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Birmingham UK. Central Mosque.

Birmingham UK. Central Mosque.
One of 163 Mosques in Birmingham)

The English city of Birmingham, the home of BSA,(Birmingham Small Arms) was a powerhouse of commerce and industry in the industrial revolution. It evolved from a small 7th century hamlet on the border of Mercia. There is evidence of hominid activity (erect bipedal primate mammals that includes recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related form) in the Birmingham area dating back 500,000 years. The oldest human artefact found within Birmingham is the Saltley Handaxe: a 500,000 year old brown quartzite hand axe.

BSA manufactured military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process

At its peak, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world. Loss of sales and poor investments in new products in the motorcycle division, which included Triumph Motorcycles, before the Great third World Invasion

Wikipedia tell us the collapse of Birmingham's industrial economy was sudden and catastrophic. As late as 1976 the West Midlands region – with Birmingham as its principal economic dynamo – still had the highest GDP of any in the UK outside the South East, but within five years it was lowest in England. Birmingham itself lost 200,000 jobs between 1971 and 1981, with the losses concentrated in the manufacturing sector; relative earnings in the West Midlands went from being the highest in Britain in 1970 to the lowest in 1983.

By 1982 the city's unemployment rate approached 20%; its immigration intake had skyrocketed. Let us understand what cultural vibrancy had brought Birmingham other than these dreadful figures driven by an obsession by Liberalists to totally change the demographics of a famous English city.

Tension between ethnic groups and the authorities led to the Handsworth riots in 1981 and 1985. October 2005 saw the 2005 Birmingham riots in the Lozells and Handsworth regions of the city, with street battles between black and Asian gangs, caused by an unsubstantiated rumour resulting in two deaths and much damage

A feast of saliva dripping spin from Birmingham City internet site ‘’The Birmingham City Council, further to the Local Strategic Partnership 'Be Birmingham', continue to strive towards a better, more united Birmingham’’.

What does that actually mean? The only way to strive for a more unified Birmingham is by the use of force, intimidation and legislation, or perhaps by bringing in the army. In fact it is this that keeps the warring tribes apart.

There is many Birmingham’s spread across the North of England, not forgetting our capital city where Londoners are now the minority.

Please sit back and enjoy further delights from the traitorous Marxist Hacks at the Birmingham post

…‘’The EDL have successfully exploited concerns about the sex grooming gangs in the north of England, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the West." Also ‘’the far-right group is using recent cases, such as the nine Asian men jailed last year for grooming girls in Rochdale (for sexual grooming please read Paedophilia), to build support, King's College London found’’

There is no comment about the dreadful affect seduction and prostitution will have on these pre-pubescent girls, only to call attention that Muslim Paedophiles are being victimised

No, sorry they have again successfully again highlighted concerns about Paki paedophiles in our Northern cities. There is no regret not a grudging apology to the parents whose 13 year old daughters were made pregnant by primitive Muslim Paedophiles or the dreadful affect seduction and under- age prostitution will have on these young girls. It is of no importance as long as the rich vibrancy of Multi-Culti is not besmirched.

It writes ‘This 'rape jihad', as it has become known, is a significant concern for the EDL. Interest has risen since revelations in the British media about the existence of sex-grooming gangs made up of Muslim men of south-Asian origin."

To the politically correct Hacks at the Birmingham Post I will finish by emphasising, of course it is a significant concern for the EDL and this will also come as a complete surprise, but it is also a significant bloody concern to mothers of young daughters unfortunate enough to live in those ever increasing festering Multi-cultural hell holes and to the indigenous British people who find these alien Eastern cultural practises taking place in a Christian country

I could have been referring to well over a dozen of our English cities and towns. I will not start on Bradford or ‘’Lester’’. I cannot ever imagine what Britain will look like when the Muslim population exceed Britons in large pockets of a number of our towns, when the number of Mosques exceeds the number of churches and when pressure is put on our government consent to allow an initially mild form of Sharia Law in these primitive, Banshee- wailing Mosque-littered occupied territories. If it is of any assurance to my people we are not alone at present this is also being played out in most of the major cities of Europe

To my apathetic kin may I quote just a few figures?
Bradford 78. Mosques.
London 354. 
Sheffield 33 
‘Lester’’ 54.
Bolton 23
Bristol 18.
Dewsbury 25.
Cardiff 17.
Glasgow 20.
Huddersfield 15
Oldham 29.Nottingham 23.
Walsall 15.
Todmorden (can’t say I have heard of it) 6 Mosques

According to the Islamic website salaam, there are about 1689 Mosques in the UK.
In the U.S there are 1209 Mosques

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