Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Arbeit Macht Friei

Yesterday’s message of Extinction, Arbeit Macht Frei
Today’s message of Extinction, Verschiedenartigkeit (diversity) Macht Frei

Nationalists, a word used as derision used by those vile elitist traitors to smear and denigrate the original people of this country who feel they have a divine right to call this country their ethnic homeland, the land of their forebears. The word Patriot was also consigned to the festering, acrid bowl of political correctness. It has now been admitted by Tony Bliar’s speechwriter that the swamping of this country by the third world was a DELIBERATE strategy.

He went on to say "Mass migration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural," he wrote in the London Evening Standard.

"I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended, even if it wasn't its main purpose, to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date."

To blur a nation’s identity, fragment a once civilised, homogonous society and to change it into the most congested and most violent country in Europe is nothing short of cultural Genocide. Our children ape the invaders mannerisms and are brainwashed daily by subliminal messages by their teachers to unknowingly accept the fact their birthright is slowly being withdrawn.

Even for one of our children to say “I am English” will bring be instant accusations of Racism by their teacher. I am speechless; to totally change the ethnic face of the whole country to prove a point astounds me, and this is the man hoping to be the First European president. We are governed by the most evil of people. Was our Queen made aware of this conspiracy?

The “Rights nose” means anyone who objects or disagrees to being overwhelmed by unimaginable numbers of people, in such a short period of time, of violent third world economic refugees with no end in sight, eastern invaders whose primitive cultures have not altered or progressed since the time of Christ.

Then there are our ‘home grown’ traitors whom the public put their trust in to govern fairly and equitably instead they put in place a deliberate government strategy to “render their (the Right’s) arguments out of date” in other words to destroy any sense of Nationalism and Patriotism the people might have, accusing them of being far right Nationalists or using prefixes and suffixes accusing them of a host of isms or phobias for not meekly accepting their own ethnic extinction.

It also came to light that as a result of this criminality this strategy would trawl up thousands of votes from these colonisers because as a rule they vote far left Labour. Whatever your politics might be, the facts show that their actions have been downright treasonous and criminal.

The strategy to open the floodgates to the third world will continue until either the countries infrastructure is at breaking point; its society breaks down or until the original people of these islands cease to exist as a recognised ethnic group and merge into one with the rest of the third world interlopers as a potpourri of a mixed race, a hotchpotch of a nondescript, raceless, classless, multicultural society of consuming automons, whichever comes first. We are not alone I’m afraid; we are WITH Europe on this one. The good news is it can be stopped in its tracks.

No word has yet been coined to describe the treachery in man that would seek to destroy a whole nation, his nation and use its people as mere pawns just to “rub the Right's nose in diversity” This grinning madman hopes to one day preside over the whole of Europe, God help us.

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