Monday, 4 March 2013

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

To what depths of violence and depravity does society have to sink before respect for human life and compassion for ones fellow man cease to exist? As an example, a person’s politics are at odds with another mans politics so the disturbed, slighted man hits the other man with a claw hammer. We are not talking about the third world here. Does the assailant think for one moment that his violent action will bring about a weakened change in the other person’s political opinions? On the contrary his victim’s views will be hardened. That is how wars start.

Can we say we live in a civilised society when differences of personal opinion are deliberate provocation that can only be settled by mindless violence? I sometimes wonder if we are living in the end times. As time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more. I won’t even start on same sex marriages.

Most if not all of Africa swims in a blood bath, human life has no value; it got infinitely worse when the colonisers left. This attitude to ones fellow man is being mirrored on the streets of what were once civilised, cultured western nations. No amount of money is going to make any difference to Africa. Remember when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found moral consciousness at ‘Band Aid’ Geldorf’s Travelling Circus for Africa? Or perhaps the draw was Geldorf’s gyrations which mesmerised the masses?

Remember the pathetic song “Do they know its Christmas? They didn’t even know where their next meal was coming from for Christ’s sake. At least Geldorf got a knighthood out of it, which was nice. What really surprises me that in this mad world we live in Mandela hasn’t been given one……….. A knighthood that is, for his services to terrorism.

No amount of moral conscious money is going to make any difference to Africa; the problem is not the people but their leaders, meanwhile another overweight, grinning be-meddled ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid, squanders western aid on Russian fighter planes to subdue their own people whilst their army’s rape countrywide with tacit approval of their government, and not a squeak from the feminist you might have noticed.

Is it because the violated women were black? Perhaps Germaine was on yet another mindless air-headed chat or quiz show, and was not too concerned about her bloodied and battered sisters. Perhaps she might write a book about the rape of African children, or perhaps denigrating her fellow man was more financially saleable for her book publisher.

Remember Biafra! I don’t suppose you do. The cause was ethnic rivalry, you know racial stuff. 30,000 killed there. What about Hutus and Tutsis. Doesn’t happen in black countries does it? But who cares.

The swaying arms of thousands of people at yet another rock concert with Bono and Geldorf as the Musical Ringmeisters will herald another small cash advance to Africa’s monsters. They just don’t learn, do they?

So back to the man wielding a claw hammer; am I forced to assume he was also an ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid? Well it follows. Was it an ex-Darfur militia-mans unconscious reaction, perhaps it was behaviour brought from a dark continent into what was once an enlightened civilised nation by a man who claimed sanctuary from mindless third world violence, and was welcomed in.

Was he a poor immigrant from the festering back streets of kingston, Jamaica's crime-ridden streets where the police fear to tread, so much so they use a private militia and daily killings are normal?

Coming to a town near you?

As I wrote “as time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more

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