Saturday, 19 January 2013

Great Britain, the once cradle of democracy.

Great Britain, the once cradle of democracy.

I would vote for the British National Party but I am afraid if I do I will lose my job”

I should highlight the farce that Great Britain is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human rights and a member of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and champions of the oppressed. One could ask why then are her own people being discriminated against and scattered to the far corners of the country and the world to escape a crazy Marxist plan that will eventually destroy it as a distinct ethnic group


“I want like to be a nurse but being a member of the British National Party excludes me”

We should never forget those memorable words uttered by Churchill when we fought another war for survival; he said “We will fight them on the beaches, we shall never surrender”. Just over a half century later a ‘British’ Parliamentarian, a son of a Jewish refugee said “The English as a race should not exist”; the attack is from all sides, even from our own. 200 years ago this mans head would have been separated from his body at the Tower.

One could ask why the BNP or in fact any patriotic group of people is so hated by the establishment. The answer is simple and straight forward; they are opposed to everything the new Marxist order is trying to achieve. The core of this cancer resides in Brussels. It does not bode well for the future of Europe the longer this cancer is allowed to destroy all of its nations. The weapon to silence all European peoples is forced Multiculturism. Enough has been written about this emerging monster and how it is brainwashing our children, and diluting our identity. The loss of our unique English heritage and traditions is a very high price for our people’s apathy.

If the European people want to survive a chaotic future they have got to unite, there is no other answer. The British Government is happy with the immigration figures as long as the people arriving equal the numbers of people leaving but if the numbers leaving are the fleeing indigenous people, who replaces them? If this trend continues, in 100 years time with the breeding rates in-balance the character of this country will have completely changed and that is precisely the plan. This rot cannot be resolved at the ballot box as in the UK electoral ballots are rigged; there are still about 16 outstanding cases of electoral fraud before the courts perpetrated by our dusky colonisers. With the choice of a one party state voter turnout is obviously going to be low.

The French Front Nationale want out of the European Union and immigration stopped, The True Finns party of Finland wants out of the EU and a stop to immigration, Jobbik of Hungary want to leave the EU. Someone in the BNP should take this on board and start some form of dialogue and cooperation. I believe a start has been made with Nick Griffin making overtures with European Nationalist parties. The establishment, all government departments, Common Purpose that hide behind a charitable status a most dangerous enemy, the controlled media, Unions the clergy are our enemy, our salvation wont come from within our country.

Marxism and Nationalism are two opposite poles, one destroys nations the other will unite them, Marxism the ideology of the European Federation, repudiates individualism and religion. Churchill was our last great Nationalist, now the British National Party pick up his sword to fight on.