Saturday, 19 January 2013

Urban Myths or Hidden Truths

 Urban Myths or Hidden Truths

The Internet abounds with exaggerations, conspiracies, lies, half truths and truths. Many people cite YouTube, Google or Wikipedia as the definitive source for many truths. Other gullible people might quote passages from the daily Ragloids or they might repeat the breathy sound bites from the pretty young female news presenter reading with fixed eyes from her Autocue, a Liberal programmed Automon employed by our National Broadcaster reading what is laughingly referred to as un-biased and balanced reporting of the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The poor souls, of which there are many believe this, and have made gullibility an art form.

Swarthy bombers catch a ‘particular train’ from Luton to London to bomb the people who have given them sanctuary. Trouble is that ‘particular’ train had been cancelled. Our Prime Minister accuses another country of having WMD’s, they didn’t. An expert who was sent to verify the authenticity of these non-existent weapons without success was discovered dead in a field; we are told by our government he had committed suicide.

Now the truth, as the saying goes can only come from the horses’ mouth, trouble is one horse committed suicide the other horses blew themselves up. If the truth comes direct from government via leaked Emails and directives as it did in the Wikileaks exposure where the truth is there for all to read, woe betide the whistleblower, retribution will be swift and sure, quicker than a Marxist disciple can accuse the British National Party of being a racist political party, and frenzied charges, any charges will be levelled against him, even rape.

One could debate the urban myths surrounding the untimely deaths of Marilyn Monroe, John. F. Kennedy and Dr David Kelly, or alternatively one can speculate on the hidden truths behind all three murders. Enough of urban myths let me start my own conjecture. It might start out as an Urban Myth but could this myth be a hidden truth?

Now let’s just suppose….. We wrongly assume that the influx of the overwhelming of millions of the followers of the Moon God cult of Islam into Europe and the UK and to a lesser extent America and Canada is the result of a reckless immigration policy. I smell a conspiracy here. I ask myself why on earth any country would deliberately jeopardise its security, its social cohesiveness and its unique character by allowing the country to be swamped by millions of these people, why! Why! WHY?

As an aside what was not expected was the formation of over 750 No Go areas in France, the regular torching of cars in the Paris Ghettos, or the chanting of hundreds of bearded desert people wearing nightshirts, strange headwear and sandals and beating their chests in the streets of London screaming for the death of the infidel, the unbeliever, the Kuffar, Jews, Apostates and the Devil Incarnate America, oh and Salman Rushdie, in fact death to all and everyone.

Figures of 10 Million plus of Allah’s disciples and descendants now call France home and the UK the government can only hazard a rough guess of around 5 Million to 8 million of Allah’s supporters, as it is they have no idea how many illegally reside in this country.

Back in last century, remember it? Around 1986 there was a lot of excitement on the internet and news services concerning Peak Oil? I remember a commentator writing that future wars will be fought over the dwindling oil resources. I will not argue with the optimists about electric cars, other than to point out that it is only the engine that does not use oil, but the tyres, batteries, seats and interior lining do use oil in its production nor will I get into a discussion about oil from Shale oil deposits, but oil is an essential part of our daily life. At the moment we are into deep sea oil drilling, it is getting harder to extract the oil. BP was drilling 6 miles down.

The writer on Peak oil wrote, ‘Oil will not suddenly dry up but initially get hideously expensive and when the crunch comes we will be propelled back to a technological Stone Age’

So who are the keepers of the world’s oil? Most of the world oil producers are in the Middle East, except Russia who is the worlds biggest oil producer.

The oil WILL become scarce; a time line given is that in 80 years time the last drop of oil will be being squeezed out of the ground. The desert people have only oil, but not a lot of technology. The West supply them arms, the West supply them spares for their Western Technology bought with their oil. If a plan exists for the stronger nations to take the oil by force none of these Middle Eastern oil rich nations namely Iran must be allowed to gain nuclear weapons. As the oil gets scarcer and the oil wars erupt all rules are thrown out of the window and the Geneva Convention will have about as much relevance as a convention of Rabbit fanciers.

So how do you invade the Middle East by force and take their oil without provocation and with popular support of the whole populace of the stronger nations. That’s a hard one. Could it be possible for governments to engineer a long term strategy to enable them to invade sovereign countries as they did with Iraq? I have tried to understand why the West is apparently committing cultural genocide allowing millions and millions of Moslems into their country.

WE are Christians; Islam has fought and slaughtered Christians throughout the world and its long history with great determination and gusto.

The number crunching has finished. By 2060 Britons will be in the minority. It does not even require a demographer to work the figures and the 2011 census will confirm this. History has shown Islam is NEVER subservient. Read the Koran its ultimate aim is world conquest. The UK at present has a muted version of Sharia Law but once their numbers increase in our parliament and exceeds the population of the host nation we are in deep trouble.

THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO BE GAINED culturally or economically to invite a potential enemy into your camp in such huge numbers unless it is to engineer a long term plan to create a monstrous crisis where law and order breaks down, civil war erupts and general anarchy rules on an unbelievable scale. The people native to this land will demand the expulsion of the enemy, the enemy being the desert people who by then will be creating mayhem and murder in all the European capitals and across the USA.

Well if nothing else it’s worth its place among internet conspiracy theories.