Saturday, 19 January 2013

The True purpose of Multiculturism.

The way we were, Skegness Foreshore, 20's

The True purpose of Multiculturism.

The comment that prompted me to write this article was the statement that the ‘New World Order’ is a myth. Just observing the political face of Europe one cannot help already seeing disturbing social changes quietly taking place. Simplistically, the nation states of Europe are slowly being dismembered. Economic Communities, European Economic Communities and the European Union, call it what you will, have been part of a plan for Europe committed to European integration, NOT union. Union and integration have two entirely different meanings.

European integration was seen as an escape from the ‘extreme forms of Nationalism’ plaguing Europe, but the plan for Europe commenced well before WW2 by academics who were drawn to the ultra left side of politics, Marxist, Trotskyites, extreme left Socialist and Fabian philosophers. It was Trotsky that said that Fabianism was an attempt to save Capitalism from the working classes

The formation of a federation of Europe was conceived decades before the land mass of Europe rose from the ashes of WW2 but came of age when the diseased foetus which was sired in 1957 by the six members of the European coal and Steel Community that had signed the Treaty of Rome which was extended to create the European Economic Community, the EEC. These successive reformations were not born out of economic or trading necessity but expediency to transform the whole of Europe, over a period of time including Great Britain, into one entity and to further the creation of a New Order for Europe.

For this transformation to succeed all FORMS and SIGNS of Nationalism had to be crushed. Nationalism with its pride in the nation state, its flag and identity was going to be the number one enemy. The European Union enacted the race laws; in the UK the EHRC was specifically formed by the government to rigorously implement them. It was less to do with the suppression of racial divides and tensions but rather to stop the rise of Nationalism. All ethnic peoples of Europe and the UK are now paying dearly for their leader’s treachery and for their own apathy.

The creation of a Multi-Cultural society is the perfect tool to destroy an existing Mono-cultural society. Terms like vibrant diversity, a rich exciting blend of exotic cultures, cultural enrichment of our society are empty, meaningless phrases which are used by the government controlled MSN to help you to meekly accept your own demise as an ethnic grouping.

There are many rich and diverse cultures in this world, from the Inuits to the Peruvians, even the Burmese are comprised of 100 ethnic groups. But it is the affluent west that the globalists have decided to reshape. The culture that they have chosen to destroy is the European culture, for Globalist read Bankers and anyone who would benefit from a race-less, face-less Marxist/socialist controlled One Order.

It is used continually in the press and on television via visual images and the printed word to subliminally indoctrinate the people to accept an ideological brand of something very few need or indeed want. There will be no diversity; there will be no exotic, dazzling blend of cultures in an authoritarian oligarchic New Order, these little luxuries are not factored in. It’s a one size fits all.

Unless you fully understand this most basic premise you cannot even to begin to understand the purpose of the ideological war being waged by our governments with the help of the EHRC against any person, group or political party ethnic to this land, who fight to retain their identity.

The EHRC’s behaviour is undemocratic and criminal. They hurl libellous vexatious accusations at the BNP on order from their Westminster cloistered bosses who fund this group of traitors in an attempt to bankrupt a small political party. The unlawful, continual harassment of a legally constituted democratic political party should be thrashed out in court of law. The government should be ashamed of themselves resorting to vote rigging and using third world tactics to destroy political opposition.

I repeat Nationalism is the mortal enemy of Marxism and their Holy Grail of a creation of a ‘New Order’. That is why Austria’s democratically elected right wing party led by Jorg Haider was described by the EU puppet masters as a xenophobic populist and his party was hit with sanctions by Brussels. Serbia, also fiercely Nationalistic was illegally invaded and hit economically hard when Kosovo wanted independence from the sovereign state of Serbia, why France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen right wing leader of the Front National has been vilified and Hungary’s right wing Jobbik supporters were fired on using live bullets party by Hungary’s state police force during a passive sit-down protest.

I stress that for this political transformation to succeed, all forms and signs of Nationalism have to be crushed, brutally if need be. It is an illegal, unelected, pseudo-government that decides Europe’s future and if this political madness continues it will also preside over Europe’s fate.

Any peasant who publicly voices resentment at the loss of their sovereignty and control of their borders are silenced by fear of reprisals, loss of employment and vilification. They then retreat into apathy. In quiet moments they ponder, I do not understand what is happening, I fear for my future, I fear for my children’s future and for the future of my country.

There has been a lengthy treatise written about a ‘The New World Order’ so I will only select passages that point to the changes that Nationalist will immediately recognize that are driving the reformation of the whole of Europe and Great Britain.

I feel the expression New World Order is a misnomer. Only when Nationalism is neutered can a New Order rise.

India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Middle East, Israel and Indonesia are all fiercely nationalistic countries. Europe and the UK are the initial targets for the New Order.

Here follows quotes straight from the horse’s mouth. Clause Cheysson, former French Foreign Secretary Quote. "The Europe of Maastricht could only have been created in the absence of democracy."

Raymond Barre, former French Prime Minister, "I have never understood why public opinion about European ideas should be taken into account."

EU Commission President Romano Prodi, ‘Here in Brussels, a true European government has been born. I have governmental powers, I have executive powers for which there is no other name in the world, whether you like it or not, than government"

Administrator for "Global Governance for the 21st Century" James Gustave Speth said in the opening sentence of the report "Mankind's problems can no longer be solved by national government. What is needed is a World Government. This can best be achieved by strengthening the United Nations system."

July 18, 1993 -- CFR member and Trilateralist Henry Kissinger writes in the Los Angeles Times concerning NAFTA: "What Congress will have before it is NOT a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system... a first step toward a New Order."

1992 – ‘The Twilight of Sovereignty’ by CFR member (and former Citicorp Chairman) Walter Wriston is published, in which he claims:

"A truly global economy will require ... compromises of national sovereignty... There is no escaping the system”

July 20, 1992 - Time magazine publishes the Birth of the Global Nation by Strobe Talbott, Rhodes Scholar, roommate of Bill Clinton at Oxford University, CFR Director, and Trilateralist, in which he writes:

"All countries are basically social arrangements... No matter how permanent or even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary... Perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all... But it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for WORLD GOVERNMENT."

There they stand; chests puffed out and with enthused righteousness proclaim “We are a Multicultural society”

A small anguished voice cries out “and whose effing fault is that?”