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The real victims of Multiculturism

The real victims of Multiculturism

The photo above are NOT students from Abbeydale School but from the writers school circa 30's

This letter was written by a past pupil.

 I've just had the most upsetting hour reading forum comments about my old school. When I went there, it was called Abbeydale Grammar School for Girls and it was the second place grammar school in the city - the only one that was better was a fee-paying place. In 1969, it merged with two adjacent schools and became a comprehensive and changed its name to Abbeydale Grange School. Sited on 52 acres of playing fields, woodland and parkland, the environment could not have been nicer.

My sixth form was spent under the new regime, which was barely changed as the two schools we'd merged with were both grammar schools, although having boys around was a bit different (and exciting!). Many pupils went on to Oxford and Cambridge; in fact the whole sixth form went on to further education - Polytechnic, Teacher Training College or University.

All in all it was an outstanding academic institution. In the seventies, I could get a job just by saying I'd been to that school.

Anyway, I was reading comments on the BNP website, and saw this comment:

"...Pictures of this desecrated graveyard should be one very BNP pamphlet along with the one of the pupils at that Yorkshire (?) School - all English in the 1960s, all Asian 40 years later. "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for you" ...."

Well, my school was in Yorkshire - Sheffield, to be exact and I wondered if the commenter could be referring to my old school. I was there in the 60s, and it wasn't 100% English (we had a sprinkling of Welsh and Scots), but I had read a while back that there were a lot of Asians there now. I put in a Google search for "Abbeydale Grange" and saw a link to a forum discussing a campaign to stop the closure of the school - so I went to have a look. I wasn't really prepared for the opinions expressed on the thread and it just hit me like a brick wall. Here are a few samples:

"Why would we want to try and save that dump?"

"Sadly even the dregs of society have a right to send their kids to school. If they shut Abbeydale Grange they'll just send the lowlife to another school and transfer the problem elsewhere."

"Just level it. The school is on its arse, and the teachers all want to leave."

"I understand an interest has been shown by North Korea for use as target practice after registration..."

"That school is a failing school, and full of thickies."

"If all else fails they could build a young offenders institute next to it for ease."

"While I was at the school, the number of children from the UK dropped and the amount of people from different countries rose dramatically. I think there lays the main problem."

"It’s the only school that I get problems from while on the round, getting shouted abuse and getting stones lobbed at me!!!!! So I say get rid." (A postman)

"I've heard it said that Animal Grange is the bowels of the earth and that the kids who go there are just passing through..."

"....An influencing reason for some parents seeking to place their children elsewhere was given as a 'high proportion of ethnic minority people'." (This poster was citing this fact as evidence of racism!)

"Believe me, I'll be the first one to put a brick through the window...all that school did for my lad was cause grief and suffering, thank god I managed to get him transferred...."

"Yes please save this school! Then at least it won’t be merged with any decent school!"

"Just get rid of it and do us all a favour."

"But why don't you just face facts that the school is full of scumbags with no respect for anyone or anything. It's an experiment that's gone completely wrong. It needs to close, end of story."

"They've even have to have police officers at the bus stops at kicking out time because of the mayhem the kids cause."

"When there is an incident on a bus a driver fills out an incident form back at the depot, it is a fact that Abbeydale Grange is way out in front for complaints from passengers and drivers over children from this school then any other in Sheffield."

"There are thirty-five different languages from fifty different countries represented at AGS."

"My son was stabbed there some years ago everything was covered up and kept out of the papers because it was an Asian who did it"

Look at that last comment. "It was an Asian who did it" "Everything was covered up." Yes, my old school has been taken over, colonised, become a hotbed of criminality, and best of all it's hidden - as usual. Even the parent of the stabbed child couldn't bring himself to say "Muslim" - because that's what the criminal was.

The pupils who thought the height of disobedience was a crafty fag behind the bike sheds have been replaced with cheap imports who carry knives and even guns, who throw stones at an innocent postie trying to do his job, whose behaviour is so bad that it produced the invective above, a school so reviled that when federation was offered, not a single school anywhere in Sheffield was willing to be federated with them. The school is now closed. Gone. A chapter of history is closed.

It's just 40 years since I left that school. In 40 years the indigenous have been entirely replaced with immigrants  That's how long it takes.

Is it starting to happen in your area? Your child's school? How long before you get as upset as I did today?

The future in still in your hands......just.

The School role call

Colonisation in the true sense. My search for Rhodesway school came up with:

A Ahmed bs12, it; N Akhtar el, hi; S Alyas el, cp; Z Ayub el, bi, ch, it6; Q Azam el, bi; S Bibi hc12; M Cooper el, ma, ch; S Epton it; R Fish el, cp; A Hamid el, so, bi; N Hussain so, hc12; S Hussain hc12**, ur, so; S Hussain hc12, so; S Hussain it, el, hi; S Hussain ch, bi, el; S Iqbal hc12; M Ishfaq el, bi, ch; N Khan so, el; J Mitchell cp, el; N Parveen so; S Pringle hc12, q rasib it, bs12; J Rawnsley bi, hi; K Rehman it6, so, el; N Rehman it6, bs12; R Saddique hc12; N Shaheen el, it; A Sheikh it, bs12; O Shkembi bs12; A Siddiqui ur; J Singh it6, it, it6, bs12; R Snowden it.

This article I believe was prompted by a report by Nick Davies, 1998 British Reporter of the Year who specialises in social issues and crime. As well as writing for the Guardian he has worked for Granada's World in Action and the BBC. Jack Straw said of his last book, Dark Heart, a journey into the hidden society of crime and poverty in the UK: "This book should be required reading… it will shock many to the quick, that all this could be happening under their noses

The above letter was written by a past pupil. I strongly suggest you visit the URL listed below. It mirrors the situation is many English schools. Read the report on the reason for the slow death not only of our education system but our nation by LibLabCon party. If you have a strong stomach, and strong self control please visit the site below

I would like to add as worrying as the report might be, you might note that the main underlying problem besides poverty, which the reporter appeared too terrified to mention, was because of immigration on a massive, unsustainable scale from the primitive third world which is the main cause of the crime and poverty he writes of, it does not take anyone with the brain of Einstein to understand this, but it does take the bravery of Achilles to write about it.

He has in the past reported for the Guardian and the BBC so the omission is quite understandable and acceptable.