Thursday, 24 January 2013

Who do you blame?

Who do you blame?

We cannot blame the African who on landing at Heathrow Airport had never seen a sit-down toilet or an Indian family from the slums of Delhi whose communal toilet was a running sewer outside of their makeshift canvas and cardboard home, hidden behind a large hoarding adjacent to the Commonwealth Games precinct or a rural Bangladeshi peasant who did not know where his next meal was coming from, or many Pakistani's whose standard of living has never improved for over a 1000 years along with their violent religious teachings from the Koran which every word is accepted as Gospel.

You cannot blame the poor desert followers of Islam who also took advantage of the generosity and the political stability to settle in the West; Mohammed’s people who fled their countries knowing all their monetary, housing and health needs will be attended to, but at the same time not wishing to integrate with the infidel but rather in the long term to Islamify their countries. It is a full-on invasion. These are people who were cordially invited into a Christian Europe and who one day intend to implement Sharia Law throughout its conquered territories complete with Islamic Schools, Madrassers and Mosques and the wailing of the Imams call to prayer will be heard from the tall Minarets in many of our towns and cities.

Can you really blame the large family from The Sudan or Sri Lanka who took advantage of the United Nations re-settlement programme to bring their large brood to Europe and to join a ghetto populated by their own kind in which to settle, bringing their culture, their accepted standards of hygiene, their inhumane methods of the slaughter of animals which are not the standards of the countries that invited them in? One could ask the United Nations do they realise they alone are solely responsible for what is termed the Islamification of the West. These silk suited autocrats are so far removed from our society that I doubt whether they would understand the damage they are doing or the future consequences it will have for our children. What the hell were they thinking of aiding and abetting the destruction of Western Society?

Ask that question and therein lays the answer.
The European Union plan is to rule a Single Europe, a Marxist Dictatorship, the United Nations want to take it one step further, they want to see all Nations United, in truth a single global society, so a blending of all nations is serving its purpose. To achieve this end they need to have the collusion of all governments.

The European Union now politically and economically controls its 27 satellite countries, its borders its laws and in the main, its currency. Any member country stepping out of line will risk sanctions or fines or both as are now causing street protests in a number of its satellite countries that its people refuse to accept the harsh cut-backs in spending to reduce their currency deficits.

The socialist revolution throughout Europe was easily accomplished as most if not all are governed by Socialist Governments, even the UK which purports to have a coalition of Conservative parties but in truth its political ideology is identical to The Labour party. The UK is governed by a one party socialist inspired government.

You have to ask the question why no politician of the single party system operating in the UK will ever discuss its greatest problem, the greatest source of its woes, the cause of its spiralling crime rate, the overcrowding, the reason for the lack of housing, the reason for a health service in crisis, racial riots, the reason for the fragmentation of its society and the frightening loss of the English character and the ghettozisation of many of its towns and cities.

None of them will ever discuss the rampant and overwhelming, non-ending Tsunami flood of immigrants continuing daily to swarm into this country.

Behind closed doors at the United Nations, extreme pressure is applied to first worlds representatives to accept a continuous flow of third world refugees regardless of the social damage it is causing. If its intention is to bring about a globalised society then its success is apparent in all First world countries. It is seen as a New Beginning, a Global Village.

Obama spoke about change, quite a lot actually. Buzz words and phrases appeal to the masses; ‘Cool Britannia’ remember that one? Even the smooth talking double headed Hydra the Marxist Millibands only recently spoke of ‘Change’. If we are talking about similar changes we have been experiencing since 1948, then God help us. It is the death knell for European Nation States and everything that has cemented those Nation States together for centuries.

There is help; at present the people can still decide their future.

A word of caution, I would not count on this window of opportunity being left open for too long.