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Marxist Dogma. Nation States are yesterday’s mistakes.

Marxist Dogma. Nation States are yesterday’s mistakes.


Resplendent in their blue helmets driving their brand new white 4 wheel drive vehicles, paid for by the tax payers subscriptions of the wealthy First World, these saviours from the Free World survey the unpaved, muddy streets of a decaying third world country in crisis. One could ask where they were when over 200,000 females including children were being raped by soldiers in the festering Republic of the Congo, or markedly absent during the mass rape and killing of its own people by the Sudanese government.

Who turned a blind eye when the coalition of the willing tore Iraq apart?

One of our criminal leaders said, quote “At the time I thought it was the right thing to do” and in collusion with others who also thought “it was the right thing to do” hundreds of thousands of non-military Iraqi’s have paid, and are still paying with their lives for a weasel of a man’s blithe assumption it was the right thing to do. A two faced traitor who after being hugely successful in helping to destroy the social fabric of the United Kingdom solely as means of holding on to political power was also instrumental in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians of a foreign sovereign state.

The UN is NOT a vehicle for the unifying nations but a venue for talk-fests by fragmented blocs formed by groups within the UN for the purpose of self interest. China has a seat on the security council, they also rely heavily on oil from the African countries and they use their veto against UN intervention in crisis in their areas of economic interests. Why didn’t the UN human rights committee question China’s invasion of Tibet but was quick to criticise Israel’s response when the Marvi Marmara, with the approval of the Turkish Government, tried to run the blockade of Gaza. There is the South American bloc including Cuba whose self interest is against the devil incarnate, America.

As I wrote in an earlier article in the United States, an early opponent of the United Nations was the John Birch Society, which began a "get US out of the UN" campaign and even as far back as 1959, charging that the United Nations aim was to establish a "One World Government."

It comes as no surprise when walking around our towns and cities we hear a preponderance of languages spoken by European peoples. This is understandable because when we surrendered our sovereignty to Europe, which was agreed upon in one of the myriad of treaties our leaders have signed and in which our people had no say, treaties which were countersigned by our Queen, we were also required to surrender our borders and justice system. Fair enough you might say.

But from which European country did the African or people from the entire Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, Middle East or the representatives of the army of Islam originate from who like Locusts are now ferociously displacing the ethnic people of this country? This is easily explained. We go back to the UN. If a One Order is the ultimate aim it follows it does not concern the UN to encourage primitive peoples and cultures to dilute more advanced cultures.

Many years ago the Australian Prime Minister Mr Menzies realised Australia had to populate or perish. Post WW2 his government encouraged British people to immigrate to Australia. When that source dried up many European peoples began arriving. The United Nations then vigorously criticised what they regarded as Australia’s ‘White Australia’ policy, but what they were criticising in truth was not the ‘White Australia' policy but the then Mono-Culture of Australia, the European culture. A One Global Order CANNOT EXIST alongside an array of rich mono cultures.

In many Australian cities there are Vietnamese, Islamic and African enclaves. One short term senator predicted the Asianisation of Australia. Watch any Australian news clip, documentary, drama, or advert and one realises her prediction was correct, tokenism is rampant and obvious, but her maiden speech in Parliament sent the Liberals into a saliva dripping frenzy and she was crucified.

I am firmly convinced there is a concerted effort within the UN by the use of pressure to shame affluent western countries to take more and more third world refugees regardless of the terrible upsurge in crime social, and cultural damage it is causing within these once civilised societies.

Civilised Western governments should inform the UN in no uncertain terms that first world sovereign nations refuse to be pressurised any longer or shamed by silk suited, highly paid face-less non entities sitting in the rarefied atmosphere of glass and concrete towers inviting third world savages whose primitive and superstitious stone age cultures are so frighteningly alien to ours and whose voracious appetite to procreate during feasts or famines by the reckless use of the womb will one day destroy the west.

The West IS being systematically destroyed. Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Dubai, Libya, Iran are NOT pressurised to take African, Pakistani, Caribbean, Bangladeshi or oriental refugees, only Europe. The United Nations, like the EU is part of drive for a New order. A new order is the Marxist dream.

This can only be appreciated if one understands what is taking place in the world today, and it is very, very complex indeed and rarely understood by the dumb peasantry who are fed a rich diet of undisguised utter trash laughingly offered up as adult entertainment and receive news from completely unreliable, politically biased sources depending on the newspapers owners political colour and the political party in power at the time. There are many very powerful and influential players in this world shape shifting game.

So I ask are we, the descendants of our Anglo-Saxon forefathers, any different? Hundreds of thousands of European German people in Nuremburg Square were hypnotised by a little uniformed gentleman with a small moustache and sporting a terrible haircut. We too are being hymotised by lies, lies and more lies by a Statist Government and its attendant media. We all spawn from an ethnic European culture; we have magnificent histories, why should we NOT we duped by the creeping creation of a New Order. The difference here is this New Order is not Nationalist driven but Marxist driven.

In the United Kingdom the simple public pronouncement “I PROCLAIM THIS TO BE MY COUNTRY OF ETHNICITY” is now considered a racist comment due to one of many European Directives we are now governed by, and that comment can possibly attract jail time in one of Her Majesties prisons.

Wake up people, just how much freedom of speech are you prepared to sacrifice. You need only look around you to see who is your enemy is and the disgusting and dangerous state our country has been reduced to, you do not have to be brain-dead to see what your enemy has already done to you and your country with your tacit approval at the ballot box.

With regular monotony the devastated parents, sisters and girl friends stand, heads bowed, sob quietly as yet another funeral cortège with the Union Flag draped over the coffins of their loved ones slowly wends its way through the sombre streets of Wootton Bassett. The bitter irony is that the establishment would have you believe the enemy is the British National Party.

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