Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pee is for Peterborough.

Pee is for Peterborough.

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This is Peterborough, blight on the English landscape. The manifestation of a hideous social experiment that went dreadfully wrong, the yardstick that measures all that is terribly wrong with this country.

This once beautiful English cathedral city that is slowly morphing into a potpourri of many peoples whose cultures and standards of accepted behavior are so alien to our own, a city that’s witnessing its Englishness slowly disappearing by the day. In NuLabour’s New Britain there are many Peterborough’s, so one could ask why single out Peterborough. Well it’s a comparative yardstick to actually witness an ongoing audit on the changing face of our English cities.

Let us take a closer look at Peterborough. We won’t refer to the thousands of the world’s poor, a myriad of needy and economic leeches that have descended on that city like a plague of scavenging Locusts; we shall remain politically correct here, we shall TRY and remain above negative criticism and just present the facts.

We were told by Helen Clark, a sometime, onetime, now forgotten city councilor that her city boasted a rich and colourful diversity which can truly celebrate Multiculturalism to the fullest, with unbridled enthusiasm she gushed like an excited schoolgirl announcing to her parents that a boy had asked her out, that its peoples were speaking over a hundred different languages and living side by side in total and complete harmony.

Within a week of this making this interesting observation all hell broke loose, with Peterborough descending into 5 days of rioting with Paki knocking the s**t out of the Kurds.

In 2002 a police crime and disorder audit of Peterborough asked residents how many times had they been a victim of crime in the last two years. 48.3% said they had been threatened with violence. 18.3% said they had been the victim of violent crime and 3.5% a victim of sexual attack.

The most worrying trend is that of reporting. Less than 50% actually reported the crime to the police. When respondents were asked why they did not report the crime, 24.3% said that THE POLICE WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, 20.7% said there was no chance of catching the criminal.

The police report went on to say, with cross racial public relations rising to the fore and (treading with extreme caution) and I quote, “Peterborough has a culturally and ethnically diverse population and tip toe-ing very carefully so as to not to offend the fragile ethnic sensitivities continued “unfortunately a ‘small’ element of our community have caused a severe strain on relations in Peterborough.

Yes people, a 'small element'. Its called Political Policespeak. It does George Orwell proud! There is a possibilty of a knighthood being bestowed on a government robot if all is done to placate the peasants and return them to their normal state of apathy.

So a 'small' number of immigrants locked Peterborough into 5 days of rioting, do they think we are that stupid? who said yes?

So the true figures are much, much higher. Now the question has to be asked, and no doubt the only people that can give a critical and truthful answer to this question are the aged.

Is Peterborough more lawless today than it was say, in the 1940’s and 50’s? If so, why? One also has to ask, exactly what has forced diversity and forced multiculti achieved for the people whose forebears for centuries have lived in that now festering city?

We know what Bliar was trying to achieve but at what a price you may ask that a whole nation of people is being sacrificed for the egotistical dreams of a deranged madman and his wi

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