Monday, 1 October 2012

Days of Yore

Days of Yore

Peregrine Carter-Brown and his wife Elspeth and their two children Naomi and Rupert have always been staunch Conservative voters; they have never been duped by the lies of the politics of the extreme far left Labour/Marxist party.

This middle aged, city businessman who leaves his office and catches the 5.30 PM train each evening travelling first class from Marylebone to Chalfont St Peter in Bucks passing through the occupied territories of inner London and beyond heads home to his desirable gentleman’s residence of a det.5 bed.3 bth, study and conservatory set amongst the quiet, idyllic surroundings of a small hamlet situated two miles east of Little Chalfont. One day he will find to his horror that ‘Sharia4Europe’ will actually swallow his small hamlet as surely as the church bell tolls the end of the parting day.

The village cricket ground on which Peregrine captains the Little Chalfont Cricket eleven the ground on which they have traditionally played their fixtures, could already be earmarked by the labour dominated council for a Mosque, and the Maid Marion teashop planned to be demolished to make way for a Madrasser or Islamic cultural centre.

Overseas readers might be interested to know that Little Chalfont is situated by English Country districts in the area of Chesham and Amersham in the county of Buckinghamshire but under European Union categorization from which the UK is now governed is listed as London South East, one of the nine EU regions of the UK. England is NOT a member of the European Union as it is not a nation state, and unlike Scotland and Ireland does not have a parliament or like Wales a National Assembly

However what the national broadcaster does not inform Peregrine is that successive governments that have caused this on-going social nightmare in the ever growing occupied territories and black townships of Great Britain that surround his tiny island of tranquillity in the England reminiscent of the days of Yore, will one day encompass and tear apart his private little world, and if he would like to continue living in the quiet solitude of a civilised, non-violent English Hamlet absent of daily stabbings and the occasional rape, mugging or possible sexual grooming of young Naomi then there is but one political party that will assure him of continuity, that is the British National Party, the party the government sponsored anti-English EHRC, and BBC Marxist disciples so maliciously malign.

At present the calling of the role in the village primary school each morning is starkly noticeable by its lack of the children of the colonizers. but even more disturbingly the preponderance at present of ......I do apologize, I was just about to say white children, but controlled myself just in time, as references like that hint of covert racism, but nevertheless future pupils in the main might answer to the names of Courtney, Khan, Patel and Parvez and English might well be their second language.

Now Peregrine and his wife Elspeth are intelligent people they have not been totally brainwashed by media. Each day on his way to work Peregrine passes through places he barely recognizes. He sometimes uses the underground railway and studies the African sitting opposite him. Is he Sudanese, Congolese, South African or Eritrean? Is he perhaps from the Niger, Chad or Ethiopia, or even St Kitts or Jamaica? Does the strange person sitting opposite him resent him as a white person?

What on earth has he in common with this third world representative sitting opposite him? What relevance has the words all-inclusive and rich, vibrant diversity mean to Peregrine and his family?

Being an intelligent person surely he must be aware that the three political parties of Great Britain are identical in political philosophy. Does he really put his hope in the Conservative party, the party that he and his family has always voted for, do they really have his best interests at heart? How could voting for the BNP be any more damaging to his country?

Patriot parties have not caused this mayhem plaguing this country. They are not responsible for the deaths of our young men fighting non-winnable wars; they are not responsible for our loss of sovereignty or for the NO-GO areas in our cities and towns.

Neither are they are responsible for the chance meeting of the black stranger with tribal markings sitting opposite him.