Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eire Capitulates

Eire Capitulates

Beijing and China’s unbridled celebration of Nationalism; Try that little stunt in the UK and see what happens. Nationalism and with it a celebration of ones heritage, culture and history is being systematically destroyed in the UK and Europe, or indeed throughout what we refer to as the ‘Western World’.

Any signs of Nationalism on the streets of Europe will unearth the Liberalists, Communists, Fascists and many other bottom crawling feeders.

It appears all this was foreshadowed nearly 70 years ago by one of the two men who, more than any others were responsible for creating the government we now live under. Altiero Spinelli, an Italian Communist sitting in a Fascist jail, hatched a plan after the Second World War to build a new United States of Europe, realised it would be necessary to piece together the new form of government gradually over many years without explaining its ultimate aim.

Today it has all gone to plan. In the past there have been a few slight hiccups like the rejection of the EU constitution (Lisbon Treaty) by France, Holland and Ireland, and Norway who realised one of the conditions of being a member country was the surrendering of its sovereignty and quite rightly got cold feet and pulled out.

I do not know if the Italian communist sitting in a fascist jail realised at the time how his sketches on a piece of paper of a germ of an idea, the operative word here being germ, would go. He may have decided that a new reformation of Europe had to take place after decades of Europe being torn apart by war.

After the crazed Moslem hordes swept across North Africa and into southern Europe plus the many inter country rivalries and culminating in two world wars would result in a very heavy price being paid in civilian lives.

The basis of the idea may have been quite sound at the time but many influential people saw the chance to make millions and achieve power beyond avarice. Its present form may have no comparison to his original doodles

Jumping ahead 70 years little did this Italian Fascist who doodled on scraps of paper in his jail cell, realise that one day a country named Eire would be faced with a dilemma whether to implore the European Federation not turn off its life support system and at the same time to keep its own constitution. It was a lose/lose situation.

Prior to Eire becoming a fully fledged Euro member its economy was stagnating. Prior to the rejection to accept the European constitution in preference to its own, Eire’s flagging economy and high unemployment was nothing to do with rejecting the EU Lisbon Treaty, it was the result of the financial meltdown due to the greedy speculation of the Jewish money lenders in America like Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch and others. Even the Socialist Federation in Brussels were feeling the heat.

Eire’s economy shrank by 7.5% in the last three months of 2008 compared with the same period a year earlier. The construction industry, which has faced a housing market slump, suffered a 24% fall in output, the biggest fall on record. Unemployment has nearly doubled, too. At the start of 2008 it was running at 5%. It is now more like 10%.

The Irish voters who rejected the EU constitution the first time round were warned in no uncertain terms what would happen if that rejected it a second time. They were reminded it was the European federation that bankrolled them and wrongly lifted their economy out of the doldrums. The frighteners were put on.

Conglomerates like Ryanair and others poured millions into a ‘yes’ vote as did the European federations taxpayers money set aside for such contingencies. But in time for such allegiances of convenience these bribes will be called in.

The Irish have voted YES for the European constitution (Lisbon Treaty) Does an Irish citizen, as they walk the streets of Dublin, understand the bizarre make up of the peoples around them comes as the price to pay for being a member of the EU thus agreeing to all its laws, legislations, agreements, amendments which are made in consensus with other 29 countries and rubber stamped by it parliament in Dublin, Slovak countries who economy is drip fed off the three rich EU member states.

As one commentator noted, short of Karzai-style stuffing of the ballot boxes, the European and Irish political establishments could scarcely have done more to push this second Irish referendum in the way they want. To ensure a "Yes" vote, all the normal rules governing balanced media coverage were suspended. The European Commission has poured €1.5 million into an unprecedented advertising blitz.

The dictatorship is not fully complete but the little Italian fascist in his jail cell would be proud of his penciled scribbling.

Today the voters of Ireland had the chance to say "No" to the political class which now rules over them thanks to what has amounted to the most extraordinary slow-motion coup d'état in history.