Thursday, 24 January 2013


It is all in a name; Orwell wrote about it at length. In his future prophesy 1984 the dictionary was in its 6th edition. Proles were employed full time rewriting history and re defining words. It was in 1949 when he wrote his novel 1984. He wrote of his vision of our future, of stifling and persuasive government surveillance, of an oligarchical, authoritarian regime ruling over a collectivist society, According to Encyclopædia Britannica, "collectivism has found varying degrees of expression in the 20th century in such movements as socialism, communism, and fascism, that is the recipe, and these compose the basic ingredients. (LibLabCon, Searchlight and UAF.

In the Ministry of Truth, protagonist Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party's propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct, It is important to understand in political philosophy "collectivism" refers to any philosophy or system that puts any kind of group before the individual, in our case the single most driving Socialist/Marxist philosophy or ideology is Multiculturism which preferences Multiculturism over the individual.

Great Britain and Europe are now taking part in a grand experiment in the birth of a single collective society, for them hopefully from this revolting turmoil of a Multicultural mishmash will emerge a single race-less, state-less, nation-less group of people with no ethnic origin, or racial distinction. Britons as a distinct race WILL slowly disappear and a single, collective society will emerge. At the moment the monster that is in charge of this repulsive experiment rests comatose, like a scorpion sheltering under the hot noon-day sun, temporarily using the innocuous title of the European Union, but in time when the last foundation stone has been set in place that will change. Welcome to the world of George Orwell.

Life in Orwell’s Oceanian province of Airstrip One which I can liken to contemporary Great Britain was a world of perpetual war, (war on Terror) pervasive government surveillance, (4.2 Million CCTV camera’s) and incessant public mind control (Political correctness). The individual is always subordinated to the state that is Orwell’s Oceania. You may not be aware but you are living in it.

It is interesting to note that George Orwell, a dedicated democratic socialist, believed that collectivism resulted in the empowerment of a minority of individuals that led to further oppression of the majority of the population in the name of some ideal such as freedom which is strange when the peoples freedom of speech and expression are being viciously curtailed by the state police in the name of forced Multiculti.

So what about the redefining of names? The ideology of Multiculturism may have forced our people to accept a diversity of cultures but at the same time because of this undemocratic imposition countries of Europe acquired a ghetto mentality naturally separating these cultures that refuse to take part in this vibrant, rich diversity and who prefer to live with their own people. Black flight to the Ghetto’s, white flight to the countryside, it is understandable, it’s the natural order of things being near and socializing with ones own tribe and kin.

The modern UK Ministry of Truth ordered the word Ghetto to be removed from the dictionary and replaced with the description, Visible Ethnic Clusters. Winston would have understood the importance of this. On the European mainland they were faced with a similar problem. In France Multiculturism has spawned 750 Zones de non-Droit or No Go zones, so like the UK’s use of Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’ the French redefines them as Zones Urbanes Sensibles translated meaning Sensitive Urban Zones, an understatement of rich proportions, as if altering names will change the meaning and make the problem go away.

These zones are violent areas spawned by Multiculturism, peopled by the dross of the underdeveloped world, areas which the police, ambulance, fire services, doctors, and postal authorities dare not enter, areas which in themselves are separate enclaves, whose day to day activities are run by the Imams, thugs and drug gangs. This hideous social experiment is only taking place within the developed world.

It is many of the day to day names that have been given new meaning as well, particularly names that might offend anyone or cause ordinary people and sexual deviants undue angst or stress. For those people that might fall into the above sexual deviant category I have just referred to I do not mean to be blatantly disrespectful but I use the word sexual deviant with some degree of caution in that their sexual habits do deviate somewhat from the accepted norm. Homosexuals who were once referred to as Queers, Pansies, ‘orses ‘oofs, Nancy boys, Poofters and a host of other names are now referred to as Gay. I must admit I cannot for the life of me see the connection, for there is nothing gay about holding hands with ones hollow-eyed partner lying in a hospital bed slowly dying of aids.

Dwarfs are now little people, no-one is crippled they are all mobility challenged. I have sometimes wondered why there are disabled parking places outside ice skating rinks. Deaf people are now hearing impaired.

If and when the EU advocates the lowering of the age of sexual consent for children I assume the word Paedophile will also be removed from our vocabulary and politicians, members of the clergy and judges will be able to breathe a lot easier.

How about neutralizing gender? We now have Oscars for best Actor (female) and Oscars for best actor (male). The Noun, Actress has now been fully deleted from the dictionary this greatly pleases ladies of the opposite sex who still rant incessantly about non existent glass ceilings. Policemen are now Policepersons. The description Police Force is too confronting for our ever-growing, medieval, bearded, swarthy temporary desert visitors so it is now referred to as the Police Service. Retarded people are intellectually challenged, and so it goes on as ad nausea.

I do see a lot of frightening similarities between the madness gripping the first world and George Orwell’s Oceania, obviously the Proles do not. The whole nightmarish system only needs ramping up a little which time will attend to, unless the Proles happen to awaken first.

To put this madness into some form of perspective how about this one. Theme park bosses have re-named their colony of fairy penguins amid fears they could upset the ‘gay’ community. Managers at Sea World, on Australia’s Gold Coast, are now calling the species "little penguins" in case associations with the word "fairy" offend visitors to the park.

I have seen stickers on the back of Taxis announcing ‘Proud to be a Cabbie’ I am waiting patiently to see stickers informing the world that the driver is ‘Proud to be a Fairy’ I feel it will be a long time coming.

During the incessant brainwashing inflicted on the Proles in Orwell’s 1984 this was the recurring message in Winston’s mind;

Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me—

And that is precisely what our Totalitarian Government and the treasonous Monarchy have done to the people of this country. I do not want to spoil your day but for the optimists among you, in the prophesy 1984 the Proles never did wake up.