Thursday, 25 October 2012

He was a man of Middle Eastern Appearance

He was a man of Middle Eastern Appearance

A man of middle Eastern appearance wearing what appears to be a white nightshirt and a strange hat, has a hook for substitute hand and wears a patch over one eye and wearing sandals leads a group of desert people wearing sandals to a position outside of a Mosque in a quiet tree lined English street in a place called London.

His followers are fortunate that they have a posse of English policemen to clear then close the streets after them and to provide an escort and security for him and his Eastern desert people. There are a small group of English patriots that also arrive and stand with their flags in mute protest. This Arab man then proceeds to rant and rave and threaten mayhem, death and destruction by his God Allah, to the country and people that have provided him, his wife and large brood of offspring and his religious followers with sanctuary, succour, accommodation and gratuitous monetary allowances.

The ethnic people observe expressionless, look nervously at each other but say nothing. They know that what they see is greatly disturbing, but woe betides anyone that dare raise their voice in protest, the fear by the people is ever present.

A religious man produces a compass and then as one his desert followers swing their bodies to point to the East. The men kneel; heads occasionally touching the ground then proceed to wail like Banshees to their desert God.

Woe betides anyone that dare raise their voice in protest. They just might find themselves wearing a nicely pressed suit fronting a judge at the Snaresbrook Magistrates Court the following morning.

The civilised people whose country he and his followers obscenely violate say and do nothing. Is this due to a prolonged threat of retribution for non acceptance of this madness or perhaps sedated apathy? You could liken it to the opening sequence of a science fiction story but it is not the future, it is the present. One is tempted to use the word Orwellian, but Orwell’s prophesies were of the future, this is here and now.

The ethnic people are aware that this madman had over two million followers of his strange religion living alongside them on their small island, but again there was no protest only silence. This eastern religious madman would still be spitting bile today had not a foreign government applied pressure to have him arrested.

These northern peoples will one day awaken to the realisation that they, the once fragmented English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh tribes united and who call this small island home are now finding to their horror it is also home to all of the peoples of Europe, the Caribbean and most of Africa. Will through their criminal inaction and extreme apathy transmute themselves out of existence do you think? There is no argument their government has caused this, but they gave their nod of agreement at the ballot box.

There are many other groups within our society that is hastening its demise. There is a very dangerous group that masquerades under the innocuous title of Common Purpose. I have no doubt in my mind it does have a ‘common’ purpose; unfortunately its common purpose will be of no benefit the people it is hell bent on betraying.

It is a tool; it has an extreme left socialist manifesto and which by stealth is infiltrating all levels of government and society. It sole purpose is to see this country converted into a completely class-less society. This is a necessity for the country’s preparation for incorporation into a socialist empire. It has been tried before, it didn’t work.

There always has to be and always will be a ruling class, even more so in a socialist society. A small hierarchy rules the ‘class-less’ society. A class-less society is a misnomer.

So what is the future? I am very tempted to say I do not see a future, well not of our understanding that is. It might take the form of a world that today we could not imagine. Worse still it might be a world even more bizarre than the world Mr Orwell penned when he wrote of the departments serving such varied purposes such as the ministry of love, truth, peace and plenty.

One thing we will have to admit, we brought it on ourselves, and we allowed it to happen. Welcome to the Brave New World.