Monday, 4 March 2013

Life outside of the European Empire

Life outside of the European Empire

Unlike the USSR, the formation of the EU has not taken a violent uprising to see the birth of a future dictatorship. It is only when it finally casts off the fa├žade of being a European Federation of states formed solely for the benefit of trade and security for all European peoples will it morph into full blown oligarchy, a dictatorship.

Let one member state step out of line as Austria did, and the full force of this dictatorship will be suddenly realised. Serbia was ordered  to arrest Radovan Karadzic and agree to give Kosovo autonomy or don’t bother applying for membership. We don’t like right leaning governments in Austria get rid of it and while we are at it Turkey better lift its Human rights or it won’t get its economy funded by our wealthier members and its Moslem population will not get the opportunity to saturate all of Europe with the followers of Islam. Ireland better get it right the second time around at the polling booths or we will wreck their economy by denying them funding.

These rules of subservience also apply to Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia. It is a pity about Georgia, it will have to wait; if the EU gives them membership it will upset the Russians.

Georgia’s only claim to fame is the oil pipelines that run through its country. Its tourist highlights being the sight of peasants driving their sheep up the hills in the morning and driving them back down again in the afternoon, another dirt poor country that is busting to join the feeding trough of the EU funded by the tax payers of the wealthier countries, so much so its president is always seen posing in front of the EU flag even though its country is not a member.

The people do not seem to realise what their leaders, on their behalf, have agreed to sacrifice. They were never told that over time they would be required to surrender their currency, their sovereignty, their constitution and pay reverence to a new anthem, and accept precedent of EU law over their own.

The Russian version came quickly, the EU version has taken about 60 years to get this far. It has taken this long because it was NOT forged by a revolution but by stealth aided and abetted by treason within the member countries governments. These traitors have no loyalty to their people or country; when wealth becomes meaningless, only power that encompasses vast areas can fill the void.

Human behaviour is quite extraordinary when one can witness people actually agreeing to enslave themselves as did the Russian people. No-one knows for certain just how many of millions of Russian people died listening to the lies of Marxist and Trotskyites. For the Russian people after decades of subjugation they were promised good times for all. The ordinary people were very easily led by educated political hotheads with the skills of oratory deception. But life for the peasant did not get better, the subjugation got a lot worse.

So what we are seeing is nothing new, same lies, different political hollow-men owing loyalties and allegiances to no-one and only motivated by inflated egos and self interests. The terrible deception is still fooling the people. The ordinary peasant will again sleepwalk into another hell-hole aided by the opiate of trash TV and the lies of the media and its traitorous politicians.

In any election it is critical at this point in our history to make a mark on the ballot paper that will ensure that we become once again a self governing country, that we stop this silent, creeping genocide of our people in its tracks.

A mark on a ballot paper at the polling booth is all it takes. A mark for the party that puts its own people first and foremost and who will not kowtow or cave in to threats by foreign interlopers who are only guests in our country and ban Sharia Law, this is a christian country, and to immediately announce self government and stop this madness before it is too late to reverse it.

Right now it can never be this easy, hesitate now and no help will come, by then the rescuer will also need rescuing.

Please bear in mind, for the future of your children and of your country of birth, in any future election and while your pencil is poised above the ballot paper choose wisely, burn your boats and you cannot return.


  1. Voting against the traitors is not enough when the polls are rigged, when the three parties are actually one only radical actions will succeed.

    1. It amazes me most people do not seem to be aware of this