Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Face of a NEW Britain

 The Face of a NEW Britain

We are preaching to the converted, how many times have you heard that? Writers post articles like this not necessarily to preach to the converted but rather hoping that people who are drawn to internet sites like the British Resistance and other Patriotic movements that are continually being vilified by the media and National Broadcaster and suspect the government and the establishment are not telling the truth will by reading these articles will have their suspicions confirmed.

We are all horrified at to the rape of our country but what is continually being asked is can the people do anything about it? Can it be reversed? After finding myself in the wilds of London recently, West Norwood actually, patiently waiting in a bus shelter with about 8 assorted Africans or Caribbean I was half expecting a voice to enquire of me ‘’Dr Livingstone I presume?’’

Large blocks of Council apartments stood behind me with African children playing around the perimeter of the tower blocks, the passers-by were all from the third world, there were no white people except my wife and me. I had not deliberately headed to this part of colonized London, The immediate thought was, it is too late this damage is irreversible. I travelled on 4 buses and 4 trains as BR were working on parts of the rail system. That day the sights I saw from the window of the bus and train frightened the hell out of me.

I was visiting my sister who has been in a palliative care home for over 25 years with MS and when she was first admitted to this institution West Norwood was predominately White.I went into the shop next to the bus stop to buy a paper; again it was a Negro shop, so were all the other shops

Later on in the week I went to a little Kent village close to where I was brought up, Wateringbury. I went into a shop to buy bread and found it was owned by a Pakistani, or Indian or Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi, God knows who! But the questions still remain; can anything be done about the dreadful changes taking place in our country?

It will be proved within this century, once the blood has been cleaned away that what European governments and successive British governments have achieved in experimenting with so called ‘Multiculturism’ and ‘Diversity’ amount to blatant human rights violations inflicted on the indigenous European populations and at the same by enacting savage, stifling undemocratic laws curtailing the peoples freedom of speech and expression, freedom to voice genuine concern at the dilution and in our case the destruction of the unique English character, not dissimilar to the atrocities being perpetrated on the indigenous peoples of Tibet by the Chinese, whose culture and traditions are not Tibetan and who are deliberately scattering them to other lands and reshaping the Tibet population.

In this country these experiments have caused terrible social fragmentation and upheaval; ‘No Go’ areas only for the indigenous people in their own land and fear for the safety of their children once out on the streets, especially young females. It is changing the quintessential English character and appearance of many English cities, towns and even villages with eyesores like Mosques and Minarets and the banshee desert wailings of the call to prayer, schools where none of the pupils have English as their first language. Strange black apparitions on the street, humans resembling Crows or is that Penguins? This has not happened by accident but by wilful, criminal design.

The people can rise up but the authorities use the Ideological Police forces that resort to Kettling; shepherding the peasants like the sheep. Incidentally In March 2012 Kettling was ruled lawful by the European Court of Human Rights following a legal challenge, note not made legal by OUR government but by an illegally formed pseudo government in a foreign country.

We witnessed baton charges against our own people when we saw during the protest march of the Countryside Alliance, or the British Policeman who murdered an innocent man walking past a street protest on his way home. This is decaying England in the 21st century. Enlightened people know what has caused this terrible situation but how do we stop it without a democratic election system in this country.

So far what I have written is stating the bleeding obvious; the question still remains how do white people halt their demise and how do we regain self government?

For a start it we must understand this festering edifice that is controlling the borders of Europe, refinancing its debts, arranging austerity packages and threating fines severe if counties do not adhere to the austerity conditions placed upon them by yet another treaty and in the meanwhile looking to expand into North Africa and beyond.

This socialist monster was constructed one agreement at a time, one treaty at a time it cannot be disassembled overnight only by pulling out of one treaty at a time. Don’t look to the English people for salvation; they have lost heart, their courage over 60 years has been shattered, look to Europe.

We must encourage revolt in Europe, we must encourage countries to take control of their own destinies, and we must encourage them they have the backing of many people here even though many are too terrified publicly to voice any opinion.

The European Union must be destroyed first by withdrawing from the Schengen treaty which eliminated all border controls within the occupied European states. I believe the Greek opposition want OUT of this agreement to have more control of their borders to stem the tide of Turks, Tunisians, Libyans, and Moroccans and economic tourists from darkest Africa.

With the epidemic of rape in Norway and Sweden withdrawing from this treaty would go along way in reducing the numbers of violent rapes in Scandinavia by stemming the tide of illegals. It is not the E.U that channels blacks into Europe but the United Nations, a truly globalist entity. The EU just facilitates movement through Europe that much easier.

What terrifies politicians most is the possibility of losing an election and having to work for a living, if enough people complain they have to listen.

If Marie Le Pen were to join a governing coalition in France I would hope she too would look at withdrawing from this mad Schengen Treaty. Although I believe she wants OUT of the EU totally. This monster cannot be destroyed overnight its destruction will come by ONE TREATY AT A TIME.

After its destruction perhaps we can see a little clearer and not be bound by another foreign country telling us who we can or cannot deport and most importantly we can immediately seal our borders …IT IS A START.……………………… THERE IS STILL HOPE.