Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mind Games for the masses

Mind Games for the Masses

I am referring to a scene on TV showing a woman in advanced stages of childbirth, and the following scene of proud white mother cradling a cross bred hybrid child alongside her “wonderful supportive black partner”

It is images like this that sends tingles up the back of the necks of our traitorous political masters. It is without doubt an order that has come down from above to freely germinate the idea that this is normal and accepted behaviour and this message must be subliminally broadcast to the compliant masses. Trust me, it isn’t normal. Normal to me is when well over 50% of the public are behaving similarly.

It might be common behaviour among the young uneducated daughters of the lower strata of our society surviving on financial benefits in graffiti adorned, garbage covered sink estates or crime ridden black townships.

The day I see a cloying heart warming BBC news story concerning the lovely, radiant Roedean educated “daffy” Davina, youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Goldsworthy of Brampton Hall in Bucks, seen resting quietly after a difficult childbirth in a private London clinic proudly presenting her half breed new-born to the world, alongside her partner Wesley, a powerfully built, wealthy, bling adorned Jamaican Rastafarian, I will really begin to worry, but of course that is in the realms of science fiction it will never happen.

The nobility, the one’s who were born to rule the great unwashed will never allow their blood line that has taken thousands of years to perfect and decades of intermarrying with European nobles and princesses, to be corrupted by anyone that has not also been blessed with similar noble breeding and most certainly not with blacks or commoners ask Diana or Wallis Simpson they found out the hard way.

They will continue to rule and perpetuate their purity of race long after the English peasant classes has bred themselves out of existence with the disgusting assistance of the treacherous mind games of the anti-British, Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

No, this is consumption for the masses. This is pure, unadulterated childish propaganda. Goebbels would have wet himself laughing at the inept amateurish attempts at brainwashing. Those with an IQ that has not quite reached double figures might believe it’s acceptable. Or to put it another way, an English girl that feels being impregnated by a black is the way to go, just might be social climbing. A judge at Crufts would blanch on seeing the progeny of a magnificent breed, which has been cross bred with a cross breed which again has bred from another cross breed and they are animals for Gods sake! That applies to races, be it Kalahari Bushmen or Hottentots.

What primitive morals do these desperate people possess that want to deliberately breed out the distinctive qualities of a particular native indigenous race by race blending? The Labour party totally disgust me!

The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has huge archives on propaganda. One of its sites on Nazi propaganda reads “To maintain simplicity it had to put over just a few main points, which had to be repeated many, many times” and “Propaganda has to be simple and appeal to the emotions” It continues “The story of the Nazi rise to power of the 1930’s is often seen as a classic example of how to achieve political ends through propaganda”

Recognise it? The BBC does! It was a Dr Joseph Goebbels, who was minister for popular enlightenment and propaganda, who like the BBC saw the immense importance of mass subliminal mind games.

This is exactly what the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) is doing here. Today our teachers have been told that we are now entering a new age of enlightenment so it is best our children are not taught our history and traditions for fear of offending people who should have never been allowed here in the first place.

The BBC is doing no more or no less than subliminal broadcasting that proved so successful for Hitler, is the public aware? I don’t think so.

The Nazi’s had an agenda, which we are told cost 6 million lives, our government also has an agenda, with the help of complicit traitors within the government and the BBC, it is the slow dilution and eventual eradication of a distinct race of people, on today’s count that’s about 60 million lives. It’s The ENGLISH race…………………. your race. Wake up people!

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