Monday, 1 October 2012



n this small white Diaspora, the records at the Town hall will show there are only 52 CCTV cameras observing every movement of the subdued, frightened and heavily taxed peasants. The Europia selected town council was pleased to announce that speakers have now been installed alongside the security cameras and the press was invited along for a preview of their effectiveness.

The stentorian command reverberated across the High Street; “The man in the green jacket and dark trousers, you have been observed discarding a cigarette butt on the pavement, your action have been recorded. You are required to report to your nearest Europol office of the Tribunal for Minor Offences against the republic”

Needless to say, I was very impressed. This was new to my country. I was informed that an edict from the European Office of Federated Socialist Republics based in Brussels, and emanating from its Public Observation and Scrutiny Department has ordered that that all member countries are now required to standardize on security, so with this in mind the town councilors conducted an open day for the press.

Security in these troubling times is essential. It was only a month ago that an informant had alerted the authorities that a group calling themselves The People’s Christian Democratic Alliance were due to hold a inaugural meeting above The White Horse. Heavily armed police from the Europol Quick Response Group (EQRG) raided the house and a number of reactionaries are now being held without charge for the customary two weeks for alleged political subversion.

“The woman in the tweed suit and carrying an umbrella, you have just allowed your dog to foul the footpath. This is a very serious offence. You are required to present yourself to your nearest Europol office of the Tribunal for Major Offences against the Republic. This offence has been recorded”

The ever watching prying eye follows the frightened peasants. Who allowed this madness to happen? Was it the criminal inaction of its peasants that brought this Orwellian nightmare to our streets?

The United Kingdom, which has the largest CCTV network anywhere in the world, is a prime example of the way visual surveillance has changed dramatically since 1990, since the death of Princess Dianne, the tragic death of 2 year old James Bulger and the murder of Jill Dando. The fact that so many admitted they never knew when or where they were under surveillance has something of an echo of a famous book on the subject.

It becomes almost impossible not to mention at this point George Orwell’s 1984, his disturbing portrait of a society that destroys privacy and distorts truth, aka BBC. Words that Orwell created like Newspeak, Doublethink and Thought Police have long since entered our vocabulary along with Spin Doctors and all other accoutrements of modern politics.

Here is the tragedy usually only attributed to Lemmings, The various surveys conducted by universities and study groups into the proliferation of CCTV cameras show that a running average of around 72 per cent do not object to them, but almost the same number are worried that the cameras could easily be abused in the hands of the wrong people, and many fear that those in CONTROL like the ‘EuroStazi’ could not be ‘completely’ trusted to use them for the public good.

For more very detailed information on the 1984 scenario set in the early 21st century I suggest you read the startling revelations in the book Total Surveillance by John Parker published in the UK by Judy Piatkus Publishers Limited.

“Attention, the child in the blue dress picking flowers…………………….