Monday, 29 October 2012

I had a dream....

I had a dream....
Court Round-up.…. Snaresbrook Magistrate’s Court

After the opening address by Mr Bliars legal team defending him on the charge of Treason, one of Mr Bliars defence team, a QC Dudley Caruthers was questioned on the steps of the court today as to Mr Bliars mental state.

When questioned on his clients erratic behaviour he said it was originally thought his client may have been suffering from delusions of grandeur and compulsive lying, but continually emphasised and stressed to the waiting reporters that his client was deeply remorseful for “F*****G the country up”…….. his clients words, not your reporters.

The condition of the bail application was that Mr Bliar must agree to shock treatment and be electronically tagged as he is a continuing danger to English society; a frontal lobotomy is not out of the question. Q.C. Caruthers added he was pleased with the granting of the bail application thus enabling his client to partake in this years much awaited forthcoming Anglo/Asian multicultural awareness week and the chance to participate in this years festival of the ‘Sights and Smells of Old Asia’ being held in Bradford later this year.

Q.C. Caruthers hastened to add he believed a similar festival is being planned for a Somalian night in Peterborough where the public will experience a cultural feast of celebrations and fireworks, exotic examples of bush meat cuisine and tribal dancing.

One wag was overheard to say sarcastically, at the same time rolling his eyes to the heavens, “Oh Yeah! s’pose that will include female circumcision demo’s and ritual killings to appease the Gods” He was subdued by a taser and was last seen ashen-faced, stunned, being roughly handcuffed and led away by undercover plain clothes officers of the EUssr’s South West Regional division of the Diversity and Anti Multiracial Thought Police.

The Archbishop of York Minster, a Ugandan Mugami Sentamu, will officiate and hopefully introduce a team of African Kikuyu dancers, the same dancers that celebrated his enthronement as the Archbishop of York Minster, these dancers will dance the Bwola, an African dance of rejoicing and thanksgiving. Rumour has it, and as a timely warning, we believe that for the first time Baroness Scotland will also be appearing as one of the topless native female dancers.

It is also rumoured that Cherie the PM’s wife will NOT be attending any of these cultural enriching celebrations as she has been desperately searching for properties in the Bahamas with the help of an Australian property salesman for her and her husband to escape to when Great Britain and its indigenous peoples start sinking into a seething morass of life in a violent, stinking, smoking, rancid cesspit; …………..your reporters words………….. not Cherie’s.

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