Monday, 4 March 2013

Requiem for a Past England

Requiem for a Past England
Many times I have heard the phrase ‘life is too short’ and when you have lived more of your life than you have left to live one is inclined to agree.

I have got to an age where I have to seriously consider whether I am too old to take up the violin. I don’t feel old; my brain is that of a teenager but the all-consuming drive to own ‘stuff’ and to impress the opposite sex has gone. That is a good thing as I now consider those youthful impulses as no more than a trivial distraction, being immaterial and of no consequence to ones future. That is the crutch or heavy baggage that one unknowingly carries in their early years.

I served in the British army when Stalin was in power in Russia, when Franco was in charge of Spain, Tito was ruling a ‘United’ Yugoslavia, Chiang Kai Shek was being driven from mainland China into Taiwan and it was another 12 years before the Berlin Wall went up. I was a British soldier defending England, its freedom and its way of life.

Who the hell would I be defending now?

Things change very quickly. I lived in an England when her empire was beginning to crumble. Time passes, now its own children are beginning to lose their sense of racial identity, and indeed the whole country is made to feel guilty of its proud history and ethnic uniqueness and is tragically losing its sense of purpose and direction.

Our leader’s talk of embracing British and British-ness, they tell us we are not English any more and very shortly we will even cease to be British and become European. The England as I knew it will be no more; all this change has occurred in one person’s terrifyingly short lifetime.

In my youth my country did not spawn ‘home grown’ terrorists, the person sitting next to me on the bus was English so was the bus conductor and the driver. Stop and think; what or who caused these catastrophic negative social changes to our once relatively lawful homogeneous society? It was not the people; it was our traitorous narcissistic politicians in collusion with the power hungry, corrupt European federalists.

When my son reaches my age what will my country resemble? If nothing changes the descent into a European authoritarian autocracy will be total and absolute and the England I defended will be no more, the England my uncle died for will be unrecognizable and the England my grandfather, God rest his soul who fought in the boxer wars, would have recognized, would have ceased to exist.

The politicians are still telling the grubby peasants they have the country and its peoples best interests at heart at the same time they are breaking up what was once a ‘United’ Kingdom and eroding the very fabric of a proud nation who feared no-one, who kowtowed to no-one and most certainly did not allow a totally foreign or exotic Eastern culture to affect, influence, dictate, threaten its security, its way of life or its future, and to change the English character of many of its major cities.

What total screaming madness is changing the face of my country?

What have our government done for its own people you might ask? Well they have put in place legal mechanisms to threaten, terrify and silence its own people with incarceration if they dare object to this horror.

This is the country I gave the best years of my youth for. I promised I would make doubly certain that my son did not waste his youth as I did, sacrificing his immature youthful years believing in the lies of ‘home grown’ renegade, lying, and treasonous bloody vipers

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