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The Loss of Childhood Innocence.

The Loss of Childhood Innocence.
The story leaked out that at the young mothers meeting one of the expectant mothers was informed by the hospital after a routine scan that her yet  unborn baby was going to be a girl. Another mother inquired if she had she picked a name for her new baby. She smiled mischievously and said she and her husband had plumped for Aisha. She was asked if under the bizarre circumstances existing in the UK if  that was wise thing to do.

This conversation has been monitored closely by an undercover Stasi State Operative posing as a work experience person at the children’s nursery who quickly alerted the local EU Racial and Thought Police on her mobile. You will be relieved to know the State Police arrived within 2 minutes of the call.

 It was later discovered this mother had already been in trouble with the Stasi State Police (SSP) after she informed the Day-Care authorities that her child was not particularly fond of Halal prepared food. The mother is now serving 3 months in a re-education camp situated on the Isle of Skye. Meanwhile her other three children have also been placed in care of a state re-education institution for Minors of repeat racial offenders.

This came on top of a disturbing revelation that this same Day-Care establishment had recently made history after a 5 year old was carted off after she was overheard to say she much preferred white smarties to black ones. She was later released into her mothers care but with a caution. The Judge ordered neither the 5 year olds identity to be made public nor the charge to be placed on a criminal record as it was her first offence; she was however placed on a good behaviour bond.

The Chief Constable Sir Yausaf Malik said these incidences are becoming more and more common and the State Police will be instituting zero tolerance for crimes of a racist nature. He added these incidences have been getting quite bizarre of late, referring to an Oldham man Mr Bertie Tomkins, who was arrested outside MacDonald’s after ordering a Halal Bacon Sandwich. He had attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by a Lady Policeman Constable Patel using her Taser.

The offender asked the judge for leniency pleading he did not order the sandwich for himself but for his Asian neighbour, he added he had also been sexually abused as a child and was deeply remorseful for his actions. The Judge was not amused. He will be reappearing before Lord Justice Singh for contempt of court.

Now you might think this tale somewhat far fetched but the facts below speak for themselves and I would be extremely worried for my children’s future, a future reminiscent of the future a Mr Orwell wrote about at length. This little tale is in fact reality, it is happening right now because the placid ‘Sheepy People’ have allowed it to happen.

I should point out to overseas readers that the UK’s Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 which was drawn up in Das Reich-Kapital in Bruges which compels all English public authorities, including schools and churches, to monitor children and log the details of racist abuse incidents on to databases.

It was revealed by a Ms. Munira Mirza that at present this database contains the details of “MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A MILLION ENGLISH CHILDREN who have been accused of racism since it became law.” Ms. Munira Mirza (₤82,000 P.A), is an Indian lady living in the UK, temporarily I hope, who was shoe-horned into the position as a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson to help plan, celebrate and comment on Great Britain’s exciting, vibrant, colourful diversity. The one and only criteria for this position as a racist advisor was the applicant should be coloured and not be from these isles.

It appears she has never actually enjoyed any meaningful work before or since leaving Oxford University in 1999 but did leave with PhD in Sociology, or the advanced study of Marxist principles. Her objective as an alien resident is to push the spectre of Multi-culti in this country.

One commentator said the definition of racism can be taken too far, especially with young children who clearly don’t understand the connotation behind the words.” Very observant person I must say!

The shocking statistic, indicative of the madness to which political correctness has sunk under the labour-Tory-Lib Dem insanity, emerged in Freedom of Information replies obtained by the Manifesto club, a left-leaning Socialist civil liberties group.

It has also been revealed that N.U.T. Marxist inspired and indoctrinated teachers in the United Kingdom have been turning in primary and nursery school children as young as three to local authorities for alleged “racist” remarks…..I would like to add it would come as no surprise to me to hear teachers had encouraged children to inform on their little classmates if they overhear any perceived racist comments.

Book burning is another heinous crime the presidium in Bruges is now considering being made legal throughout the Marxist bloc.

So can we say the new bogeyman is not the Heretic the Witch or the Narnsey but the child racist?...... Oh how I love inquisitions! Where’s the kindling?

Fritz Gerlich, a journalist who warned the German people of the dangers of Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s, wrote, “the worst thing we can do, the absolute worst, is to do nothing.” 

Our whole rotten, decaying system in this country needs dismantling. The politicians who have deliberately allowed this country to get to this vile state need to be put on trial. The people who have taken us into illegal wars and who are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 300 of our young men, need to be put on trial. Do not let us forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians including babies that have also been slaughtered.

We have ceased be a democracy. Whatever system we are being ruled by it has been totally corrupted, divisive and extremely dangerous. This monstrous, Marxist edifice that masquerades as a democracy that has changed the face and character of these islands forever by threat, intimidation and legislation, has to be destroyed. At this very moment in time we have a chance to put things right, if we do not then WE the people are choosing the bleak future for our children. Time is NOT on our side

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