Friday, 26 October 2012

Perception of Nationalism

Perception of Nationalism
There are 5 sensory organs which trigger perception. Touch taste, hearing, sight and smell and it is the brain that computes the input from the senses. Perception is the process by which an organism attains awareness or understanding of its environment by interpreting this sensory information. When one reads of Islamic militants, Islamic fundamentalists, Islamic Jihad, Islamic ideologies, Islamic terrorist activities and atrocities, for Christians the perception of evil is so strong it is not open to any varying degree of interpretation. Throughout the West the perception of Islam is ugly, dangerous and foreboding and threatens all things that Christians believe in.

None of the five senses warn you directly of the abhorrence of evil, it is your mental understanding given the facts. The problem it is how you process these facts and how valid are these ‘facts’ that will determine your understanding. You may never meet a Taliban fighter but your perception of him has already been cemented.

One could open the debate that religion is nothing more than superstition preached not by Gods chosen ones but by mere mortals who experience human weaknesses and frailties just like you and I. Is religion an industry, if so perhaps it should be listed on the stock exchange, or perhaps it is just a mental illusion, a moral crutch that by following a simple set of God’s commandments angels will one day guide the believers, who confess their sins and pray for forgiveness, and safely deliver them to a Nirvana that God promised all Christians. On Earth that interpretation of Nirvana is different for all cultures, creeds and religions. So who is right, all or no-one?

He who controls the printing presses controls the degree of truth that is allowed to filter through to the masses and thus controls the people’s perception of world events. So how have the press engineered the misconception of a Nationalist? Surely a Nationalist is a Patriot, a person who ‘loves and zealously supports and defends his or her country’. If the brain is bombarded continually with misinformation then the brain receives and computes distorted information. This is being practiced daily by the ‘useful idiots’ the red tutors in Universities, the print media and the National Broadcaster.

It is also referred to as brainwashing. It is important to understand the meaning of patriot has changed since WW2 simply because in time of war it galvanised the patriots to defend their country, today however there is no room for Patriotism/Nationalism in a planned One World Order. These attributes which once were highly desirous are now deemed extremist. In the near future European people will not be able to 'lay claim" to a country so there will be no call for Patriotism or Nationalism.

Patriots/Nationalists, how can those descriptions be tarnished? Well they are. A worldwide agenda is at present underway and it is Marxist/Socialist in nature, its single enemy is Nationalism/Patriotism. With the press and TV Media and in some cases the clergy on their side, the architects of one branch of this global alliance of which there are many including the European Union, is out to destroy the people of Europe who lay claim to “their land”

Meanwhile the press when reporting of Nationalists or Patriots infer extremism, hooliganism, right wing activists, racism ‘but never love and support for ones country’ for without a country which one can lay claim patriotism or Nationalism is just an empty vessel it has lost all moral, religious or cohesive ethnic identity which holds a tribal group together, and that is the precisely the aim of the enemy of the people who wish to destroy all European peoples who “lay claim to their land” and by smearing the name of patriots and selling out their nationhood. We can only gasp at vile depths of depravity this immoral, treacherous humankind will sink to.

Nationalists/Patriots are as welcome in this ‘New European Reformation’ as a Jewish appreciation society in Auschwitz.

Meanwhile the federation uses the resources of its member states National Broadcasting Services to reinforce the supposed advantages of surrendering their constitutions, currency, borders and all that makes them so uniquely and wonderfully different, aided by a bottomless money pit reserved for the Propaganda Unit in Brussels for broadcasting its pro EU friendly messages. The government have ordered the media to show Nationalism negatively, when I say the government I mean the European Union.

The description Union is a misnomer it is NOT a union. No European people voted to merge as a union of European states, our leaders chose to do so without consulting the people, I repeat it is NOT a union but a Totalitarian form of government.

Without access to lie machines or political printing presses it is hard for people who ‘love and zealously support and defend their country’ to spread the truth to the patriots who one day will be dispossessed of “their of land” because without this information the land of their ancestors does not appear to be all that important in the overall scheme of things when daily gossip trivia and TV quizzes were.

So how do we change the public’s perception of Patriots without access to political lie machines? First by removing any perceived connection to right wing extremism, non-existent hooliganism and racism the perception surely has to change, we remove the ‘One Worlders’ of their ammunition. The legitimate concerns by Nationalists that are brought up time and time again are all symptoms not the cause.

Maybe we should highlight neither the symptoms nor the cause as both are blindingly apparent to all indigenous people when walking around most of our cities and towns but rather hold up the mirror that will show them their own future by the worrying facts that cannot be disproved, quoting government figures.

We must appreciate that the lands of the desert people who flee by the hundreds and thousands to our country are being invaded by force of arms and they too are bitterly resentful, the only difference here is that whereas our land is being invaded by stealth any resentment to losing ‘OUR’ land is quashed not by force of arms but by threats of retribution or incarceration for non compliance by the State Political Police.

Perception again, what is one man’s Patriot is another man’s Freedom fighter is another man’s terrorists. The reason Orwell is so often quoted today is that the world is beginning to look much like the world he wrote of. The similarities are frightening. Our Police ‘Bobbies’ once secured our security and the safety of our people now their primary role is to police what might be a construed as possible thought or hate crimes, always taking the side of the perceived aggrieved who will in most cases will be a swarthy interloper, they are now truly Orwell’s Thought Police that are deployed to help create an autocratic empire.

The new Patriot leaders must be well educated, articulate, well dressed and media savvy. A university degree or two would not go astray. The NEW Nationalist leaders must not dwell on race or colour but on numbers. Point out towns and parts of our capital city where THEY, our people are already in the minority and what being in the ‘minority’ in ones country will one day entails by reference to other examples in other parts of the world. They can point out the percentage of white people in our prisons, not the coloured population or immigrants; let the socialist BBC interviewer work the colour ratios themselves.

It is important to stress our degree of loss of self rule which then dominoes throughout unemployment of our people, lack of housing, selling off our infrastructure, the dumbing down of education the unsustainable high population figures, the election system that is open to corruption, the gross imposition of high education costs and the loss of direction for a whole generation of young people.

Most importantly the snake has to be decapitated at its head and although it would be akin to the Ukraine attempting to secede from the Russian soviet empire during the cold war the violent reaction to our attempted removal from the European Union will be as comparatively as ruthless and traumatic. There is no hope for this country while we remain governed by a comparatively small non-elected Marxist Mafioso ruling a pseudo government in a foreign country, END OF STORY.

This should be the nationalist first priority rather than worrying about the loss of Southall and Bradford and a host of other English towns that have already lost their unique English character and others that are too far gone and are already sinking into a quagmire reminiscent of third world cess pit caused by third world diversity that the ordinary people will hopefully one day understand. 

There are far more pressure groups within the UK that is vehemently Anti EU. Retake our country and we can make this country look much less unattractive to the third world nomads looking for Shangri La and with self rule we will be able to say to their carers and sponsors, the United Nations, sorry no more, we are full up.