Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Terrible Cry from the Heart


I did not write this letter, but it should not be lost in the passing of time. One day it should be chronicled in our history books as but a short fleeting moment of daily life for an  unknown, unamed English person.

Along with its great battles, its great innovations and its past great men and women, this sad tale should be one day consigned to the history books when England finally awakes from its deep slumber.

………….A terrible cry from the heart that will go unheeded……
………………Life in Britain's Multi Culti Hell Hole………….

Christ I’m depressed today. What with Asian Muslim paedo's everywhere in the north, the news coverage of the lad in Preston, the general overtaking of the west from the inside, our politicians being useless and stuck in utopia Ville, every little thing i
s just pissing me right off.

Simple trip to the Petrol station right, I set off, avoid a gang of paki's on bikes at the corner shop, then a few hundred yards down the road, they (Asians) are double parked on yellow lines making everybody go around. I pass my childhood park; ALL of them on there are Asians, every single kid. I drive on, depressed. I pull up at the traffic lights in town, I’m behind a battered up old car with a CD in the front mirror and a tissue box in the rear, a Asian man with full beard and his wife or daughter sat in the passenger with a burkha on.

As I wait, I look to my left, a car pulls up, a BMW with 5 Asian lads in it, music banging out, tinted windows. Lights change, I set off down the dual carriageway through town, 6 Asian girls pushing 4 buggies, all dressed in Islamic garb are waiting to cross. I look at the shops, 6 pizza and kebab houses on the same blocks with the Asian owners resting outside; another Asian on a bike pulls up and is doing the whole shaking hands malarkey.

I drive past the Halal Butchers and the street end where the Islamic Learning Center is and head to *******on’s petrol station, father into town and across from the biggest mosque in town.

I pull up the car; I need to nip across to *******on’s to the cash machine for petrol money. Four Asian taxi's go by before I can cross the road. I cross the road to the cash machine and as I’m stood there - two white people are coming to use the machine next to me - at last!! I thought somebody white!! The first I’ve seen since I set off.....then, they started talking in either Romanian or Polish, not sure which.

I get back to the car, drives to the forecourt, packed with Asian cars. I queue up and watch an Asian lad clean his darkened BMW car, no doubt for picking up some white girls later (like I saw earlier on my way home from work, a young white lass draping herself over a 16/17 year old Asian lad). I get the petrol, pay up, leave the place and head for home.

Get to the first mini roundabout and 7 Asian youths behind the railings outside another kebab place are staring me out as I turn around it, really staring into the car in an intimidating way that you feel self conscious that you’ve got egg on your face or something, and in the process I feel kind of humiliated or something and then turn badly and look a crap driver.

Onwards back up to the lights, through the lights, then I want to turn right up the hill. An Asian car full of youths is waiting to get out, but I have right of way, I’m on the major road. Another Asian car full of youths coming the opposite way stops - to let the other Asians out - but they cant get out coos I’m there, and they squeeze through the narrow gap, with BOTH sets of cars laughing at gawping at me like I’m a retard, they shouted something 'witty' at me, but I didn’t catch it. "Get me home for ****s sake" I tell myself.

Up past the park again, past the shop, almost mown down some arrogant Asian strolling diagonally down the middle of the road and arrive back at what for this moment is paradise. my house, inside, away from 'out there'.

Then I remember, the Asians are moving up this stretch too, it’s only a matter of time before MY paradise is LOST, and my family home will be no more, I will have to move.

I love this town, the place of my birth, a place of my happy childhood, the stuff which dreams are made of. It tears me up to know in my heart that its lost forever, there’s just no going back now, they are here and they have pretty much taken over the whole town and certainly have the most presence.

My lovely town, changed forever, my people, discarded, disjointed. I’m almost welling up that I can’t stand it. Why am I seemingly alone? when is this help going to arrive?, but its not is it. There will be no 'great expulsion' there will be no government action, there will be pretty much nothing anyone can do, even the BNP.

The town I love is becoming the town I hate and despise, my steadfast attitude to stay on, keep this area white as possible is weakening, for I don’t know how much more I can stand, and it ISNT even THAT bad compared to most of you here. There are many many many worse places. I’m very lucky, but sometimes it just feels wall to wall with them like I can’t breathe. Tiny things annoy me now to the point it’s distracting everything in my life.

On a town note, it’s falling. On a regional note it’s falling, on a national note, it’s falling, on a European note its falling. Its just so god damn awful, the seeming silence, the apathy of others, just milling about oblivious to it.......I’m sensitive to it since I 'woke up' so to speak, they are uninterested, uncaring, don’t even recognize a problem with it all.

I can’t believe how fast it’s going. The 60's, this town was almost entirely white. The mills provided the ethnics, and since the 60's the whites are slipping into obscurity and the whole place now feels, looks, sounds and is alien and not 'homely' - there’s an atmosphere in the air that I can sense and its so thick you could cut it. 45 years, that’s all it’s taken, after thousands of years of our history. London, Birmingham, Blackburn, Leicester, Bradford, all going near "plural" status......with Sharia law semi openly being pressed in each place, churches being converted to mosques, more mosques going up, Halal shops, Burkha's, their kids dominating the playgrounds and parks - what comprises those parks is what comprises the future of this town.

I’m not even saying these are all BAD people, they aren’t, but what I can’t bear is the suffocation and overtaking, "conquesting nicely".......

Add to it being taxed to death, the NHS dropping to bits, the politicized police force, diversity drives, anti racism drives, endless BBC propaganda and spin from documentaries right through the news and into soaps and kids TV, an ever intercepting government infringement on all our lives, job losses right left and center in manufacturing and traditional English skills and craftsmanship trades that you cant ever replace once they are lost, outsourcing of everything from NHS letters to foreign companies emptying our bins!.

Just a nightmare.

This letter was posted about the time followers of Islam of Pakistani origin were grooming young under age English schoolgirls for prostitution



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