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England’s Final Solution

England’s Final Solution

The firmly entrenched political parties in Great Britain are determined that any form or signs of Nationalism or Patriotism that attempt to arise from the compliant masses in this country, but do already exist in countries like Israel, Japan, China or a host of other countries, must not be allowed to gain a foothold, that is precisely why Nationalism is always equated to Nazi-ism, the far right and white supremacy.

We have been set on a path where at its final destination there is no place for any racial or ethnic differences to exist. If this means re-writing or editing this country’s unique history or the deliberate blurring of the ethnic identity of the people who are native to these island and instilling guilt in those people who tacitly take for granted what is divinely and rightfully theirs, which is their birthright, then so be it. Have you ever wondered why it is there is no place on any government forms to state you are English?

The Final Solution for the whole of Europe is being played out in Brussels, The Hague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Geneva and its nightmarish effect will one day encompass all the nations of Europe.

The day will come to pass when one will be unable to say with national pride, I am French or Belgium, Dutch or German, Spanish or English or even as Kennedy once orated “Ich bin Ein Berliner” because racial and national differences will have ceased to exist. In his book 1984 George Orwell prophesied this disturbing scenario and we are now seeing it coming true like a train smash but in slow motion.

The federalist and architects of this unholy and corrupt alliance or undemocratic union told its peasants that wars by its past Kings, Queens and Princes that had plagued Europe for centuries is the result of stronger countries waging war or invading weaker nations and this union will stop inter nation rivalry and suspicion, thus European wars will be a thing of the past.

They have decided on your behalf that the Final Solution would be to remove all signs and symbols of Nationalism, Patriotism, Racial and Ethnic differences, pride in one’s national flag, and they would accuse anyone of racism if they publicly admit to belonging to an ethnic racial group.

A Dutch EU politician even said that sport with its flags and symbols, encouraged inter nation rivalry and should cease as it raises the ugly spectre of nationalism.

This is the purpose of the European Union. It is the frightening, dark and brooding world that Orwell wrote of

They built a cauldron and into the cauldron mix they threw in a parliament, a justice system, a national anthem, a flag a police force and a department of foreign affairs, they attempted to throw in a constitution too, without success. They then gave themselves parliamentary positions, and strut the world stage like peacocks but the most remarkable thing is that none of its people has given them a plebiscite or a mandate to form this new European entity, or permission to enact legislation and to remove or influence governance and the justice system of the member states.

Many of the government appointed MEP positions are filled by failed politicians, politicians who lost their electoral seats. Peter Mandelson was given one of these MEP positions, he is now EU Commissioner for Trade. Chris Patten, another failed politician was given a position by his chums as the External Relations Commissioner.

These are but two of the unelected people who hold executive positions within the European Parliament and direct thousands of drones that keep the wheels of this pseudo unelected government oiled that one day will rule over the lives of millions of people who have had no say in the formation of this pseudo government that was formed from a diseased spore that was the EEC and that one day will become the dictatorship that will have risen by stealth from the ashes of WW2 to become a political force that is slowly changing the face of Europe.

ENGLAND, the jewel in the crown of Europe, will be no more; it will become just another of the victims swept up in the Final solution for Europe.

"The top priority (is) to turn the EU into a single political state"
Joshka Fischer - The Times 26/11/98

"The experience begs the question of whether it was ever appropriate to submit the EU Constitution to a lottery of uncoordinated national plebiscites...The rejectionists are an odd bunch of racists, xenophobes, nationalists, communists, disappointed centre left and generally p****d off" - Andrew Duff - MEP (laughably Liberal 'Democrat')

"I confess that I am not a big supporter of referendums. I believe that they are especially impropriate when trying to deal with the intricacies of creating a treaty...Although a referendum might be appropriate for Pop Idol it is unsuitable for examining a treaty" - Chris Bryant MEP and Chairman of the Labour Movement for Europe

When the late lamented Scotsman Robin Cook was questioned about devolution and a Parliament for Scotland, the interviewer said, "That's all very well, Mr Cook, but what about England?"

"England isn't a nation," was the reply, "It's only a collection of regions

Above all, the European Economic Community takes away Britain’s freedom to follow the sort of economic policies we need.’ Tony Blair, 1982

'We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.’ Tony Blair, 1983


“There is no question of eroding any national sovereignty; there is NO blueprint for a federal Europe. There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe, we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears I need hardly say are completely unjustified"

Edward Heath, British Prime Minister 1972.

(Seven Years Later) "The aim was, and is... ever closer political union.

Edward Heath 1979.

The lies of our politicians continue. The total utter arrogance, distain and contempt for the peasantry are breathtaking. Wake up people you are going to lose your country, if you haven’t already. What is happening in the UK is a dreadful social experiment and all the people are guinea pigs.

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