Wednesday, 24 October 2012

S is for Southall.

S is for Southall.

Part Two of a series; a one stop guide to our English cities and towns.

For the benefit of overseas readers Southall is a suburb in the
London Borough of Ealing, West London. It is situated 10.7 miles (17.2 km) west of Charing Cross.

I lived in Ealing long before the "Cultural Enrichers" arrived. If at the time I was told that by the year 2009 the population of Southall, just up the road, would be only 10% English I would have placed no more credence on that silly, provocative remark than being told that at the same time Mohammed will be the most popular boys name in England.

Now you must understand it hit me like a sledgehammer to discover that I and my immediate family were totally ignorant that we had been subjected to culture deprivation for all these years. I will also take the liberty to speak on behalf of our neighbours who were also in the dark, so to speak. In hindsight I always thought our culture was already exceedingly rich with hundreds of years of history and art, literature and music, but obviously I was wrong, I assume too readily.

One could enquire of the of the raving Socialist lunatics, who are responsible for this hideous social experiment on my people, who are the "Cultural Enricher's" going to enrich when all the "Enrichees", who were going to be subjected to this long awaited enrichment, have fled to the four corners of this small country to be with their own people? Valid question.

Southall holds the unique position of being the first area of the UK that has been almost totally surrendered to overseas immigrants, white flight has almost been complete. Many English cities and towns do have areas where the density of Asian, Caribbean and African immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees is so great that to all intents and purposes this has caused a total loss of their English character. This has been exacerbated by white flight to other parts of the country.

There are areas of many of our larger cities and towns that are so overwhelmed as to be seen as being foreign in nature as the white flight there also continues, but unlike larger countries where huge numbers of immigrants can be accommodated, and where a city becomes overwhelmed by people foreign to the country its own people can move on. The UK is an entirely different matter.

Like Holland, England being a small country if this uncontrolled and sustained rate of immigration intake continues, within 50 years white flight will cease to continue as there will be no place to take flight to, but our social problems would have ignited well before then.

The liberalists that have caused this catastrophe here and in Europe say the UK IS a nation of immigrants, but this is where spin comes into play. What they say is true, what they do not say is the scale of immigration into this country many years ago was a trickle, rather than a deluge as is happening now, and the immigrants hundreds of years ago were Europeans.

What is happening to this country and Europe is something that has never been experienced before.

What we are seeing now in the UK is a full on onslaught by Asian, African and Caribbean economic refuges. European immigrants of much earlier times were of a similar culture thus they assimilated easily, that earlier flood such as it was stopped; this is a continuous full on invasion with no signs of abating.

It is a perfect recipe for disaster and NO heavy handed actions by the police or draconian legislation is going to stop the resentment, it is going to quietly fester. The resentment is going to be compounded because of threats of legal action if one does complain.

Let us have a closer look at Southall. Being an immigrant suburb its crime fares favorably with other very similar areas. You will of course notice the word English is not mentioned; the new wording is White British. Remember the Ministry of Truth in 1984 and the continual rewriting of the dictionary? Its demographic makeup shows.

Southall Broadway Population: 89,275 Male: 49.7% Female: 50.3% these figures could be 5 years old.

Under 18: 24.8% Over 60: 14%
Born outside UK: 56.51%
White British: 8.73%
White Irish: 1.05%
White Other: 2.12%
Mixed: White and Black: 0.71%
Mixed: White and Asian: 0.86%
Mixed: Other Mixed: 0.47%
Asian: Indian: 54.18%
Asian: Paki: 11.16%
Asian: Bangladeshi: 0.71%
Asian: Other: 9.44%
Black: Caribbean 2.8%
Black: African 4.38%
Black: Other 0.28%
Chinese: 0.2%
Other: 2.92%
Christian: 15.9%
Buddhist: 0.57%
Hindu: 20.35%

Here are some interesting police crime figures. It fares fairly equally with any other high density immigrant area, bit one statistic I found quite interesting.

Locally………….........Per Cent……………......Nationally
Robbery 6.64…………………………….............1.85
Theft of a motor vehicle 6.61 ……………...4.04
Theft from a motor vehicle 14.85……….. 9.56
Sexual offences 1.08 ………………………......1.17
Violence against a person 25.98 ………….19.97
Burglary 10.81 ……………………………..........5.67

All figures for Southall were noticeably higher than the national average, which one would expect. The interesting figure was the offences for rape. Now rape in the UK has reached almost plague proportions. I have even heard it said we should make it our national sport.

Why are the figures for Rape so low in Southall I hear you ask?

That’s simple. In third world countries females are kept on a very tight leash. Infidelity could mean death by a family member. Burkhas are worn by females to desensitize any male’s sexual arousal. Females do not wander around Asian areas wearing next to nothing thus courting an invitation by their own males to give them something other than a major prize.

In areas still predominately white English it is open season for rape all the year round with young Asian males seducing underage white females for prostitution. It is like shooting ducks with broken wings.

It has been suggested by Moslem radicals that Southall because of its huge Asian population should become England’s first Moslem capital city. Understandable isn’t it. Wake up people, where are YOU going to run?