Monday, 22 October 2012

Dangerous times for a Political blogger


Dangerous days for a Political blogger.

Today I officially became an accredited Political Internet Blogger. Up until now I have been a Bloggers blogger, now I have my own site. 

My wife has genuine concerns for my general well-being and safety. She is already discussing subjects she has never broached before like assassinations, specifically mine or being accidentally pricked with the end of a poisoned umbrella in the Piccadilly underground toilets or being found in a field with my wrists cut after committing suicide, and a 1500 year old Moratorium placed on any evidence that might be found to prove my death was an assassination or at the very least suspicious.

Up until now embroidering towels has been big in our house but this could be the start of a new chapter; I am now a registered political internet Blogger, an agitator. I tend to write my political blogs in a darkened room with the curtains pulled, a bit like a clandestine radio operator during war, a freedom fighter. Seeing I am a now a patriot and a champion for peoples’ rights of expression, of free speech, of right of association coupled with the right of self-determination then I am a clear and present danger to the security of the country.

 I ask myself am I prepared to suffer years of house arrest and privations as did Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi?

My wife is not at all happy with this new found crusade I have discovered and I admit her arguments are beginning to make sense. For instance she painted a scenario, one which you would not be unfamiliar with when a whistle blower confides in me about the Kenyan President of the United States of America and the truth concerning his misplaced African birth certificate.

 It could cause such a furore that the American Government might demand my extradition and I will be forced to flee the UK and claim political asylum in the Mongolian embassy in Caracas. For my supporters naturally I will do the right thing like coming onto the balcony and denouncing the fascist, corrupt Marxist Cameron/Cleggy government to the world and expose the New World Order for what it is, but how long can I keep this up?

In return for the scenario my wife painted for me I painted one for her, this is it. I posed if on one of her visits to the embassy I were to impregnate her, what then? She frowned; I continued on, will the resultant child be Mongolian or a Mongolian-Caraquenian? Yes Caraquenian credit to Wikipedia. She said that it would certainly be an immense coup for me as she passed child bearing age 20 years ago. I shook my head, I said that’s not the point, all bases have to be covered; a little co-operation would not go astray here.

So it is not fame I am looking for it is getting the message out to MY own countrymen that the truth will set them free. Ya ach wirklich! Die Wahrheit wird Sie befreien setzen, nicht War! The future for our children is particularly troubling if the Common Purpose educators decide that when the English population becomes a minority that the country’s first language should be Urdu then the English language might be consigned to being a Niche language somewhat like Welsh or Latin, or a dead one like Susquehannock.

How about this as an analogy. My people have been sentenced to oblivion by the mad Far Left Multiculturists and those preparing us for a New Order. The blindfold and the chance of a last cigarette have been offered or if one is a non-smoker perhaps a choice of a Liquorice Allsort. The firing squad wait. Are my people being stupid, seeing who can bluff the longest? Because I should warn them the demographers have mathematically crunched the figures, and half way through this century the bullet is on the way and it will be very difficult to side-step, did I say difficult? I meant impossible.

If my people do not sidestep the bullet then their children’s children will read in the history books that apart from Susquehannock being a dead language that the Mulutto English people a once a fair skinned race that populated these Northern Islands for thousands of years until they were told by the Marxist Madmen it is racist not to share their country with the rest of the world and to intermarry with blacks. It is imperative to note, without being racist naturally, that if a black woman marries a white man the resultant child will be predominately black. If a White woman marries a black man the resultant child will be predominately black, it does not take an Albert Schweitzer to realise Whites are the endangered species in this world.

………………The order to fire has yet to be given I do hope my people are not going to lay down and die without a fight