Monday, 25 March 2013

Armies of the Genie

Armies of the Genie

Multiculturism, a new religion? Why not? We bow to the God of Multiculti, our Police Commissioners tip toe with nervous apprehension when faced with the day to day realities on how to accommodate this new religion and are extremely nervous as to how to deal with strange peoples from strange lands bringing with them strange customs.

The Police too have been unwittingly seduced and have been known to kneel in strict observance in reverence to this unholy religion. The ordinary Policeman or Women? Well theirs is not to question why or they will face a disciplinary board faster than their feet can touch the ground.

Our government also seduce its own people to give up their ethnic uniqueness and identity and are encouraged to wallow like swine in this festering mish mash of a violent Multi Culti society.

The island people are speechless and stand in awe, unaware that their day to day perceived freedoms are non existent but they are unknowingly moulded and cunningly crafted to ensure unwanted Multiculturism is thrust upon them without dissent. We are not alone; many western countries are now plagued by the effects of its poisonous tentacles.

“We must embrace diversity and enrichment” shout the New Architects; more expressions from Mr. Orwell’s world of 1984?

But in truth what do these words actually mean? They are just words because in truth these people do not WANT to diversify and third world violence does NOT enrich a civilised nation, the invaders do not even diversify with other imported exotic cultures, thus we see the appearance of Ghetto’s, sorry visible ethnic minority clusters in many of our decaying major cities as experienced in many of Europe’s once peaceful cities. I repeat, it is a cruel illusion.

If approximately 4,000 of our own people who have been murdered by these ‘Enrichers’ who have been invited into OUR country to enrich and share our culture then it IS an illusion.

The establishment and Police will not warn the people of this silent, murder by stealth of its own people because it smacks of institutionalised racism. The lives of our people are easily expendable and any serious dissent can be kept in check by threats of incarceration; a small price to pay to foster uncertainty upon them to meekly accept this new Muti Culti religion.

If our government are forced to bring out strict laws to enforce this Multi Culti religion then it obvious it is unwanted by its own people, just as there are strict laws to protect our people against Murder, Rape and Paedophilia, it is just another evil. What makes it even more obscene is that the government that enforce it are also our own people.

So what is its aim? Like Winston Smith in Orwell's prophesies of 1984 I thought I knew, but it is too complex for me to understand. There are too many variables; it is protean in its concept. I sometimes wonder if the government have unleashed a terrible Genie out of the bottle and they now realise that in the very near future they will not be able to control this evil monster, thus we are seeing our security and intelligence services being beefed up.

They are now employing increasing numbers of these same invaders to help warn and combat the threats, which mark my words, will one day turn our streets into first world killing grounds.

So where are the violent threats coming from, our own people? Most certainly not, but from the very people who are part of this multicultural illusion, the armies of the Genie. Keeping the stopper on the bottle would have saved at least 4,000 of our people’s lives. But it just proves who cares? The perpetrators are STILL in power.

The future Winston Smith might not be surprised to be stopped in the street one day by a officer in a blue uniform, speaking broken English, wearing medals and ribbons for devotion and loyalty to the Federation and on his shoulder a identification patch with the letters EQRG (Eurabia Quick Response Group) surrounded by yellow stars, but by then as Orwell’s Winston Smith found out much to his consternation, it will be too late, he thought he knew who his enemies were too, but the hidden enemy were his own people.


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