible, enough has been written at length and commented on here and on the internet about the subject. It would take a large series of books to cover the topic and this short article cannot possibly cover such a complex and lengthy subject. Might I suggest if you want more information on who is controlling you and in turn your children’s very existence that you try turning your television off and educate yourself with a few books?

In your childish naivety do not think the people you voted for at the ballot box have your best interests at heart, if they did you would not be living in an overcrowded multicultural hell hole with pockets of conquered areas now claimed as Moslem/African/West Indian territory peopled by the Third Worlds dross, with our people blatantly discriminated against and threatened with anti-free speech legislation thus unable to protest.

Our leader’s interests are bought by huge global Corporations, the Media, Pharmaceutical industry the Oil Industry and Unions all who are huge donors in this ludicrous Alice–in- Wonderland farce that takes place every five years. After the election the debts owing the Donors are called in but your life and your children’s lives will not improve one iota. All you have to offer is your unthinking loyalty by putting an X against a name of a person who represents a party who made all these promises, apart from election time you have nothing to offer you are only required to show up at the Ballot box, vote then keep quiet and don’t rock the boat. It smacks of Democracy.

You gave them your vote, what did they promise you? A never-ending cornucopia of good times a-plenty, full employment, more nurses, more police, a crackdown on crime and a curb on immigration. Was it same sex marriages, a broken promise on a referendum on Europe or was it the education system that is sexualising your children or maybe the Bedroom tax?

They lie, they fiddle their generous expenses and conflicts of interests and human greed are an everyday occurrence and considered part of the deal for having an X placed alongside their name. You could inquire so what is the answer? Perhaps in a “Democratic Society” there isn’t one

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