Monday, 4 March 2013

The Two Agenda's

More Police on the beat or
The two Agendas

Political parties always have two agenda’s. The first agenda is the one they present to the people before an election; this first agenda is the one that pulls in the votes. The initial agenda is not set in stone, but is the one that the public WANT to hear. The second agenda should be of paramount interest to all parties because it should remain a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET amongst its hierarchy. I will explain. It’s a game of cruel deception practised for eons by political parties. It might account for the reason why some political parties never get to first base.

Patriotic party’s policies should have much more of a Machiavellian approach. The dictionaries definition is “Having no scruples to obtain what one wants, ESPECIALLY IN POLITICS”. (Not my words but my capital letters). It’s a direct lift out of the dictionary. It was Niccolo Machiavelli, a statesman and prominent figure in Florentine republic from 1498, who wrote ‘The Prince’ (1517) it was an analysis of means to achieve political powerat any expense,a doctrine that has blindly guided Bliar, and Cameron for inspiration.

This is exactly what the British Labour Party has done. It will also be the Conservatives approach at the next election. Take a lesson from Mr Bliar he made lying an art form. Once his party was in power, any criticism of his unpopular policies he with countered “I have a mandate from the people” He then proceeded to do what he liked. He did NOT have a mandate from the people to carve the country up into regions nor did he have a mandate to sell this country to a Franco/Germanic alliance. Blatant lying is acceptable in politics..

The libLabCons Party:s FIRST agenda presented to the public would have been promises of unlimited funds for the health system, more teachers, increase in aged pensions, more nurses, more police, a crackdown on crime, and the fast tracking and deportation of illegal Asylum seekers and health tourists. As we all know they have no idea how many Illegal’s are in this country. In fact they have given up; it’s too hard, the gates have been flung wide open, a similar situation exists on the Mexican / American border.

They promised more jobs, but as we know many jobs and businesses have now gone off shore. As regards the crime, in some of our northern black townships, it is spiralling out of control; the police, because of accusations by blacks of institutionalised racism have been castrated and have had their hands tied and are now terrified of arresting blacks so much so they are forced to advertise for black recruits only.

In fact they recruited so many it warranted forming a Black Police Association, just dare try forming a White Police association that’s racist, figure that one out! Of course there is white crime but going by the numbers of inmates in our jails, the blacks are causing a far more disproportionate amount of the crime and murder. No different to America. It does not help when top police chiefs tell their underlings to go easy on Asian crime, whilst sitting back being careful not to make any cross racial waves and wait patiently for the knighthoods. The word hypocrites comes freely to mind here.

To summarize, in this game you never put all your cards face up on the table. It was precisely this politically naivety that cruelled Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Australia. Her political agenda concentrated on stemming the flow of Japs and Viets into the country to the detriment of her other agenda’s. The Orientals are a very strong pressure group in Australia as are blacks, Asian and Caribs are in the UK. ask Leroy Courtney Phillips.

Patriotic parties should tell the people of more of what they WANT to hear and say far LESS about their more ROBUST policies they have in mind, then once they are in power they can slowly move on to agenda number two. Why? Because then they will have been given had mandate from the people! Take a tip from Bliar and Cameron. It is expected, accepted and its politics.

Now to Labour’s SECOND AGENDA, the one that had to be kept a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET. If the public had got wind of it before the last election, the Labour Party would now be in opposition. Trust me, it’s a game! The agenda, which was really a single issue agenda, was to offer up the United Kingdom to the European Union power moguls as part of a powerful trading and military bloc in opposition to NATO and the United States.

Now this was not going to be an easy thing to do. It meant destroying any sense that the people may have had about their own ethnic origins, loyalties to their own countries, to their flags, their histories and in our case our ‘Englishness’ which it did. On your EEC/EU passport you are not English, but as British as a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi or a Carib. You are made to feel guilty about your history, culture and ethnic origins.

A government think tank realised this could only be brought about through stealth by allowing controlled immigration but on a grand scale hoping this would accelerate the process. But this process got out of control. This ploy was also meant to result in the dilution of the ethnic people’s sense of who they are, which it did. They did not foresee however the rapid increase in crime or the dreadful social problems that would follow.

The reason to join Europe was all to do with the birth of a ‘corrupt’ European power bloc, trade, cartels, globalization, big business, kick-backs to EU burocrats and secret deals with mega corporations, but mainly as a European power bloc in opposition the United States.

It was a long term plan that was formulated by a few very highly influential political leaders, top European bureaucrats and power brokers after WW2. A British politician a Sir Stephen Wall was largely responsible for Britain putsch into the EU. The EU member countries loss of identity did not enter into the equation. The bottom line was profits, vast profits.

If European countries attempted to retain their sovereignties, then it was NOT going to work. Smaller dirt poor European nations view membership of the EU as a welcome invitation to drip feed on a bottomless money pit, however stringent conditions were placed on them for membership to this corrupt club, that is why Turkey is now desperate to become a member but is not too happy about accepting some of the EU’s stringent preconditions re human rights and settling the Kurdish problem. If they do not comply then the gate is firmly closed, a high price to pay as their economies would have been generously bankrolled by the richer western countries.

The European Union is the birth of a huge dictatorship spanning the globe from the west coast of Ireland, north to the arctic, east to the borders of Russia and south to the fringes of the Middle East. Put simply, this country is paying a dreadfully high price indeed for its own sacrifice. This is the start of the prophesied Brave New World. Get used to it people!