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The Great Betrayal

The Great Betrayal.

Successive British governments have by design or incompetence caused misery and bloodshed around the world. The Palestinian problem was just one betrayal to the Arabs who helped the Allies defeat Rommel in North Africa. In 1947 the British Government announced their desire to terminate the Mandate over Palestine and passed the responsibility over Palestine to the United Nations.

The Arabs had previously been promised a homeland by the British which never eventuated but are now permanent refugees and have been in a continual state of war ever since.

They invited Indian migrants into Fiji which over time resulted in the Indian immigrant population, who was brought in to cut cane, almost equal in number the indigenous Fijians, sounding familiar?

The British Colonial Office handling of Fiji has resulted is a succession of military coups. It appeared no-one in Whitehall took into account the disparity in the breeding rates of the two different races, which is precisely the situation we are experiencing at present in the UK and Europe.

At present it is still being run by the Fijian military with the UK threatening to expel them from the British Commonwealth of Nations unless they hold elections. They seem to have forgotten that it was their incompetent professional elitist career politicians who started the whole social upheaval thousands of miles away in the Colonial Office in Whitehall.

They partitioned India and created Pakistan, I won’t even begin chronicle the murder and mayhem that has resulted from that little exercise. That little exercise in colonial stupidity is now affecting the rest of the world.

I haven’t mentioned the thousands of children in Iraq who starved to death after the Coalition of the Killing invaded, looking for knowingly non-existent weapons and before the oil for food programme was instituted.

The Tamil uprising in Sri Lanka was yet monumental inspired British Colonial Office cock up. The root of modern conflict goes back to British colonial rule when the country was known as Ceylon. A nationalist political movement from Sinhalese communities arose in the country in the early 20th century with the aim of obtaining political independence, which was eventually granted by the British after peaceful negotiations in 1948; perhaps they forgot to ask the people of Ceylon whether they wanted partition.

It sounds like a re-play of the birth of Pakistan.

Perhaps in time they might cede Bradford to the colonisers after pressure from the Moslem Council of Great Britain.

The ability of the British government to continue to make such catastrophic decisions in the future will be taken out of their hands. Future decisions will be decided by consensus of European nations, some whose economy rely solely on its prime export of goat’s milk and enticing foreign tourists to taste the local delicacy, Beetroot and Turnip sandwiches, and to attempt to master their folk dancing.

The Coup de Graće is the present great betrayal of their native people. They FORCED third world Multiculturism on its first world people with the threat of dire consequences if anyone protested. Multiculturism didn’t work, so they changed the name to Interculturism. Who gave them the right to do that? After WW2 we were still Great Britain, it was not considered a multicultural society.

We woke one day to be told you are now a Multicultural society. I repeat, who gave them the bloody permission to do that. Was there a referendum, because I don’t remember?

They ran roughshod over their colonial empire and the legacy is going to be felt for years and the blood will continue to flow for years.

Our treacherous governments now look inward to its own people and we fear what direction our future might take due to their ongoing dreadful mistakes, can we look forward to a possible Moslem uprising in the UK if Israel dare take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, a full-blown jihad against the West maybe. Over 2 million and a half million of its followers have been invited in, why not?

There is still a very dirty way war going at the present in Somalia financed by our government. The four top African brass doing the bidding of the UK government are sadistic killers and their names have been put forward to be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

They are financed by the UK and have homes in the UK. This madness has killed thousands; children with legs and arms missing or killed whilst in their mothers arms. Children with shrapnel embedded in their skulls.

All thanks to the financing of their generals with British tax-payers money. I was left speechless by a comment by a knighted politician in London giving a feeble excuse for his government’s vile actions. Like the Middle East, it is a continuing dirty war.

It is a very disturbing Doco and reveals how key politicians at the heart of the vicious fighting in Somalia have incredibly close links to Britain. They have British or EU passports and many have family living here in places like Birmingham and Leicester.

British taxpayers are financing them in the name of democracy - yet
in Somalia they are linked to extortion and corruption, allegations of mass murder, torture,

Reporter Aidan Hartley sets off on the trail of four senior figures
in Somalia's Western-backed government - an investigation which takes
him from Leicester and Birmingham to Mogadishu.

And now for the greatest betrayal of all?

Edward Heath, House of Commons, 25.2.70, before EEC entry

there will not be a blueprint for a federal Europe.

Edward Heath, Government White Paper, July 1971.

There is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty

On BBC TV's Question Time, 1.11.91, Heath was directly asked "...the single currency, the United States of Europe: was that in your mind when you took Britain in?" He replied "Of course, yes...
AND DO YOU STILL TRUST THEM? Lab/Lib/Con. WAKE UP! there is no difference.

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